Craftsman CMEBL710 is an affordable 9-amp corded axial blower that takes away the stress of using a rake to clear out a garden full of stubborn debris. Clearing hard-to-remove debris with rakes can be overwhelming, and that’s why leaf blowers are always recommended as handy tools.

Wheeled Leaf Blower Craftsman CMEBL710

However, you would want something with great blowing power to get rid of those leaves that are comfortable to use. In this article, we will introduce you to the Craftsman CMEBL710, a 9-amp corded electric leaf blower that you should consider getting for your outdoor space.

Pros Cons
Good design Average power
Lightweight Can’t be used as a mulcher
Easy to store
Three years warranty

Craftsman CMEBL710 Highlights

This leaf blower and vacuum is a cordless, handheld blower designed to keep your lawn free from debris and restore the natural aestheticism of the area, made by the famous and the reputable company.

When you wish to invest in this blower, you should know before purchasing the significant highlights that it would shed light on.

  • Great axial design
  • Powerful nine-amp motor
  • 140 mph speed
  • Convenient storage
  • Three-year warranty
  • 450 CFM 

Craftsman CMEBL710 Review

Craftsman CMEBL710 Key Criteria
Number of functionalities
Number of airflow settings
Good design
Easy to store
Three years warranty
Average power
Can’t be used as a mulcher

This is the type of leaf blower that is a great product, considering its price and even the work it does. It comes with some functionalities, such as the two-speed switch and scraper, to enhance cleaning performance. The built-in scraper removes stubborn debris, while the speed switch comes in handy when you want to clean around the flower beds and walkways. 

You can also activate the speed switch when you need more power to remove heavy debris. These functionalities are necessary, and that’s why the tool received such a rating based on this aspect. Unfortunately, this isn’t a Craftsman Blower/Vacuum/Mulcher, so it doesn’t have any of the capability to mulch the leftover grass.

Although the airflow isn’t exceptional, but what you should look for it how the machine is a decent one that costs less than a hundred dollars. The sleek axial design improves airflow and efficiency. It delivers an air volume of roughly 450 CFM, which is okay for light tasks, because it has a good strength. 

On another note, remember that the kit included a blow tube in the package, meaning you will save costs on making an extra purchase, because this accessory comes along. The blower delivers an air speed of up to 140 mph. Plus, the noise level is minimal, and this is greatly beneficial because your ears won’t be damaged in the long run.

Weighing 6.7 pounds, the blower is incredibly lightweight, unlike the Craftsman 25cc gas blower/vacuum. This is expected since the device is a handheld corded electric blower, as a result you can carry this tool around and use it for long periods without being exhausted.

You can tweak the airflow according to your preferences, and this is how the machine features a speed switch to minimize or maximize efficiency, so you can work with your own pace. You can toggle the switch to increase the power if you want to remove stubborn debris or reduce the speed for convenient cleanup around the flower beds. 

Wherever you want to clean, the blower has you covered, provided you don’t want to clear a massive pile of stubborn debris on a vast lawn. Subjecting the machine to a highly intensive cleaning task could damage it, because you are asking for more than it can function. In short, this tool will make you enjoy working around the yard, even though the power and speed are limited to nine ampere and 140 miles per hour.

How Has the Craftsman CMEBL710 Evolved?

The Craftsman CMEBL710 has evolved by having a greater air flow capacity, which is now 450 CFM, while the CMEBL700 has a 385 CFM. In addition, the CMEBL710 has a lower amp, but the previous had higher, which means it consumes less power and it is faster.  

Craftsman Has Evolved by Air Flow Capacity

On the other hand, you should also consider that the cordless leaf is a slightly upgraded version of the CMEBL700. While the CMEBL700 produces more power, there’s a massive gap in how light both tools are. The CMEBL700 weighs about four lbs more.


Features Breakdown

– Great Axial Design

The axial design of this handheld product is great. The design is sturdy, with the Craftsman name etched on the body and blow tube. It is streamlined to maximize efficiency and airflow. Although small at the initial sight of it, the blower is ergonomic and convenient to use. It is also lighter than Craftsman gas blowers, such as the Craftsman 32cc gas powered blower vac

In short, you should know that this is a machine that is well- built, because all the parts are well labeled and positioned to allow the user to make quick adjustments, as they are within the user’s reach. When plugged in, it is difficult for the power cord to be removed because of the hook, which is wrapped around the blower.

The chances of getting destroyed from an accidental fall are slim, due to the covering and the rigidness. The case is sturdy, and the wand is well-balanced with a case to make handling easier. On the other hand, the leaf blower should last for a couple of years, provided you don’t use it for a more intensive task.

Besides, you get to reduce carbon emissions since the tool isn’t gas-powered. Also, you get to spend less on fuel, and you’ll be able to clear your lawn without so much noise. Your neighbors won’t have any reason to complain about you being loud on the lawn.

– Powerful Nine-amp Motor

Typically, handheld leaf blowers, especially corded ones, tend to come with lower power than their walk-behind counterparts. We weren’t surprised by the 9-amp motor in this machine, but the performance isn’t what it seems. Which means that for the work it does, and the power it needs, it is a fascinating correlation how the company has structured it.

Powerful Nine Amp Motor on Craftsman Cmebl710

The nine-ampere motor may seem underwhelming on paper, but it is quite powerful for the price. A little dynamo, this product blows debris well in less than no time. You can get your flower beds free from debris using this tool. 

When you realize that you aren’t breaking the bank for a tool with this kind of power and almost all the Craftsman leaf blower attachments included, you will appreciate having this tool in your home. Think of the little power it is asking for and the grand work that it is performing in.

– 140 Mph Corded Electric Speed

With the addition of the 140 miles per hour corded speed, this blower will leave your small yard spotless. And with the 450 CFM, this blower is built to deliver a good result. There’s also an inbuilt two-speed switch and scraper to boost performance. 

The best part is you can adjust the speed according to your preference. The machine has two speed settings; the lowest for removing debris from flowerbeds and the highest for blowing away debris from your outdoor living space. The speed is easy to toggle, so you shouldn’t have any problem tweaking it on the go.

Whether it is the leaves that you are worried about, or the stubborn debris, this is the machine that will get the job done. The latter is possible, due to how the inbuilt scraper removes tough debris easily from hard surfaces. It is well constructed to withstand wear and tear. 

– Convenient Storage

This is probably one of the best blowers to store. Not all blowers can be stored easily. The blower features a convenient way to store it. It is compatible with the Versatrack Wall Organization System, which allows you to hang the tool directly on it with the integrated hook.

Blower Features a Convenient Way to Store

This protects the machine from damage, ensuring it lasts as long as possible. The disappointing part is it is sold separately, so you will have to spend extra money. The Versatrack system is sold online and in offline stores. 

– Three-Year Limited Warranty

Product warranty is often overlooked by customers, but it is critical to always consider it when looking for a machine. You don’t want to be taking your newly bought device now and then for repairs. Plus, you don’t want to be all over the place looking for compatible replacement parts for your tool. The good news is this machine is covered under a three-year warranty. 



That’s all you need to know about the Craftsman CMEBL710 blower. As mentioned in this blower review, it is lightweight, thanks to the corded capability, ergonomically designed, well made, easy to maneuver, convenient to store, and comes with a decent power to maximize cleaning performance, despite being affordable. Using this tool for extended periods won’t leave you fatigued. We also recommend checking out our detailed review of the Craftsman CMCBL720D2 model.

Clearing leaves and dust is easy, and the speed is adjustable to suit your needs. This is one of the best electric leaf blowers for the price, given the features and lack of any significant compromise. If you want a lightweight corded blower for small yards, consider this Craftsman ultra lawn vac. Would we recommend it? Yes!

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