Craftsman V60 CMCBL760E1 is a cordless leaf blower that rivals the big boys. Apart from the fact that this product is made by a company known for its quality, the Craftsman handheld blower offers a powerful performance at a competitive price.

Craftsman V60 CMCBL760E1 Perfect Cordless Leaf Blower

But how does this tool hold up to other blowers in performance? This is what we are about to discover in this review.

Pros Cons
Easy to use and set up The trigger is improperly designed
Great quality The blow tube’s length is quite short
Exceptional performance
Battery lasts long

Highlighting The Chief Characteristics

Craftsman v60 blower is one of the best electric leaf blowers that deliver all-around performance in a sleek and lightweight body, which is why the product is a great one if you wish to invest in it for tidying purposes.

As a result of the latter, you should be keen on the detailed features that it has, as this company is one that aims to perfect its leaf blower models.

  • 110 MPH air speed
  • 600 CFM air volume
  • Brushless motor
  • Cordless
  • Two-speed options
  • 6 lbs weight
  • Craftsman V60 battery
  • VersaTrack organization storage system
  • Four-year limited warranty
  • Complete accessories

Reviewing the Craftsman V60 CMCBL760E1 Thoroughly

Craftsman V60 CMCBL760E1 Key Criteria
Number of airflow settings
Number of functionalities
Easy to use and set up
Great quality
Exceptional performance
Battery lasts long
The trigger is improperly designed
The blow tube’s length is quite short

The blower comes with a few functionalities to enhance efficiency; basically, the first is the variable speed trigger that allows you to choose more or less power. The second one is cruise control which gives you full control over power.

This allows you to work with the tool conveniently over a long period without a drop in performance, which means that to invest in such a matter would be a superb quality that the manufacturing company has looked upon it.


The airflow is exceptional, and probably the best feature of this blower. It pumps an air volume of 600 CFM at 110 MPH, which is adequate for a large yard. We have the brushless motor and axial fan to thank for. Both improve airflow and maximizes efficiency. With this air capacity and airspeed, you shouldn’t expect any less in performance, and the result of the latter would be such a neat yard, at the end.

We were a bit surprised by the weight of this tool. Despite its power, the blower weighs less than what we expected. It weighs 8.6 lbs without the battery; however, it would accelerate to 10 lbs with the battery inside.

Some blowers that had less power weighed more, but the efficiency of the machine is what sets it apart if you exclude the weight.

On another note, you should remember that it is also ergonomically designed and feels comfortable to hold in hand. That shows that Craftsman built this tool with user comfort in mind. When you use it for a prolonged time, you would see that your finger joints are not hurt from the grip, and this is due to the well-fabricated exterior of the machine.

The airflow is adjustable. It comes with two speed settings – low speed and high speed. Each speed delivers a specific airflow and consumes a certain amount of power. You can render between low and high speed, but you would have to contend with the hair trigger, which is difficult to control.

In addition, this machine also has a turbo boost in this blower would have put it on par with gas-powered models, but it would have been more costly, in terms of the power supply to wear out even faster, in this case.

– How Has Craftsman V60 CMCBL760E1 Evolved?

The Craftsman V60 CMCBL760E1 has evolved by having a better airflow, than the previous model the CMCBL720D2. The airflow used to be 350 CFM as it ran 100 MPH; however, now it is able to deliver 600 CFM at a 110 MPH.

Features and Premise of the Unique Blower

– Air Speed and Air Volume

With a 110 MPH air speed and 600 CFM air capacity, expect this blower to deliver an excellent performance. As mentioned, this wouldn’t be possible without the axial fan designed to deliver maximum efficiency.

The blowing capability will leave your yard free from leaves and even dust away. Whether you have mulch piles on your pavement or dry leaves on your grasses or debris on rocks, this Craftsman machine is up to the task.

Specifying the Provided Features of the Blower

It propels 600 CFM at 110 MPH to displace leaves and debris from your floors. The given is what sets it apart, and the reason why you will have such a neat-looking yard in such a small amount of time.

When looking for a blower to handle leaves on pavements and gravel, you need one with more mph and sufficient CFMs. The CFMs tell you how much air volume the blower pushes in a minute, and this one is subjected to 600 CFM, which is a great deal if you consider it.

Speed is crucial, but not enough to give you the required performance without the CFM; in parallel to this, you would now be more specific as the Craftsman 60v max cordless axial flow blower has both, which should get you excited.


– Brushless Motor

Brushless motor has an advantage over brushed motors in that it provides longer life and more performance. The choice of a brushless motor makes this blower energy efficient, more reliable, and dynamic in performance without affecting the battery life.

Cordless Feature and Brushless Motor of Leaf Blower

On another note, this type of motor is also responsible for the tool’s quietness. As a result of the latter, you do not need to worry so much about the fact that you may disturb your neighbors, or even damage your ear drums.

– Two Speed Options

In addition to the 110 mph and 600 CFM, this blower has two-speed options. To maximize efficiency, you can switch this blower to low or high speed. The low-speed setting is most effective at clearing debris from flowerbeds and sidewalks, while the high-speed setting is best for removing debris from your outdoor areas.

Even though the trigger is difficult to control sometimes, especially when you try to keep the machine at a low speed. As a result, you may aim to switch between settings, but yet again this feature isn’t the smoothest.

However, to look at the positive side, we love how well-positioned the toggle button is; hence, you should have no issue reaching the button from any position.

The only problem you may encounter is removing damp and stubborn leaves. The end of the scrapper is sort of fragile and wouldn’t effectively scrap damp leaves stuck to the ground.

– Medium Weighed

A blower as powerful as this should weigh slightly more, but it didn’t surprisingly. It is compact, yet doesn’t compromise on power, and this is because the unit blows powerfully and quickly. Typically, the blower weighs 8.6 lbs without the battery, but just as you place or adjust the battery, the weight moves up to around 10 lbs.

Still, it isn’t cumbersome, but it is a well-balanced machine to have in hand and comfortable to use for an extended period. But if the chore is quite big, the weight may tire you a little in the long run.

– V60 Lithium Battery

Powering this machine is a 60V 2.5 AH max battery capable of providing a run time of up to 90 minutes when fully charged. Of course, this depends on the setting. If you use the device on a high speed setting, expect no more than 20 – 30 minutes of run time. We recommend you use the blower in places where the low speed is adequate to stretch the run time.

This is probably the best run time compared to other blowers in its price category; fortunately, the battery is included in the package, which should save you some extra costs.

Blower with V60 Lithium Battery

This is why the battery included is lithium ion, which should last for a couple of years before replacement. Another good news is the battery is compatible with other Craftsman V60 tools too, so if you have any, you can switch it with all ease.

The V60 volt max battery is easy to charge, all you have to do is to slide the battery into place and then plug your unit into the wall socket. The light flashes green while charging and shows a steady green light when it’s fully juiced up.

We recommend you fully read the manual that came with the package to understand the best charging temperatures for battery longevity.

– VersaTrack Organization Storage System

The leaf blower is one of those to support the VersaTrack organization storage system. This is a wall mounted storage that organizes your tools, keeping them handy and ready when you need to get some work in your yard done. Disappointingly, this storage system is sold separately.

– Four-Year Limited Warranty

Warranty is a crucial factor to consider when choosing a blower or a machine; thankfully, this blower has one. While many come with a two or three years warranty, this Craftsman tool has a four-year limited warranty.

You can return the machine if there are defects on any part, and you would see that the matter has been done so that the company would give you some sort of insurance that the machine will run in such a smooth manner within this given period.


– Complete Accessories

This blower comes with complete accessories. Included in the package are the blower itself, a 60V battery, a tube, a charger, and a manual. As a result of this matter, you do not have to go through a worrying period and think about how to gather these tools, or to purchase them all separately, because the company has thought it through already.


Craftsman CMCBL760E1 has a good form factor, powerful, and has everything you need in a cordless blower.

With a run time of 90 minutes on low settings and 600 air volume at 110 mph, this is one blower that you will be satisfied with. The CMCBL760E1 price is competitive, so you are getting many things in one tool. If you are looking for a cordless blower that’s close to a gas-powered one, this is probably the one you should go for.

Although production has been discontinued, you can still get this machine online and in some offline stores. Looking forward to the autumn season? Don’t miss out on getting this efficient brushless cordless leaf blower to clear out fallen leaves.

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