Craftsman CMCBL720D2 is a leaf blower that you should consider if you’re looking to make a cordless handheld blower purchase. If you need more clarification or are indecisive about this blower, you’ll find everything you need to know about it in this article.

Guide of Leaf Blower Craftsman CMCBL720D2

This would help you make an informed decision. Go ahead and keep reading to determine whether or not this craftsman blower will be money well spent for you. 

Pros Cons
Cordless Limited battery life
Powerful motor Slow to charge
Compact design

Craftsman CMCBL720D2 Highlights

Yard work just became easier and faster with this cordless handheld blower and all its functional parts. It is easy to set up, and even if you need help determining which part goes where you can always go through the craftsman V20 blower manual. 

Craftsman Cordless Handheld Blower Highlights

  • 350 CFM airflow capacity
  • Battery powered and cordless
  • Strong brushless motor
  • Variable speed control and speed lock
  • Lightweight 
  • compact design
  • Integrated Debris scraper

Craftsman V20 Blower Review

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Craftsman CMCBL720D2 Key Criteria
Number of Functions
Number of Airflow Settings
Powerful motor
Compact design
Limited battery life
Slow to charge

The craftsman CMCBL720D2 cordless blower serves one primary function, which is to blow leaves and other forms of debris. You can use it indoors or in the interior of cars to clear out dust and debris. It is also useful outdoors on walkways and yards to clear leaves. 

Asides from its blowing function, it doesn’t have any other use. However, you can use its batteries to power other craftsman V20 power tools. The blowing machine weighs only eight pounds, as a result, you should think about how this is a lightweight leaf blowing tool, which is why the weight of the machine is what makes it comfortable to carry for extended periods.

The airflow on this leaf blowing machine is fantastic. With a 350 CFM airflow, you can get rid of all unwanted debris quickly and with ease. Also, the device has multiple airflow settings, which allow users to comfortably adjust the flow of air to suit the task at hand. 

What you should remember is that all the features of this machine come together to make yard work a breeze for users. Moreover, this leaf blowing machine is handy in residential areas because of its relatively low noise level. In general, you can pop it out at any time of the day without the risk of disturbing your neighbors.

How Has Craftsman CMCBL720D2 Evolved?

The Craftsman CMCBL720D2 has evolved by having a stronger blowing force, and a greater ground covers as it gets used, from the previous model the CMCBL700. Although the old version was 7.8 pounds, but the new one is a bit heavier, being eight pounds. An older but similar version is also the Craftsman CMCBL710D1.

Comparing this blower model to the previous blower model from the same manufacturer, users have noticed little of a difference except in its maneuverability, ease of use, and comfort. This model of craftsman blower is more maneuverable and easier to use than previous models, because of its light weight. 


Features Breakdown

– 350 CFM Airflow Capacity

With an airflow of 350 CFM, this leaf blowing tool easily powers through piles of leaves and other debris. The air from its wide tube has no obstructions, which further helps the blower disperse the leaves faster. 

Craftsman CMCBL720D2 Feature Breakdown

With this feature of the machine, you can expect to do yard work in half as much time as it would typically take you to do, and this is because the machine’s power is great enough to do the work in an efficient way. What’s more, the high volume of air that comes out of the blower can also remove stuck debris like wet leaves from problem areas.

On the other hand, what you should also consider is the increased airflow capacity, and this is what makes it possible to be able to use this blower across several types of terrains, including walkways, driveways, gardens, and yards, without stress. Which would cover the land in an clear matter, and get the job done quickly. 

– Battery Powered and Cordless

This craftsman blower is totally cordless and usually comes with two batteries. Each craftsman V20 blower battery has a capacity of 2.0 AH. Despite its capacity, many users have noted that it runs for a shorter period than advertised. 

With a full charge, the blower can run for about 30 minutes on low speed and 10 to 15 minutes on high speed. It also has a blast speed feature, which also reduces the run time considerably. This blast control feature is located close to the speed control, where users can access it easily, and you won’t have to stress about this specificity. 

With the craftsman blower battery charger, you can charge the batteries in between your yard work. To adapt to the short battery lifespan, many users buy extra batteries that they can switch with the depleted one, so they don’t have to stop and wait to recharge the drained batteries in between yard work. 

With this battery powered leaf blowing machine, you don’t have to worry about gas emissions and carbon footprint, so it benefits everyone greatly. On the other hand, another reason why you should have the fact that the machine is cordless in mind, is how its usage is not restricted, and users can move about without worrying about tangled cords, or how far the blowing tool can extend.

– Strong Motor Without Brushes

This leaf blowing machine comes with a powerful motor that has no brushes. Motors without brushes are usually more high-performance than conventional brushed motors, and they typically offer more power, longer run times, and longer life spans. 

This makes the engine of this leaf blower a critical feature, as it gives users the best blowing performance for yard work. Not only that, but in this case, you can consider how this motor offers a quieter operation than conventional blowers, allowing you to use it as frequently as you need to, at any time of the day.

– Variable Speed Control and Speed Lock

One of the notable features of this leaf blowing machine is its variable speed control, which allows users to tailor the amount of airflow to the work at hand. You can well switch from high airflow to low airflow with the run of a readily accessible knob. 

Leaf Blowing Machine is Its Variable Speed Control

As a result of having a lock and control, it means that what becomes easier is the adjustment of the airflow to suit your cleaning needs, whether you’re clearing a small deck or a large yard. This would mean that if it beneficial for you that the blower has a handy speed lock button that enables users to lock in their preferred speed for prolonged uninterrupted use.

– Lightweight and Compact Design

For a cordless blowing tool, this blower is really lightweight, weighing considerably lower than several other blowers on the market. It has a total weight of eight pounds. With its stainless steel parts that help improve its lightweight blowing tool is suitable for individuals of different ages to use without getting tired quickly. 

It also reduces the stress on the arm in the long run, which means that your muscles won’t be sore after a prolonged use. Also, it has a compact design, with 13.08 by 7.37 by 23.08 inches dimensions. Its compact design is excellent for easy maneuvering around large and small yards.

– Integrated Debris Scraper

A debris scraper can either be integrated or come as an attachment, which is usually the case for most leaf blowers. People can also buy the scraper attachment separately. 

However, for this blower, the debris scraper is integrated, and its primary function is to forcefully dislodge stubborn debris, like wet leaves and compact dirt, from the surface to be cleaned. Leaves that are stuck are helped along with the help of this integrated debris scraper, which is what gives the machine higher in its potential. 

The scraper removes the stubborn debris while also preventing the nozzle of the blower from coming in contact with the surface that is being cleaned to avoid damage. Once it is put together, all you need to do is pull the trigger to start it- no fuss or fanfare. 



The craftsman V20 blower is easy to assemble from scratch, and if you need to become more familiar with leaf blowing tools, you can use the blower manual to build the machine correctly. Also, the blower is durable and will serve a long time, provided it is properly maintained. 

Overall, if you’re looking for a compact, easy-to-use leaf blowing machine for light yard work, this craftsman blower is one you should consider, It’s essential to keep in mind that since it is a cordless leaf blower, you might need to buy more batteries or recharge more frequently if you need to cover a sizeable area. We also recommend checking out the popular Craftsman CMCBL720M1 model.

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