Craftsman CMCBL710D1 is a cordless hard surface blower kit powered by a 20-volt lithium-ion battery capable of clearing a yard or pathway with just the right amount of air.

Product Break Down of Craftsman CMCBL710D1

It is especially popular for its efficiency in blasting off debris from hard surfaces and rough terrains.

This review will take us into the details of the Craftsman cordless blower, and its many beneficial features for your yard in terms of the air force, ergonomics, and weight. 

Pros Cons
Long lasting Poorly designed
Lightweight and Compact Low air speed
Rechargeable battery

Craftsman CMCBL710D1 Highlight

This handheld leaf blower is a battery-powered alternative to the Craftsman 25cc model with a similar design and shape as the latter model except for minor differences, like handle position and gas fueling. Its ergonomic design and reasonable weight make it easy to operate with a functional speed button that allows you to increase or decrease the airspeed depending on the task.

Craftsman Handheld Leaf Blower Highlight

  • Rechargeable battery
  • lithium-ion brushless cordless
  • 90 mph airspeed
  • 200 cfm air volume
  • Lightweight 
  • Compact
  • Integrated nozzle scraper
  • Cordless and handheld
  • Three-year warranty

Craftsman CMCBL710D1 Review

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Craftsman CMCBL710D1 Key Criteria
Number of functions
Number of airflow settings
Long lasting
Lightweight and Compact
Rechargeable battery
Poorly designed
Low air speed

The Craftsman V20 blower accessories features a battery that provides reliable power for optimum performance. However, the force or the power of air that it has is one that would deliver not as strong as other electric leaf blowers. Nevertheless, you should remember that what it loses in the air force it makes up for in ease of use and portability. 

When you invest in this leaf blower, you can achieve a wide range of daily, small-scale tasks requiring precise control over airflow. The high air volume and airspeed combine to deliver a relatively strong blast of air by the jet fan blower for piling up leaves or grass clippings on a lawn or cleaning up under fruit trees and shrubs.

For larger debris such as branches, mud, or grass clippings, you might want to get another blower model with the power to move the material more easily. According to the Craftsman V20 blower review, it operates at a maximum air volume rate of 200 CFM and a maximum air speed rate of 90 mph. 

What you should remember is that the air speed is not a lot, especially in comparison with some other brands like the Ego powerful blower models. Its limited air speed makes it suitable for minimal activities, such as small-scaled yards or common spaces.

At 5.32 pounds plus battery, this blower is relatively light, and its compact size makes it even easier to store without taking up much space. Many users find the weight perfect for their mini-yard work, especially for extended use, as it is light enough to allow them to reach hard-to-access places without straining their arms or shoulders.

This Craftsman machine does the work that matches its weight which is not bad on a broad scale. All in all, you should aim to consider how it is a handheld rechargeable leaf blower, it still needs a little work in the power category.

It means that when it comes to operating the blower for intensive tasks, it would very likely underperform. It will be an issue for some users, especially those who need to work on larger projects around the yard. Despite the difference in power and speed, this leaf blower tool is still a great option for homeowners on a budget.

Its run time is accompanied by extremely low noise levels of less than 60 dB, which is typical. This blower is among the quietest ones available, which is great news for anyone who lives in a neighborhood that is sensitive to noise. It will even ensure that the noise level does not hurt your ears, and the functionality is great in accordance to the weight and the noise level

The Craftsman v20, has the capability to be a hard surface blower, and as a result, it features manual speeds that can be controlled with the press button positioned just below the handle. It is easy to control the speed, turn it on, and turn it off with just the right amount of pressure from your finger.

It delivers an impressive 15 to 20 minutes of operation. Once down, it can be recharged and ready for use again thanks to its rechargeable battery with a charger included. However, it is essential to note that the battery’s time to recharge is relatively short, with a full recharge taking approximately an hour.

How Has the Craftsman CMCBL710D1 Evolved?

The Craftsman CMCBL710D1 has evolved and has become lighter in weight in comparison to CMEBL710, its previous model. In addition, the voltage power it needs has added too, as it used to be 9V, but now it’s 20V which means it needs more strength to work more. 

The CraftsmanCMCBL710D1 blower comes in a lightweight, compact design, with most of its parts made from durable plastic. It does an excellent job of distributing dry leaf waste throughout your yard. However, it remains less efficient than some more powerful cordless leaf blowers, such as Ryobi’s or Echo backpack models.


Craftsman CMCBL710D1 Feature Breakdown

– Battery and Charger

The kit versions of this cordless blower include a small charger and one 2-Ah battery. This Craftsman leaf blower (battery and charger) is an attractive option for anyone who doesn’t want to be tied to a power source while working and can use the charger and battery’s cordless machine combination. 

Craftsman CMCBL710D1 Feature Breakdown

The Craftsman v20 blower battery charge time will likely be close to your run time if you frequently use the blower. Having an extra of these on hand is recommended if you frequently use the blower, which means that go guarantee yourself from and not to be placed in a stressful position, it is better to have a spare one in hand. 

– Air Flow

Craftsman v20 blower cmcbl700 specifies a 90 MPH airspeed and a 200 CFM cordless air volume blower capacity for this model. It is on the low side, especially compared to other high-mph handheld cordless electric leaf blower models with comparable features. With the blower, clearing off a pathway is slower and less seamless, and the chances that heavy materials will remain are very high.

However, it is a very effective option if used for anything other than landscape projects and intensive yard maintenance, unlike backpack leaf machines which can give you a harder time. Nonetheless, this performance level is quite remarkable for a battery-powered blower. It effectively blows leaves and other medium-weight materials from surfaces such as driveways and sidewalks.

– Ergonomic Build

The Craftsman cmcb1701d1 20 volt max cordless leaf blower kit is lightweight and compact, making it a top choice if maintenance and storing ability are major flags for you. Its top part is designed to function as a handle while in use and a holder for easy storage.

Craftsman Cmcb1701d1 20 Volt Max Cordless Leaf Blower

While the small size, appealing colors, and simplistic product design appear as a plus, it is not so much a functional design as stylish. Most users have complained about the lack of comfort and convenience when using the product for extended hours. The handle is not well positioned, which strains the hands and can cause aches, especially when used without gloves, but remember that the grounds you are going to be covering is not a big one, so the exhaustion is not that big, you won’t get prolonged cramps. 

Furthermore, the on-and-off switch is a press-down button, which increases and decreases based on the pressure applied—releasing pressure on the controller can turn off the blower completely.

– Warranty

The Craftsman V20 blower CMCBL710D1 company offers a 3-year coverage on their products, including the Craftsman CMCBL710D1. Unlike many cordless electric leaf blowers, accessing the warranty is much easier.

The company will repair, without charge, any defects due to faulty materials or workmanship within the specified warranty. It provides buyers with some assurance about the work they put in to ensure that only quality and efficient machines are helping customers clear out their yards.

On the other hand, it does put out this model of the machine as a sustainable investment for your yard. Craftsman provides one of the most comprehensive warranties for leaf-blowing machinery. It is a top choice for anyone who values worry-free assistance if something goes wrong with the tool’s operation.



This Craftsman V20 blower (tool only) review outlines the most important characteristics, technical details, benefits, and drawbacks. While it is compact and lightweight with a stylish design, it does lack the much-needed air force for more demanding tasks around the yard. This blower is best suited for everyday tasks. For more tasking projects requiring a blower, this model might not be your most efficient option. 

If you encounter any issues with the blower as regards its use around the yard, you can check with the Craftsman v20 blower manual or download a copy from the official website. Also check out our review of a newer model, the craftsman CMCBL720M1.

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