This Craftsman m310 review is going to present you with all the details of this 21-inch, gas-powered mower with an optional self-propel function. Thanks to it, you can engage when you want to power the wheels directly from the engine.

This review will give you essential information about how this mower works, what kind of mowing situations it can handle, and what verified buyers and other reviewers say about it.

This way, you can choose a mower that is best suited for you and your mowing needs. Read on to find out if this is the mower for you.

Craftsman M310 Review: Specs

Power Source Weight Dimensions Cutting Width
Briggs & Stratton 163cc gas engine 84.8 pounds 40.38 x 24 x 23.5 inches 21-inches

Craftsman m310 Review

Craftsman M310 ReviewMain Product Benefits

  • Self-propel function
  • Just-Check-and-Add oil system
  • Rear-wheel drive
  • Variable speed of travel

General Characteristics

This Craftsman rear wheel self propelled lawn mower has a state-of-the-art gas engine with no-choke starting, the Just-Check-and-Add engine oil system, and Craftsman’s ReadyStart® ignition for super-easy starting.

A 163cc Briggs & Stratton gas-powered engine also assures plenty of power to cut tall grass and weeds and navigate uneven ground.

The self-propel feature is there when you need it for sending the engine’s power directly to the rear wheels, relieving you of the chore of pushing the mower along. This feature is a big plus when mowing on hills, uneven ground, and cutting tough weeds and grass.

Variable speed, rear-wheel-drive in the self-propel mode lets you decide how fast you want to go as you walk behind the machine. Having the operator control the mower’s speed allows for better traction and safer mowing in challenging terrain.

Craftsman Gas Lawn Mower Engine

This Craftsman lawnmower comes with a 163cc Briggs & Stratton 725 series gas engine. This engine model has a gross torque of 6.25 to 7.25 foot/lbs and a gas tank with a .27 gallon capacity. The gas tank has an oversized opening, making it easy to add fuel without spilling it.

The no-prime/no-choke start feature lets you fire-up the engine by just pulling the cord. There’s no need to prime the fuel system by pumping a bulb or fussing around with a choke lever.

How To Operate the Engine

All it takes to get the engine going is pulling the starter cord while holding down the throttle bar. The starter cord attaches to the handlebars’ top, so you don’t need to bend over to reach it.

To send power to the rear wheels and activate the self-propel function, you use a squeezebox located at the handlebar’s center. The squeezebox has dual-levers so that you can operate it with either hand.

As you slowly pull the levers toward you, the throttle speed and rate of travel increase.
For many people who want a gas lawnmower’s power and reliability, this machine’s no-choke feature is a definite plus.

A Hassle-free Starting System

It can be challenging to start a gas engine equipped with a choke. It’s easy to flood the engine with gas and delay start-up when using a mower with a choke.

You won’t have that problem with this piece of yard equipment. The reliable choke-free start-up is a helpful feature many buyers enjoy on this lawnmower.

The Briggs & Stratton ready-start® ignition is another component in the hassle-free start-up system on this machine. This design of this gas engine makes it easy to start and operate and virtually maintenance-free.

Just-Check-and-Add Oil System

Craftsman M310 ReviewThis engine features the Just-Check-and-Add engine oil system. With it, you never need to drain and replace the oil or an oil filter. Just check the oil level regularly and add more when it gets low.

The oil check and fill cap on this Craftsman gas lawn mower sits at the bottom of the engine, and you can remove it without any tools. The engine uses a standard 30 weight motor oil.

Engines with Just-Check-and-Add engine oil systems run cooler and cleaner than other small gas engines. They are also considerably quieter.

One of the drawbacks of owning a gas mower has always been changing the oil every season or more often when the machine gets a lot of use.

Changing oil is messy, potentially hazardous if you have a spill. There’s the nuisance of storing and disposing of the used engine oil.

Briggs and Stratton started addressing this problem in 2015 on their EXi Series engines. Now, they include the Just-Check-and-Add feature on many lawnmower models as well as other equipment they manufacture.

This technology centers on keeping the engine and oil cool by using a paper air filter often used in the automotive industry. The engine also has overhead valves and carefully designed cooling fins to keep oil temperatures down.

The overheating of oil is a significant factor in how fast it breaks down in an engine. The Just-Check-and-Add technology allows the oil to stay cooler and lubricates the engine for much longer than other gas lawnmowers.

Despite being a low-maintenance mower, this machine does need occasional care. The most crucial maintenance tasks include replacing the air filter, cleaning debris away from the engine fins, and cleaning under the deck after mowing.

Craftsman 21 inch Mowing Deck

This Craftsman professional lawn mower is a 3-in-1 mower. It comes equipped with a bagging unit for collecting clipping at the machine’s rear. You can also have the mower discharge clippings from the side into a pile next to where you are mowing.

The mulching capability disperses the trimmings over the lawn, where they decompose and add nutrients back to the soil. Mulching the clippings also eliminates the need to rake up the cut grass and dispose of it.

The bagging unit that comes with this mower can collect up to 2.3-bushels of trimmings before it needs emptying. The material in the bag’s fabric blocks dust and pollen from seeping out as you mow. This feature is beneficial when cutting in dry and dusty conditions.

The 21-inch cutting deck on this mower is a generous size for mowing smaller yards and getting into tight spaces near sheds, garages, and next to walkways.

How To Operate the Mowing Deck

You can adjust the cutting height deck in six settings from 1.5 to 4.5-inches for a longer or shorter lawn height. Two easy to grip levers are located next to the front and rear left-hand wheels for moving the cutting deck up and down.

The front wheels are 8-inches in diameter, and the rear wheels are 11-inches, made with durable, rigid plastic and with molded zig-zag treads for extra traction. A built-in deck wash attachment on top of the deck lets you hook up a regular garden hose and blast out debris from under the deck with a jet of water.

Keeping the underside of the deck clean helps prevent rust and corrosion of the blade and reduces the chances of getting debris caught in the blade spindle.

It’s important to note that you can only mow in the forward direction when using the self-propel function. If you need to back up, you have to let go of the squeezebox lever and stop the self-propel function. Once you do this, you can pull the mower backward using muscle-power.

Settings and Adjustments

Craftsman M310 ReviewThis self-propelled lawn mower has a handlebar that folds in the middle for compact storage. However, because this mower has a gasoline engine that emits fumes, it should be stored in a garage, shed, outside under a water-proof cover and not inside a house.

The settings on this Craftsman mower are easy to use. The self-propel function and variable speed are controlled by the squeezebox levers on the handlebars, making them easy to reach at any time.

There are no settings on the engine to adjust. The choke and ignition are automated and do not require any changes in setting to start the engine.

Craftsman M310 Review: Buyer Feedback

This Craftsman gas lawn mower gets high ratings from buyers for easy assembly, low weight, maneuverability, and overall ease of use.


Buyers report that the only assembly required is to put the handlebars and bagging unit on once the box arrives. You can do this without any tools. Buyers say adding gas and oil is the only other thing you need to do before starting the mower after delivery.

Bagging Unit

Many buyers say the bagging unit on this mower works well. One person says he uses it to pick up pine needles and leaves in some areas of his yard, then installs the mulching kit, mows the lawn, and leaves the grass clippings there as fertilizer. This same buyer points out that this Craftsman lawnmower got a high rating from Popular Mechanics.


Multiple buyers report that this mower could tear through foot-tall grass and tackle big yards with overgrown weeds without stalling or failing to work. Buyers also say this machine is noticeably lighter than previous Craftsman models they owned. It has more power and is easier to operate.

One person mentioned that the mower deck of 21-inches is a bit narrow for his yard size, and it takes extra passes to get the job done. Most people who purchased this mower say it reliably starts up on the first pull. The variable speed and self-propel features work without problems.

Negative Reviews

There were some dissatisfied buyers, however.Craftsman M310 Review

One person complained that the plastic deck height adjustment levers appeared to show wear-and-tear after a short time. The buyer also reported that the front axle broke after minimal use. Someone else said their mower only lasted one season before dying.

Another complaint by several buyers is installing the bagging unit and removing it to empty the contents. They said the instructions were not clear enough on how to do this properly, and one person said a piece of the unit that holds the bag unit in place cracked as she tried to take it off to empty it.

Overview of This Self Propelled Craftsman Mower

This self-propelled Craftsman mower takes most of the work out of mowing the. You only need muscle-power to steer the machine and control travel speed if that’s what you want to do.

This mower gets good reviews from most buyers with few reported problems. The innovative oil system has been in development by Briggs & Stratton for over five years and appears to work as advertised.

This mower is suitable for anyone with a small to medium-sized lawn with flat or variable terrain who wants a self-propelled, walk-behind gas lawnmower.

Craftsman M310 Review: Conclusions

Self-propel lawnmowers such as this Craftsman model are relative newcomers to the lawnmower industry. Yet, as you could tell from this Craftsman M310 review, this model is getting great reviews from buyers and other reviewers.

This machine comes with a 2-year warranty, and it’s a solid choice for people with small to medium yards who have space for storing gas-powered yard equipment.

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