Crepe myrtle not blooming is a thing gardeners are worried about, many people are asking this question this time of year.

Crepe Myrtle FlowersThere are several reasons this plant might not bloom, but the most common reason is lack of sunlight. Besides this, there are a few more things that could be causing this. Let’s have a look at those potential causes!

Why Is Crepe Myrtle Not Blooming?

Crepe myrtle is not blooming, due to lack of sunlight, nutritional deficiency, maybe the tree is too young, or it has an insufficiency of water. You may fix it by improving the watering, relocating, and even using better fertilizer.

– Lack of Sunlight

Crepe myrtles bloom in the warmth of summer, that is its growing season. These trees are native to tropical and subtropical regions of Asia and require full sun to thrive and bloom.

They need at least six hours of sunlight per day to bloom properly. If they are not getting enough sunlight, the flowers will be small, and the plant will produce fewer blooms. Additionally, the leaves may turn yellow or fall off prematurely. If you think your plant is not getting enough sun, try moving it to a sunny location.

– The Tree is Too Young

Another common reason for not blooming is that the tree is too young. Myrtle typically doesn’t bloom until they are three to five years old. Therefore, if your tree is younger than this, it may just need some more time to mature. Be patient and give ideal conditions for your tree to bloom.

– Insufficient Watering

Insufficient watering can also cause these trees to not bloom. These plants need plenty of water, especially when they are first established. Once established, they will need less water, but they will still need to be watered regularly during dry periods.

– Nutrient Deficiency

When Crape myrtles don’t bloom, it’s often due to nutrient deficiency. Nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium are the most common nutrient deficiencies that cause your trees to not bloom.

Nitrogen one the essential elements for plant growth and is involved in producing chlorophyll, which is necessary for photosynthesis. Nitrogen deficiency will cause the leaves to turn yellow and the plant to stop growing.

Phosphorus is essential for root growth, flower production, and seed development. A phosphorus deficiency will cause the tree to fade and the plant to produce fewer flowers.

Potassium is necessary for water uptake, photosynthesis, and the production of enzymes. A potassium deficiency will cause the tree leaves to turn yellow or brown, making the plant more susceptible to diseases.

– Pruning at the Wrong Time

When it comes to pruning, timing is everything. Pruning at the wrong time of year can cause the tree to not bloom. A few things you need to know while pruning crape include the best time to prune Crape myrtles and tips on how to avoid damaging the tree.

Pruning too early in the season can prevent your myrtles from blooming. This is because the tree sets its flower buds in the late summer and early fall. If you prune a crepe tree in the spring or early summer, you are likely to remove many of the flower buds that have been set.

The best time to prune your myrtle trees is in the late winter or early spring time before the tree breaks dormancy and begins to grow new leaves. This will give the tree time to set new flower buds before they are removed by pruning.

How To Fix the Crepe Myrtle That Is Not Blooming?

It can be disheartening to see a row of beautiful myrtle not blooming, but it can be fixed by simply moving it under some direct sunlight, improving the watering routine, using more qualified fertilizers, and even giving the plant a proper prune.

– Be Patient

The first thing you need to check is the age of your myrtle tree. If it is less than three years old, it probably hasn’t reached maturity yet and won’t bloom until it is a little older. Just be patient and wait for it to mature – you will eventually see your crepe myrtle bloom.

– Move It Under Full Sun

If you suspect that lack of sunlight is the cause why your tree is not blooming. Try to move it to a sunnier location. If possible, choose a spot that gets full sun all day long. If you can’t find a spot like that, choose a spot that gets at least six hours of direct sunlight daily.

Once you’ve moved your Crape myrtle to a sunnier spot, it should start blooming within a few weeks. If it doesn’t, some other problems may be causing the lack of blooms; keep an eye on them to make your tree bloom.

– Improve Watering

Deep watering about once a week can also encourage blooming in your tree. Shallow watering more often will only encourage surface root growth, which is not as robust and can’t support the tree as well during times of drought or heat stress.

Water early in the morning, so the leaves have time to dry out before nightfall. This will help prevent fungal diseases from taking hold. Water slowly and deeply, using a soaker hose or drip irrigation system if possible. Make sure the root zone is moist but not soggy. Check by digging a small hole with your fingers near the base of the plant.

– Use Rich Fertilizers

Crape myrtles are heavy feeders that need plenty of nutrients to produce those beautiful flowers. If you’ve been using the same fertilizer for a while, it might be time to switch to something else.

Rich fertilizer can make a big difference in the health and bloom of your tree. Rich fertilizer has a higher concentration of nutrients such as nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium than regular fertilizer. This means your Crepes will get the nourishment they need to produce beautiful blooms.

When you switch to rich fertilizer, be sure to follow the directions on the package. You don’t want to over-fertilize your tree, which can damage the roots. If you’re unsure how much rich fertilizer to use, ask your local nursery or gardening center for advice. They can help you figure out the best fertilizer for your tree.

– Proper Pruning

If nothing of the above method works, you must consider pruning in late winter or early spring. Pruning Crepes is not as easy as it sounds. You can easily damage the plant if you don’t know what you’re doing.

For pruning, you need to make sure you’re using the right tools. Sharp pruning shears are a must. You should also use gloves to protect your hands from the thorns on the tree.

After you’ve gathered your supplies, it’s time to start pruning. Begin by removing any dead or diseased branches. Then, cut back any branches that are crossing over each other or rubbing against each other.

Next, you’ll want to thin out your tree. This means removing some branches so air can circulate freely through the plant. This will help it to bloom more profusely. Finally, you’ll want to cut back the tips of the branches. This will help encourage new growth and more flowers.

Frequently Asked Questions

– Do Crepe Myrtles Require Epsom Salt?

These trees do not require Epsom salt for their growth or development. However, adding Epsom salt to the soil around your plant can help promote blooming and increase the tree’s overall health. If you choose to use Epsom salt, be sure to follow the directions on the package. Too much Epsom salt can damage the roots of plants.

– Why Are the Leaves on My Crepe Myrtle Turning Yellow?

The leaves on your Crepe tree may turn yellow for several reasons, including stress, nutrient deficiency, or disease. If the leaves are only slightly yellowed, this is usually not a cause for concern, and the plant will likely recover on its own. However, if the leaves are heavily yellowed or browning, this could signify a more serious problem.

– Is Pine Needle Mulch Good for Crepe Myrtle?

Yes, Pine needle mulch has many benefits that make it ideal for use around these trees. Pine needles help improve soil drainage and aeration while also suppressing weeds. Additionally, pine needle mulch helps keep roots cool in summer and provides a bit of insulation in winter. Plus, it looks nice!

– Can I Use Coffee Grounds for Crepe Myrtles?

Coffee grounds can be used as mulch for Crepes, but they should not be allowed to touch the tree trunk. Coffee grounds can also be used to make a homemade insecticide spray. To make this spray, mix one part coffee grounds with ten parts water and spray it on your tree’s leaves. Reapply every two weeks or as needed.

Crepe Myrtle tree


You must have a clear idea by now why people struggle with getting Crape myrtle to bloom. To make things easier for you, let’s have a quick review of the article:

  • There are many reasons behind Crepe myrtle not blooming that cause this sad sighting issue, and luckily each has a solution to combat it.
  • If you think your crape myrtle tree isn’t blooming because it’s too young, give it some time.
  • You can also tackle this issue by giving at least six hours of sunlight to your plant per day.
  • Make sure that you’re not pruning the plant too late in the season, as this can prevent flowering.

After reading out these tips and taking care of nutritional requirements, you can be sure to make your tree bloom very soon.

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