Craftsman BP510 is a one-of-a-kind blower that not only makes tiresome cleanup days shorter, but also reduces the time spent on yard care by at least an hour.

Product Review of Craftsman BP510

The BP510 is one of Craftsman’s newest gas-powered backpack leaf blowers, and it is already making waves due to its powerful airflow, ease of use, and ergonomics.

Many users have a lot of good things to say about the BP510, so keep reading this review guide to see if it is truly worth the hype.

Pros Cons
Lightweight design Loud engine
Affordable price Emits toxic fumes
It has anti-vibration and an easy start system The parts are difficult to find
Very powerful operation

Craftsman BP510 Highlights

If you are looking for a simple, inexpensive blower that would have a strong power to keep up with the many trees in your large yard, the Craftsman-BP510 is a suitable option as you can confidently tackle any type of blowing, whether cleaning up a storm of leaves in the fall or simply doing light cleanups around the house.

Gas Powered Backpack Blowers Craftsman Bp510 Highlights

Using this blower with its ergonomic backpack, shoulder straps, and harness, you will enjoy comfort and finish up your cleaning in record time and your fingers and arms will also thank you for purchasing a blower that doesn’t produce vibrations. 

  • 51 cc full-crank 2-cycle gas engine
  • Air volume up to 600 CFM
  • Air speed up to 220 MPH
  • Variable speed throttle with cruise control feature
  • Easy-start technology for quicker starting
  • Fully-tensioned multi-material backpack design
  • Extra padded harness with chest strap
  • Anti-vibration system
  • Weighs 21 lbs
  • Three-year limited warranty

Craftsman-BP510 Review

Craftsman BP510 Key Criteria
Number of Airflow Functions
Number of Functions
Lightweight design
Affordable price
It has anti-vibration and an easy start system
Very powerful operation
Loud engine
Emits toxic fumes
The parts are difficult to find

If there is one thing many gas powered backpack blowers are known for, it’s having a lot of weight, and the latter primarily due to the gas that is required. But the Craftsman-BP510 deviates from this pattern with a weight of just 21 lbs, allowing you to easily carry the blower on your back during long cleanup days without getting fatigued. 

When you have 21 pounds to hold on your back, it shows that the design and the function have worked in harmony, that the machine can work very well, as it would be held not just by a single arm, but you can wear it on your back. The fully-tensioned backpack, soft harness, and chest straps also provide extra comfort by helping to distribute the weight evenly across your shoulders and waist. However, the blower might be a bit heavy for older people to use for a long time.

At such an affordable price, you would not expect to get a gas leaf blower that produces a powerful airflow, but the BP510 packs an impressive air volume and speed. With a 600 CFM and 220 MPH Airflow capacity, you can move all sorts of wet or dry leaves, dirt, and debris quickly and with ease. 

In addition to this, remember that another key feature you should consider is the speed, and with this blower’s speed, you can cut back on your average cleanup time by about an hour or two, giving you more time to focus on other chores, which means the efficiency is great. And you can efficiently blow slightly heavy objects such as tree branches, twigs, fallen fruits, and pebbles without breaking a sweat.

You should be able to control the amount of power your blower produces efficiently to complement the type of task you are doing, and this leaf blower allows you to do just that with its variable speed control throttle. 

It is quite fair that you can reduce the airflow when blowing dust, small leaves or gravel and put it on full blast when blowing large, wet leaves or heavier debris like pebbles. Moreover, the speed control that the manufacturing company has applied is also one that comes with a cruise control feature you can use to lock in and maintain a selected speed. You have the complete freedom to get through your adjusted speed, and finish the task in accordance to your task,

In addition to these beneficial features, the BP510 was designed with user comfort in mind. It has an anti-vibration system that prevents your fingers and arm from getting sore, callused or bruised due to prolonged contact with vibrations from the blower’s tube. 

It is also fitted with Easy Start Technology for ease of use. So you can say goodbye to the days of tugging and dragging your blower to get it to start because all you have to do is pull the rope once, and the engine roars to life immediately.

How Has the Craftsman BP510 Evolved?

The Craftsman BP510 has evolved from its previous model the BP410, by having a bigger engine displacement, which used to be 32 cc, but now it’s 51 cc. Moreover, it used to be 460 CFM, but now it’s 600 CFM, which means this would cover a bigger space.

Craftsman Bp510 Has Evolved from A Bigger Engine

The Craftsman-BP510 is one of the few gas backpack blowers available sold at such a budget-friendly price. Its multi-material backpack, comfortable straps, and padded harness also make it one of the most comfortable. And at a weight of just 21 lbs, users can enjoy comfort and ease during lengthy lawn care.


Craftsman BP510 Feature Breakdown

– 51 cc 2-Cycle Crank Engine

The BP510 is equipped with a two-cycle full crank engine with a displacement specification of 51 CC. The engine contributes to the lightness of the blower as it does not carry a lot of weight because it does not have many parts. 

The engine also has twice the amount of power strokes and can be started easier than a four-cycle engine model. This shows that although it will need more fuel, but it will have a great speed, which will cover the task of a yard in much more efficiency. 

Furthermore, the engine’s displacement gives you a decent amount of power, even at low speeds. However, you cannot use gas directly on a two-cycle engine without mixing it with oil. Hence, the Craftsman BP510 fuel ratio is 50:1.

– Airflow Capacity

An air volume of 600 CFM and 220 MPH airspeed lets you push light or heavy debris several meters without getting close. The airspeed moves leaves and debris quickly over a greater distance, so you can get your cleaning done in record time if you have a large landscape, and this would also show how effective the workload it would carry would result in. 

Despite its impressive CFM and MPH, the BP510 is still less powerful than many other gas-powered backpack blowers. However, it was not made for heavy-duty or commercial cleanups like others. Basically, if you think about it, the airflow is perfect for light or medium cleaning on small to large-sized yards, and in every scale, the task would result in a cleaner outcome.

– Speed Control

With the variable speed control throttle, you can select the speed you want the blower to produce to complement your blowing need. Hence, you can easily move from low speed and low volume to the full 600 CFM air volume and 220 MPH airspeed. 

Variable Speed Control Throttle of Craftsman Bp510

To help maximize the fuel economy, you can use the low speed for smaller leaves or debris and a higher speed for larger leaves or heavier debris. No matter the load, the job is getting done, and the impact of the speed control, has a great deal with how you would wish to cover the speed of the area.

There is also a cruise control feature that you can activate to allow the blower to maintain the same speed while you work. This feature is handy when you have a large area to clean and don’t want to keep holding the speed control throttle to maintain the selected speed. All you have to do is lock in the speed you want, in short it keeps getting the job done right away, and when you consider the following manner, you keep your fingers free and won’t get fatigued quickly.

– Ergonomic Features

Considering user comfort, Craftsman designed this leaf blower with useful ergonomic features to provide maximum comfort during cleanup. The backpack is made with fully-tensioned multi-material that helps distribute the blower’s weight around your back and shoulders evenly. You can adjust the extra-padded harness and chest strap to your body size for more balance.

The tube comes in three pieces for easier storage, so you can dismantle them. Therefore, you can use this three-piece tube to lengthen the blower if you need the airflow closer to the ground when blowing big piles of leaves or shorten it for light blowing.

– Low Vibration

You don’t have to worry about vibrations from the blower wearing you out because it has a soft over-mold handle that absorbs vibrations and provides a firmer, comfortable grip. Also, the trigger throttle hold can be easily adjusted forward or backward on the tube, depending on the length of your arm, for an easier grip. 

When the vibration is low, it shows you that the company that manufactured it has thought it through, and would want you to work with your utmost comfort. Like many of the blower’s other features, all these are primarily to eliminate fatigue and increase comfort for easier and more efficient cleanup.



The Craftsman-BP510 600 CFM gas backpack leaf blower gives good value for your money with its unbeatable specs. This product is an excellent buy for average homeowners who do light to medium-duty cleanups and more so because this blower is budget-friendly and powerful. 

You don’t have to break the bank to get a powerful gas blower, as this one provides just as much power as other highly-priced blowers for small to average cleanups. And with our comprehensive review guide, you can purchase this blower knowing you have all its information at your fingertips. Please check our detailed review of the Craftsman BV245 which is a 2 in 1 blower!

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