The Craftsman BV245 leaf blower performs bagging, vacuuming and blowing functions and is perfect for those looking for a reasonably priced, well-rounded machine with combined features. Suppose you have oversized yards, driveways, or landscapes often requiring long clearing sessions.

Craftsman BV245 Review

In that case, this Craftsman gas-powered blower provides the comfort and portability you need to efficiently carry out your cleanups. If you are interested in this specific hand held gasoline blower, our comprehensive review below will help you make an informed decision before you purchase.

Pros Cons
Powerful blower and suction Noisy operation
Translucent fuel tank Difficult to switch to vacuum
Lightweight design
Three-step easy start system
Fuel economy

Craftsman-BV245 Highlights

The Craftsman-BV245 is designed with ergonomic and user-friendly features to provide maximum efficiency and convenience for the average user. From its lightweight design and anti-vibration handle to its robust engine and incredible airflow capacity, this crank engine gas powered blower is everything you need for lengthy cleanups and maintenance of small to large-sized spaces, as this machine is a top notch one that is worth investing in.

The Craftsman-BV245 is easy to use and delivers sufficient power, so here are the major highlights of the features of this handheld 2-in-1 leaf blower and vacuum.

  • Blowing and Vacuuming
  • Two-cycle 27cc commercial-grade engine
  • 450 CFM Air Volume and 205 MPH Air Speed Capacity
  • Variable speed throttle with cruise control
  • Elongated nozzle with built-in scraper
  • Vacuuming kit has 1.5-bushel capacity bag
  • Comfort over mold handle
  • Easy start technology 
  • 3-step easy start system
  • Translucent fuel tank
  • The package comes with one leaf blower, 
  • vacuum kit
  • 2-cycle engine oil.
  • Two-year limited warranty
  • Liberty red color

Craftsman-BV245 Review

Craftsman BV245 Key Criteria
Number of Functions
Number of Airflow Functions
Powerful blower and suction
Translucent fuel tank
Lightweight design
Three-step easy start system
Fuel economy
Noisy operation
Difficult to switch to vacuum

Without a doubt, there are so many other two-in-one leaf blower vacuums on the market. Many even have similar airflow capacities as the Craftsman blower, but most come at a ridiculously high price. 

The reason why this is one of the best leaf blowers that one should invest in is that it has been reasonably priced, with an air speed of 205 MPH and an impressive 450 CFM air volume that ensures high performance. When you consider these aspects, it is fair to say how this allows the user to blow leaves efficiently, sand, and other debris meters away without having to get so close. 

Some types of cleanups require different airflow capacities than others. And being able to seamlessly adjust the pace of your blower to suit your different cleanup needs is something you would appreciate about this blower. 

For this reason, the BV245 with a variable-speed throttle that allows you to easily control your device’s airflow depending on the type of surface or space you are cleaning, which means that no matter how big or small, the chore gets to be done in a less stressful manner. 

On the other hand, the throttle that it comes with also has a helpful cruise control function that you can use to lock in the airflow without having to hold down the throttle with your hand. This is a factor that would show you how you have both hands free to perform other functions during cleanup and reduce fatigue, it won’t be a pressuring task on you.

While using this blower for lengthy cleanups, you would not have to worry about tugging a heavy piece of equipment around for a long time because the BV245 comes in at a weight of barely 10 pounds, 9.8 to be specific, and in all cases, holding it with one had, and getting the job done is a facile thing to do. It also has a lightweight design with an average-sized fuel tank that won’t increase the weight of the blower when it is full.

Moreover, the Craftsman will make an excellent addition to your lawn care collection with its multipurpose function that prevents you from purchasing and storing separate devices. Don’t forget that this machine is one that has a fuel tank that is transparent, which would indicate how well it is for the user to know when to refuel it without any trouble. 

The BV245 is fitted with several features for ease of functions. The stickers and markings on the blower remind you of functions such as the 40:1 fuel mixing ratio. The three-step easy start technology makes it easy for more straightforward pull starts when you prime, choke and pull. 

Lastly, it is great to keep in mind how the blower nozzle has two raised tabs that make it easy for the user to grip the nozzle firmly as you would perform the task. Finally, the transparent fuel tank allows you to determine when it needs to be refuelled clearly.

How The Craftsman-BV245 Has Evolved?

The Craftsman bv245 has evolved by having a less fuel to oil ratio capacity, however, this is a way that it is more light weight than its other versions are. Which would even signify how this model is 9.8 pounds, whereas the Craftsman bv2500 is 10.2 pounds.

The BV245 has a high performance in terms of its 450 CFM and 205 MPH, allowing users to blow debris from several feet away compared to other Craftsman blower/vacuum models. A great performance leaf blower is also the Craftsman B215 model.

Its easy-start technology is also an added feature that allows the blower to start quicker. Craftsman also designed this blower with an extended nozzle that has an in-built scraper for better control, as well as a bushel bag that collects debris with a 16:1 reduction ratio.


Craftsman-BV245 Features Breakdown

– Two-Cycle 27cc Commercial-Grade Engine

Craftsman has equipped this two-in-one blower with a two-cycle 27cc full crank engine that is lightweight and provides maximum power with slight vibration. This two-cycle gas powered leaf blower has an excellent power density, making it more efficient for heavy-duty blowing. 

It is essential to mix the fuel with engine oil at a 40:1 ratio for optimal performance. In short, it will help you to know that for every 3.2 ounces of oil that you add, you must add one gallon of gasoline to the solution.

– Airflow Capacity

An air volume of 450 CFM and air speed of 205 MPH gives this gas leaf blower an edge over other handheld blowers with similar specs. These values also provide the blower a balanced airflow, making it easier to easily blow tiny rocks and wet debris.

Craftsman Bv245 Airflow Capacity DetailsThe CFM and MPH mean that you can also blow leaves and debris very quickly over a far distance, allowing you to get your cleaning done in no time.

– Easy Start Technology

Often gas-powered blowers are difficult to start, but with the easy start technology, powering Craftsman BV245 leaf blowers is effortless with the three-step system. The last thing anyone wants to do is fight a blower so that it can get started. 

On the other hand, you must also remember that consistently doing that can take a toll on your shoulders, arm, and back, but the three-step system saves you the stress with its prime, choke and pull method. 

This simple system not only saves you from health issues down the line but makes the blower suitable to be used by people of all ages. In addition, remember that doing so, you would not feel stressed about or worried about getting on the go to accomplish the task.

– Translucent Fuel Tank

The BV245 has a translucent 14 ounces fuel tank that makes it easy to see the fuel level left while blowing. The company is very much fond of their work and keeping their customers satisfied that they have looked into this matter of detail that they have set the tank to have an extra spec of a transparent fuel tank.

The Bv245 Has a Translucent Fuel TankThe significant advantage of this feature is that it takes away the frustration that comes with constantly having to set the blower down, so you can open the fuel tank to check the amount of fuel left in the tank during the cleanup process. The translucent fuel tank on this blower ultimately provides users convenience and ease of use.

– Comfort Over Mold Handle

The large two-cycle 27cc engine of the blower can produce intense vibrations during operation, which can cause fatigue and other physical health problems for users after prolonged use. This is why this leaf blower is fitted with a comfort over mold handle that helps to absorb and tone down the vibrations from the engine when blowing.

These over-mold handles are designed from soft material bonded to more rigid components for improved functionality and shock absorbency. Overall when you must keep in mind is that, the over-mold handle also gives users a firm and comfortable grip on the blower’s handle while working and makes it safer to use, hence it is ideal to invest in.

The over mold also makes the handle durable and prolongs its lifespan, and as a result, you don’t have to think of repair and save the stress.

– Vacuuming Kit With A 1.5-Bushel Capacity Bag

Due to its vacuuming function, a vacuuming kit designed with this blower features a 1.5-capacity bushel bag for collecting debris sucked in. The bushel bag is placed strategically for easy use and durability and can be attached and removed easily. 

Vacuuming Kit With A 1.5-Bushel Capacity Bag

The bag can easily contain up to 1.5 liters of deposited leaves and debris before it needs to be emptied. This gives users enough storage capacity to conveniently vacuum their driveways, yards, or patios without needing to detach the bag to empty the contents constantly.



There are several factors to consider when choosing a blower for your needs. Still, the Craftsman-BV245 is an exceptional medium-sized device with so much power to effectively carry out any medium to large-sized cleanup. 

To sum it up for you, if you are looking for a powerful, lightweight and efficient blower and are tired of the hassle of an electric leaf blower, try out this 2-in-1 Craftsman-BV245 and vacuum for a hassle-free experience. You can also check out the Craftsman v60 CMCBL760E1 model which is a great alternative.

You won’t be too stressed, because the major stressing parts have been covered by the company such as the fuel transparency, the lightweight device, and even the easy to start tech.

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