Craftsman CMCBL720M1 is the type of leaf blower that brings convenience and optimal workflow to your gardening operations, giving you the best results you can find. However, does this Craftsman blower deserve to join your squad of garden tools or replace the current blower you use?

Review of Craftsman CMCBL720M1

You need answers to these questions to know if it’s the best purchase choice to serve your gardening needs. Follow our blower review below and get the answers you seek about this cordless leaf blower to make your decision.

Pros Cons
Brushless technology and cordless feature Low wind speed of 105 MPH
Airflow of 375 CFM Few accessories are included in the packaging
Two-step trigger

Craftsman CMCBL720M1 Highlights

The Craftsman CMCBL720M1 pushes a macho feel with its blower design and simple but sophisticated features. It combines that with its priority of customer satisfaction and if you think of how it has features that this Brushless cordless axial blower offers you, you would tend to buy it as soon as possible. 

Brushless Cordless Axial Blower Highlights

  • Rechargeable Craftsman v20 blower battery
  • Cordless feature and brushless motor
  • Lightweight design and handheld grip
  • Two-step adjustment for wind speeds
  • Airflow peak capacity at 375 CFM
  • Maximum wind speed up to 105 MPH
  • V20 blower battery charger

Craftsman CMCBL720M1 Review

Craftsman CMCBL720M1 Key Criteria
Number of Functions
Number of Airflow Settings
Brushless technology and cordless feature
Airflow of 375 CFM
Two-step trigger
Low wind speed of 105 MPH
Few accessories are included in the packaging

Bringing the easy maneuverability and convenience to your gardening activities is the objective of this handheld blower. It has a macho design that feels solid, but it’s still light and comfortable on your hands with its handheld design, and this is due to the fact that the machine is going to be used with the grip of your hand as your muscles move it through. As a result, the grip makes it stay solid on your hands regardless of moisture like water and sweat, along with its comfort.

The blower is pretty limited in features, like its wind speed, as it gives you a reduced wind speed of 105 MPH. However, its airflow capacity compensates for it with 375 CFM, which is pretty high among blowers. When you consider both of these features to be combined they would give you the optimal experience you enjoy with the blowing purpose of the Craftsman blower, because it is a way to help you and not to hinder the task to be done. 

As the manufacturers have set an axial feature, this is also one that would let you use less power than you would need for blowers without this feature included in them. The placed feature would begin to match well with the battery-powered system to give you a longer optimal runtime without sacrificing blowing strength.

Lastly, you should keep in mind how the Craftsman CMCBL720M1 cordless feature also makes it easy to move the blower about without requiring you to plug it in. You won’t need to worry about refueling or carbon emissions from the fuel while using the blower in your garden. Recharging the battery is a given, but it takes less time to get it fully charged and back to working on your lawn.

How Has Craftsman CMCBL720M1 Evolved?

The Craftsman CMCBL720M1 has evolved from its previous model by having a number of speed settings, in comparison to one speed that the CMCBL710D1 had. In addition, the new model is a brushless machine, which means that the durability is way higher than the previous model was. 

Craftsman CMCBL720M1 Evolved

The craftsman blower has shown a great deal of improvement compared to its previous models. Its first improvement lies in the airflow capacity and wind speed it offers you during use. Several customers also commented about the battery’s longevity, less weight, and reliability in their craftsman battery leaf blower reviews.


Product Features Breakdown

– Packaging

Your leaf blower kit doesn’t have much in its packaging, but some essentials are always included. The packaging comes with the craftsman leaf blower, which are the battery and charger together in the same box, and a user manual but no replacement bag, which is missing. In addition, it always comes with a w/4Ah or w/2Ah battery and a matching charger to recharge it once it gets low. 

You also get some craftsman v20 blower accessories depending on the discount available. However, you might get the craftsman v20 blower (tool only) if you purchase a hand-me-down or refurbished product.

– Cordless Features

The blower satisfies customers with easy maneuverability, and it does this with the cordless feature implemented in the product. Its cordless feature gives you more range since you don’t need to keep it plugged in to use it for garden tasks. 

– Brushless Motor

You can move about a lot more than when you use a corded blower, and its brushless technology also helps. It lets you enjoy optimal use without sacrificing quality with the charge transmission that it uses for power. 

When the machine is brushless, it is the type that will help you in the long run, because the machine is giving you a longer lasting use, as it will not be prone to any harm. You also get a better experience with the runtime as the charge transmission does not weigh on the battery.

– Airflow and Wind Speed Features

Enjoy an efficient service with this blower as it combines airflow and wind speed with a variable adjustment feature. The high airflow capacity that it offers lets you blow leaves with its 375 CFM value which is great among blowers, because it will give you a precise result when you are working in your yard and cleaning the unwanted leaves. 

Blower Combines Airflow and Wind Speed

Its 2-speed trigger and adjustable wind speed dial let you enjoy its use for various tasks without switching tools. It gets better as you can increase your range of operations, from drying tools to blowing leaves out of your path. As a result, you can always consider the fact that you will be getting the maximize the output of these two features and enjoy an optimal garden-clearing experience with this high-quality blower.

– Craftsman V20 Blower Manual

Manuals are included in product packaging to give a walkthrough on how to use the product efficiently and keep you up to speed. This blower also includes manuals in the packaging, but it might have few translations outside the mainstream languages. 

You get most of the details in different languages separated into sections without any need to retranslate them, because it will tell you the exact details you need to know. However, you might need to translate it if you need help finding your language among the included sections. You can also check digital versions of the manual if you prefer that medium compared to the traditional manuals in the package.

– Set Warranty Period

You also enjoy a three-year limited warranty on every product you get from the craftsman store, and this blower isn’t any different. However, you can only enjoy the warranty on a brand-new purchase either from the manufacturer or a verified store. It means the product might not come with a warranty clause if you purchase it from an unverified store or used product. 

The major reason is that the product would have exceeded the limited period of the warranty, making it null and void. Which means that you can consider this when making your purchase, especially for long-term use so you don’t get stuck with rejected repairs at delicate times, because the given is a great matter of a criteria one should be mindful about.

– Portable, Lightweight, and Handheld Design

Customer satisfaction demand that a product be easy to use and handle within its optimal use timeframe regardless of its purpose. The craftsman blower prioritizes this with its easy-to-use design, which makes it light to lift and stable to hold. Moreover, you will not feel tired when getting the job done, because the weight is good to have a proper grip on. 

The design where you would hold the machine from is the type that would prevent it from slipping out of your hands during use, and the weight doesn’t strain your arms. It’s generally portable as a result, you won’t encounter any problem moving it about, and assembling it is also easy. Basically, it is fair to say that you will enjoy using this blower to cover your chores, because it gives you less stress on assembly and usage with the customer priority it offers.

– Battery and Charger 

The battery and charger compatibility gives you a reliable runtime with its long-term use and recharge function. You get to move your dead battery to full capacity in one hour or less, which lets you work faster than normal, and this is one of the features that is significant about this machine, in particular.

It gets better if you have a replacement battery to switch with the main battery for a faster work time. As a result, you can charge the low battery while using the other and switch between them for a reliable long-term workflow. 

Getting more replacement batteries increases the time you have to use your blower, making it more efficient. In summary, you can always increase your work time and complete garden operations without any interference asides from changing batteries.



That wraps up our detailed review of the Craftsman CMCBL720M1 blower to help you make your purchase decision. It might feel different compared to the craftsman v20 blower CMCBL700 due to its improved specifications. 

Your purchase decision should still depend on your priorities and what you need it for in your garden or lawn. You should also note the product condition and costs to know if you need a new product or a used one. You should also check out an alternative leaf blower, the Craftsman CMCBL720D2 model.

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