Craftsman CMEBL7000 is a machine that fixed the worries of those people that are tired of having to rake their lawns and yards manually and have saved the day with this latest invention. This device is a multipurpose, three in one vacuum, mulcher, and blower, perfect for all hard surfaces.

Craftsman CMEBL7000 Review

This means you can finally say goodbye to your rakes and large bin bags and say hello to an easy, organic way of clearing your yard while simultaneously creating mulch for your garden.

This article is for you as we will be exploring all its features and giving an in-depth review, so keep reading.

Pros Cons
Works well on damp leaves Very loud noise
Affordable Quite heavy
Has a spacious bag for collecting leaves May get clogged 
Impressive CFM

Craftsman-CMEBL7000 Highlights

The Craftsman-CMEBL7000 was designed to make the process of cleaning out tough debris from your yard a stress-free and wholesome experience. This is not only due to its three-in-one mulching, vacuuming, and blowing features but also to other highlights in its design.

It is key to know that this blower has important features as it would navigate powerful blower vacuum that make it one to be contended with in the electric leaf blower market.

  • Three-in-one function 
  • Ability for blowing, vacuuming, and mulching of debris
  • A powerful 12 amp motor 
  • 450 Cubic Feet per Meter air flow capacity
  • 260 mph maximum airflow speed
  • Tool-free change that allows for an easy switch between blowing, vacuuming, or mulching.
  • Backpack feature 
  • Electric power source
  • Craftsman blower/vacuum kit comes with a CMEBL7000 corded leaf blower, one blower tube, one concentrator nozzle, one vacuum tube, one backpack with a hose, and a Craftsman CMEBL7000 manual.
  • Three-year limited warranty.

Craftsman-CMEBL7000 Review

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Craftsman CMEBL7000 Key Criteria
Number of Functions
Number of Airflow Functions
Works well on damp leaves
Has a spacious bag for collecting leaves
Impressive CFM
Very loud noise
Quite heavy
May get clogged

The Craftsman blower is at the same time a vacuum and also a mulching devices. It is designed as the perfect in-hand tool for cleaning as it can get rid of debris up to a quarter of an acre. The multipurpose function of this device relieves users of the burden of purchasing three separate products to perform these functions. 

What you should remember is that it also contains a handy anti-clog function which prevents debris from getting stuck inside. Users can also easily switch between blowing and vacuuming functions, and the bag is easy to disconnect when it is full, saving you from the trouble and making it an easier task. 

It is no surprise that this leaf blower comes in at a weight of over 11 pounds considering the in-built backpack that can contain up to 55 liters of dirt and debris. It would also come with additional accessories, as well as other Craftsman blower vac parts like the nozzle, blower, and vacuum tube, and when one would handle these, it shows the load that you must carry. 

Even though it was developed with lightweight straps for comfort while working, the equipment is still quite heavy and cannot be operated with one hand, by older people or by people with disabilities.

When you are investing in this, note that it has an air volume of 450 CFM and an airflow speed of 260 MPH, the leaf blower delivers impressive performance for a manual electric blower in its niche. Which would sum up that, for this matter of an airflow, we give this blower a good rating because the airflow capacity is one that would ensure how you can blow and vacuum your yard with minimal effort.

As regards to the airflow functions, this device is equipped with different nozzles to reduce the rate at which leaves get stuck in your craftsman leaf vacuum and will efficiently blow or vacuum wet leaves. It will also easily remove debris stuck on a spot, like used chewing gum too, because of the power that it has been generated with. 

How the CMEBL7000 Has Evolved?

The Craftsman CMEBL7000 has evolved by having more air volume than the previous version the CMEBL710 as it is 410 CFM, but with more volume, it shows that the speed it covers is through greater distances. It has evolved with the speed, too it was 180, now it’s 260 mph. 

The manufacturer of this CMEBL model has ultimately changed the vacuuming and blowing game by combining three crucial functions into one device; vacuuming, blowing, and mulching. This multipurpose, easy-to-use function and its 260 mph air speed and 450 CFM air volume combination are features you won’t easily find in other leaf blowers or vacuums.


Product Features Breakdown

– 3-in-1 Function

The Craftsman blower-vacuum offers a one-tool solution for blowing, mulching, and bagging. Although most manufacturers don’t design their vacuums to take on huge amounts of leaves or debris and have a shredding ratio of just 4:1 or 3:1.

3 in 1 Function

Moreover, you should also consider how the CMEBL7000 can take on a vast amount of leaves due to its powerful motor and air capacity. The craftsman leaf mulcher also has a shredding ratio of 12:1 and mulches leaves appropriately, which is why you can confidently use it around a sizeable landscape.

This would help one in improving their garden’s features and aesthetics, as you could simply add the mulch around the right trees, which make it hold more moisture on the ground and to the roots.

The CMBL7000 also has an easy-change mode that allows you to switch quickly between blowing and vacuuming. And apart from clearing leaves and debris from your yard, you can also use the blower and vacuum can to clean up decks, walkways, porches, and gutters.

– 12 AMP Motor

A general rule of thumb is that the more amps a motor has, the more effective it will be. The CMEBL7000 is no exception to that rule, as it is fitted with a powerful 12 amp motor that allows the device to provide more suction and air capacity.

The motor is connected to a fan, which either blows out or sucks in any dirt or debris while in motion. Which means that the vacuume that it has would easily clean out the debris and then would swiftly move to the mulching section and stores the mulch in the bag, all at very much ease.

12 AMP Motor

All these functions are almost impossible without the current supplied by the motor. The 12 amp motor is also designed to cool itself as it works to reduce the risk of it overheating as the pressure rises.

– 450 CFM Air Volume and 260 MPH Air Speed

The recommended MPH level for electric vacuums and blowers is usually between 160 and 190, while the CFM is between 350-500. Although most people will argue that the CFM is more important than MPH and vice versa, we are here to tell you that the CMEBL7000 has an impressive level of both.

Also, you must remember how this machine is one that the manufacturers outdid themselves with their 260 MPH and 450 CFM that is pushed out from the nozzle.

450 CFM Air Volume and 260 MPH Air Speed

This impressive air speed means you can efficiently use this device for small and large cleanups around your home. Its 450 CFM also allows you to clear or suck -in large, wet, or heavy debris without breaking a sweat.

With these features, we can confidently say that the Craftsman has a well-balanced airflow capacity, mainly made effective by the attached concentrator nozzle and blower tube.

– Electric Power Source

The CMEBL7000 is a corded device, so it must be connected to an electric power source for it to work. This power source is beneficial because it is easy to maintain, environmentally friendly, and does not emit harmful substances into the environment.

Electric Power Source

It also allows you to use your device anytime you want as long as there is a power supply. However, because you would need to keep it plugged in for it to work, the device is only easily maneuverable with the use of an extension cord.

– Warranty 

This amazing part about investing in this leaf blower and vacuum is how it has a three-year warranty, and this is great because it would bind between the manufacturer and the end user a sense of confidence and faith.


In other words, the company is ensuring how this product will be as good as new within a time frame of three years, in return they will be winning your trust. 

– Backpack Feature

The backpack feature of the leaf blower vacuum helps take the load off your arms to make the process faster and less tiring. This way you will be holding the big amount of leaves that you vacuumed, and no worries to how it would be lifted, because it is placed on your back, and the bag will fill to a bigger extent after it has been extracted through the bag. 

Backpack Feature

The CMEBL7000 is designed with a large backpack containing up to 55 liters of debris and a wide mouth to allow for easy disposal of dirt. In addition, the good part about this is how you will not carry it all on your arm, instead it is put together in a balanced way on your back. 

The backpack also allows you to store cut grass, leaves, papers, and other debris around your yard easily without having to constantly throw them into a trash can manually. Considering the amount of weight this backpack can contain, the manufacturers equipped it with lightweight straps to ease the weight on your shoulders while working.

The weight on the backpack is also evenly distributed, so the burden on your shoulders isn’t too much when it’s full.



The Craftsman CMEBL7000 parts are broken down and analyzed in this article to help make the decision to purchase it easier. Although one of the most distinctive features of this device is its three-in-one blower, vacuum, and mulches too, the cleaning distance and speed of the machine are also very impressive, and its tool-free change makes the process of clearing debris much more appealing.

If you are looking for reasons to purchase this product or want to purchase but are still deciding, remember that you cannot go wrong choosing the CMEBL7000, especially if you consider how it comes with a three years warranty. IF you have doubts, you can also read our review of the Craftsman CMCBL710D1 model, which is also extremely powerful.

However, because it needs to be plugged in for function and the chord accompanying it is usually short, it is advisable to get a longer extension chord for easier maneuverability.

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