In this review of four different gas-powered Craftsman lawn mowers, you’ll read about what these machines have to offer and how they differ from each other.

Reviews for Craftsman Lawn Mowers

At the end of these reviews, you’ll also find out which model we chose as the winner in four product feature categories: best mower for small yards, the mower with the best power, the one with the most helpful product features, and the easiest to use.

By reading this review, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of these four Craftsman products, learning the advantages and disadvantages of each one. Then, you’ll have the information you need to decide if one of these lawnmowers is the right one for you and your lawn.

Quick Comparison Chart

Product Engine Size Cutting Deck Size Dry Weight Features
Craftsman M105

140cc 21 inches 72 pounds Manual 3-in-1
Craftsman CMXGMAM201104

140cc 21 inches 64.9 pounds Manual 2-in-1
Craftsman M215

159cc 21 inches 82.8 pounds Self-propel 3-in-1
Craftsman M275

159cc 21 inches 86.8 pounds FWD self-propel

Craftsman Lawn Mowers Review

This review covers the four models listed in the chart above. Take note that none of these are Craftsman electric lawn mower or Craftsman commercial lawn mower models.

Craftsman Lawn Mowers Review

Instead, all four products reviewed here are gas-powered and designed for residential use.

– Craftsman Push Mower Model M105

– Product Highlights:

  • 3-in-1 choice of bag, mulch or side discharge of cuttings
  • Push motion –not self-propelled
  • OHV engine with auto-choke for easy starting
  • Large rear wheels
  • Six deck cutting height settings

The Craftsman M105 mower is a simple to use machine designed for trimming grass in small yards. You’ll get some exercise using this lawnmower because it does not have a self-propel feature and you need to use muscle power to move it around.

However, many buyers are delighted to have a lawnmower that gives them a bit of a workout while they mow the lawn, and that’s what you can expect with this machine.

– 3-in-1 Features

Even though this mower is a push style, it still has three ways you can handle the cuttings. First, snap on the collection bag and let the mower gather up the trimmings. If you prefer, set it to mulching mode and let the grass clippings stay on the lawn, where they add nutrients back into the soil. You can also remove the bag and open the discharge chute to send the clipping flying out of the side of the mower.

– Engine

This Craftsman mower model is equipped with a 140cc OHV gas engine with auto-choke and a recoil starter. This engine is small, but it has sufficient power for trimming and mulching a modest-sized lawn.

However, if you need to cut tall grass or tough weeds, a mower with a larger engine like the M215 or M275 will probably work better for you than this one.

The recoil start on this model is not as easy to use as an electric ignition button on the Craftsman M275 model. To start this machine, you must hold down the operator presence bar while pulling the recoil cord and then continue holding the bar down to keep the engine running. Also, because this is a manual push mower, it is not as easy to use as the self-propel machines in this review.

– Cutting Deck and Wheels

The 21-inch wide cutting blade is perfect for mowing in small yards, and the narrow deck allows you to get into tight spaces quickly. The deck adjusts to six cutting heights, depending on how you like the lawn to look when you are done mowing.


The front wheels are 7 inches in diameter, and the rear wheels are 8 inches, giving you a bit of extra leverage at the rear of the machine for pushing this mower through the soggy ground. In addition, the wheels have deep, zig-zag treads for excellent traction.

– Assembly

This mower requires a small amount of assembly of the handlebar. Therefore, it’s crucial to read and follow the instructions for installing the handlebar correctly, or the machine can be damaged when you start it.

– Craftsman Walk Behind Lawn Mower Model CMXGMAM201104

– Product Highlights

  • 2-in-1 mulches and side discharges
  • Manual push style
  • Low noise and vibration
  • Easy startup with auto-choke
  • Perfect for tiny yards

The Craftsman CMXGMAM201104 lawnmower is the smallest, most straightforward and lightest machine in this review. If you are looking for a basic push-style mower without lots of extra features, this machine might be a perfect choice. The 140cc OHV engine runs quietly and probably won’t disturb your neighbors if you mow on a weekend morning.

– 2-in-1 Features

This mower does not come with a collection bag and is not designed to use one. Instead, you have the choice of mulching the clippings or discharging them to the side. Side ejecting makes sense if you have an area in your yard where you want to let grass clippings pile up for mulch, such as under landscape plants.

– Engine

The small 140cc OHV engine on this model has the advantage of being quiet and having less vibration than larger engines, making it highly comfortable for the operator. The engine starts with a tug of the recoil cord without pumping a primer bulb or setting a choke.

To keep this engine running, it’s crucial to read and follow the owner’s manual’s maintenance information and avoid using ethanol-containing fuel.

– Deck and Wheels

The deck is made from stamped steel and is lightweight, making the mower easy to push. However, because of the lightweight construction, it’s vital to clean under the deck after each use or it can rust.

Lightweight Deck is Made from Stamped Steel

The deck height adjusts using one lever on each side of the mower, and you can set the height in six positions from 1.25 inches to 3.75 inches, depending on how you like the mowed lawn to look when you’re done.


The single blade is designed for finely chopping the grass for mulch, and the shape of the deck reduces clumping of cut material.

– Assembly

This mower is ready to use right out of the box except for putting the handlebar together and adding gas and oil.

– Craftsman Self Propelled Push Mower Model M215

– Product Highlights

  • 3-in-1 bags, mulches, rear or side discharges
  • Front-wheel drive
  • Self-propelled and variable speed travel
  • Large rear wheels
  • Robust 159cc OHV engine

The Craftsman M215 has the advantage of front-wheel drive that gives you an extra dimension of maneuverability in tight spaces. Large-diameter rear wheels also provide excellent traction and make it easier to use this mower on soft or uneven ground.

So if you are looking for a small, powerful and versatile lawn mower for keeping a tiny or medium-size yard looking fantastic, this mower is worth considering.

– 3-in-1 Features

This model comes with a sturdy, rear-mounted collection bag. If you prefer, you can remove the bag and discharge clippings from the side or the rear as you mow. On the other hand, this mower also allows mulching and keeps your lawn green and attractive by leaving the cut grass spread evenly under the mower.

– Engine and Self-Propel Feature

The 159cc engine in this mower is equipped with an auto-choke and does not have a primer bulb, making it extremely simple to start. Give the recoil cord one or two gentle pulls while holding down the operator presence bar to get the engine fired up, and you’re ready to mow. 

A single lever on the handlebar controls the variable-speed self-propel feature. To get the machine rolling, you must hold the presence bar and use one hand to pull the self-propel lever.

The more you pull on the lever, the fast the mower travels. However, this mechanism might be challenging for some people because it requires using one hand to do two things simultaneously.

– Deck and Wheels

The dual-lever cutting height adjustment lets you select from six cutting heights by making one adjustment on each side of the mower. The front wheels are 8 inches in diameter, and the rear wheels are 11 inches, giving you more control and better traction on soft ground and going over uneven areas.


In addition, the wheels have a deep zig-zag tread for gripping the soil and preventing slipping.

– Assembly

This Craftsman lawnmower model requires some assembly to install the handlebar and attach the cables to it, as well as adding gas and oil. 

– Craftsman Walk Behind Lawn Mower Model M275

– Product Highlights

  • Front-wheel drive
  • Self-propelled
  • Strong engine with 159cc cylinder displacement
  • Bag, mulch or discharge cut grass
  • Electric start and recoil start

The Craftsman M275 is the largest and most powerful lawnmower in this review. The front-wheel-drive power is just what you need if your property has slopes, rough ground or other challenging mowing conditions. Front-wheel drive gives this mower outstanding traction on all types of ground cover, although it does best on shallow slopes.

The most significant advantage of this mower over the Craftsman M215 and other models is the electric start that spares you from pulling the recoil cord. However, this model also has a recoil cord for backup if the battery is not working.

– 3-in-1 Features

Like the Craftsman M215 and M105, this mower can bag clippings into the collection container that comes with the mower. It also quickly converts to side or rear discharging or can be set for mulching of the trimmings.

– Engine

The robust 159cc engine on this machine is made by MTD Products, as are the engines on all of the mowers reviewed here. These engines are mid-grade for durability compared to those made by Briggs& Stratton or Honda, which produce higher quality machines.

Nonetheless, the benefit of the engines on these Craftsman models is that they result in a lower price tag for the lawnmower, and they are perfectly capable of working well for less challenging mowing situations as long as they get the required servicing and correct fuel type.

The electric start on this mower fires up the engine with nothing more than the push of a button, using a charge from the small battery. The mower comes with a battery and a battery charger to keep it ready to mow whenever you need it.

– Deck and Wheels

As with the other mowers reviewed here, this one also has a 21 inch wide cutting area, making it ideal for mowing small and medium-sized yards and getting into tight spaces like between a pathway and a building. The deck on this model also adjusts to six cutting heights with a dual-lever adjustment.


This model also has 8-inch front wheels and 11-inch wheels on the rear for superior traction and maneuverability. One meaningful advantage of this mower over the other models reviewed here is that it includes a deck washout port, making it much easier to clean under the deck, prevent rust, and keep the blade in shape.

– Assembly and Accessories

This model needs only minimal assembly. In addition, it comes with a mower cover, a battery and a battery charger, unlike any of the other models reviewed here.

Product Comparison

– Best Mower for Small Yards

Winner: Craftsman model CMXGMAM201104

If you want a small lawn mower that is extremely easy to use, this one might be a good choice because it has a simple recoil start and only one operator bar. It is also the lightest and most compact mower, making it straightforward to move around in small areas.

– Best Mower for Power

Winner: Craftsman model M275

For those who want a small but incredibly powerful Craftsman self propelled lawn mower, this one has the biggest engine along with front-wheel drive, self-propel and large rear wheels for extra power when tackling challenging cutting situations.

Product Comparison of Craftsman Lawn Mowers

– Best Mower Features

Winner: Craftsman model M275

Due to the electric start combined with front-wheel drive, self-propel and 3-in-1 features, this model has the most features of all the reviewed models. 

– Easiest to Use Mower

Winner: Craftsman model M275

The electric start, self-propel and super-maneuverable front-wheel drive make this machine the easiest to start and operate of all the lawnmowers in this review.


In these Craftsman lawn mower reviews, you learned about the pros and cons of four walk-behind gas-powered lawn mowers.

Each of these machines has benefits and drawbacks, and the best one is the one that most closely matches your preferences, mowing situation and budget.

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