Cub Cadet cc800 review helps many people when they are looking for a powerful and durable lawn mower that will hopefully last them a long time. Have you been considering it too, but are on the fence about it?

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Are you reluctant to make a final decision and maybe need to go over the details once more?

If so, there is nothing you need to worry about because we have here a detailed overview and review of the Cub Cadet CC 800 which might clear certain things up for you. I am sure you are already curious to find out more, so just let us start and you keep on reading!

Pros and Cons 

Pros Cons
Reverse available Not variable speed
Large gas tank (can hold up to two gallons) Two levers seem hard to operate
Single lever height adjustment Deck is not high enough (three and a half inches is the highest deck setting)
33 inches cutting deck

Product Highlights

This push mower is made to cover a wide area and efficiently mow the whole lawn, keeping the comfort of the user in mind with many added accessories that can elevate the mowing experience to a 10/10. This walk-behind mower is easy to use, has a powerful engine, and will make sure that the job is done perfectly and productively. 

The following are the features that make this mower stand out amongst a crowd:

  • 344 cc Briggs & Stratton OHV engine
  • 33 inches rugged steel deck with twin blades
  • Electric start with SureStart Guarantee
  • Recoil backup
  • Caster front wheels 
  • Eight cutting height options
  • Three-year warranty

Cub Cadet cc800 Review

Cub Cadet CC800 Key Criteria
Easy to Start
Maintenance Requirements
Ergonomics Rough Terrain
Reverse available
Large gas tank (can hold up to two gallons)
Single lever height adjustment
33 inches cutting deck
Not variable speed
two levers seem hard to operate
Deck is not high enough (three and a half inches is the highest deck setting)

This lawn mower is a powerful and reliable walk behind mower that is bound to change your life. The first step to purchasing any item, especially one as pricey as this mower, is looking into the brand and its reliability.

And we can assure you that Cub Cadet is a good name in the market, as they are considered to be consistent and durable and they always deliver with every one of their products. 

Cub Cadets have created many technical devices such as snow blowers, zero-turn mowers, and now the CC 800 lawn mower. All their devices have top-notch quality and a cult auto-buy following. 

Of course, this lawn mower is no different. Its high quality and efficiency are the by-products of a brand with a big name and game. Some of the most popular products, apart from the one under discussion, of the brand at the moment are the Cub Cadet 880 and the Cub Cadet XT.

This mower, in particular, is one of their newer releases and its features are even more advanced than any of the previous models. It features a 344 cc Briggs and Stratton engine that can be started using an electric key. The fuel tank of the device has a capacity of 8.0 qt and can hold up to 48 ounces of engine oil.

The CC 800 has an RWD system. Are you wondering what it means? RWD system stands for the rear wheel drive system and in this system, the engine only provides power to the rear wheels to move. The front wheels, although present, do not get any power. They are free to maneuver the vehicle as they want. 

Compared to a vehicle with a front-wheel drive system (FWD system), the weight is much more evenly spread in a rear wheel drive system. This creates a better balance of weight that helps with better maneuverability. 

The deck of this mower is also a useful part. It has a width of three inches and a cutting height range from one quarter inch to three and a half inches. The deck is made of steel and is easy to wash. 

Multiple height adjustments can be extremely useful to any customer, that is why Cub Cadet gave the customers options between eight different heights which can simply be adjusted using a single lever. 

Using the Cyclo-Cut Cutting Methodology, the device can shred, cut, and mulch, all quite easily using sharp blades and an integrated mulch plug. All the byproducts will be discarded out of the device from the side.

This lawn mower comes with a three-year warranty, which is much more than what many other lawn mowers have to offer. And this only shows that the brand is confident enough in their product to present the customers with such a long warranty. 

The wheels are another great feature of this mower. Made from high-quality materials, the wheels have a turf tread pattern. The front wheels are eight inches and the rear wheels are 16 inches. This one to two ratio and top-notch ball bearings ensure stability in the device. The mower even features an hour meter to make the customer more aware of their needs.

This push mower has a smart jet which allows maintenance of the device to be easy. All you have to do is connect a water hose to the smart jet and let the water rinse the underside of the deck to remove any leftover debris and other unwanted waste material.

An additional product you can purchase to make your mowing time smoother is the Cub Cadet Bagger for the 33 inches deck as a grass collector. It has a 2.5 bushel capacity, uses the existing blades, and at a small price it includes all of the following:

  • Bag
  • Chute
  • Mounting hardware
  • Cub Cadet CC800 manual

It fits right on the riding mower without any problem and does not even let a tad bit of grass out of the bag while mowing. Even the clip on the bag is made of metal, which shows how durable and high-quality the whole cutting bag is.

– How Has the Product Evolved?

Kudos to the designers at Cub Cadet for letting their mower evolve in so many different ways. The CC 600 was already a fan favorite, but the CC 800 was an advanced evolution

With a 33-inch deck, it is already 5 inches ahead of the previous 28-inch deck. Even the rear tires and the front caster are bigger in the CC 800. This mower even has a way larger gas tank than the previous model, which was frequently critiqued for its tiny gas tank. 


All in all, yes, this device is a big step up from its predecessors because of its more advanced features and high user-friendliness.

Product Features Breakdown

– Cutting Deck

The deck is 33 inches with sharp twin blades and an adjustable height lever. The deck ensures that the grass is cut evenly through clean cuts. No one wants uneven grass growth in their garden, right? 

It also provides the user with eight different height options so you can choose whatever height works best for your grass breed and growing conditions in your yard. You can even raise the yard when you want to cut through tough weeds and plants.

The mowing deck also has another big advantage. The mower can go in reverse, which adds to the convenience of the customer. This reverse option is not always useful, but in times of crucial need, it can truly come in handy. You can activate the blades in reverse using a simple lever.

– Strong Warranty

Many people overlook the warranty of the product while purchasing it, but the warranty can tell much more about the product than you might imagine. A longer warranty, like this product’s three-year warranty, shows that the brand has full confidence in its device and is willing to put its money where its mouth is. 

The brand is willing to bet on their device, which just shows that the device is of top-notch quality. Apart from that, a long warranty also helps the customer be a bit more relaxed. For big purchases, like this mower, the customer might be a little worried. But a longer warranty will give them a bit more assurance.

– Powerful Engine

The engine is the power source of the mower, and the more powerful the engine is, the more helpful the device is. A mower is meant to do heavy-duty work, and a weak engine would not be able to handle the heavy burden. 

But a powerful engine, like the 344 cc Briggs and Stratton OHV electric engine, with a Cub Cadet CC800 oil capacity of 48 ounces, will ensure that the device can conduct even the toughest of tasks. And if you have to work for a whole day, this engine will surely power through. 

– Smart Controls

This mower has a separate drive control and blade clutch lever which allows the operation of blades to be disengaged. For beginners, having a complicated device with confusing controls can be a big turn-off. It will most likely scare the user off. That is why smart controls are such a must in any device, as well as a lawn mower. 

For a device, such as a lawn mower, which is made for residential use, it is important to be accessible and easy to use, not just for the experts in the house, but also for the amateurs.

Smart controls in the CC 800 make it accessible and easy to use. They make the device user-friendly, so why spend hours trying to understand a confusing mower, when CC 800 offers smart controls that are easy to understand and operate?

– Smart Jet

The smart jet in the CC 800 allows the user to attach a water hose to the jet and the debris and grass stuck on the underside of the device be rinsed away. Many mowers have this one big issue: due to the build-up of unwanted grass clipping and debris, the mower starts to get clogged. However, with this smart jet option, you can easily prevent that from happening.


After every few uses you can clean the underside of the Cub Cadet CC800 deck using the smart jet, and voila, your deck will be as good as new! Letting debris and grass stick to the device can also cause long-term damage to the device, that is why it is recommended to keep your lawn mowers clean and fresh at all times.

Yellow Lawn Mower Cutting Grass


What is the ideal grass height for a Cub Cadet CC800 mower?

The ideal grass height for the Cub Cadet CC800 mower is typically between 2 to 4 inches for optimal performance and lawn health.

Can I rinse my Cub Cadet CC800 mower after use?

Yes, you can rinse your Cub Cadet CC800 mower after use. It is recommended to remove any excess grass clippings or debris and use a hose or pressure washer on a low setting to clean the underside of the mower deck and the exterior. Ensure the engine is off and cool before rinsing and avoid spraying water directly into the engine or electrical components. Dry the mower thoroughly before storing it.

Does the Cub Cadet CC800 mower have a front-wheel drive system?

The Cub Cadet CC800 mower does not have a front-wheel drive system. It is a self-propelled rear-wheel drive mower. The rear-wheel drive system provides better traction and control, especially when mowing on uneven or sloped terrain.


This review showed you all the features the lawn mower had to offer. It revealed all the advantages and disadvantages of purchasing this product, so you can make a conscious and informed decision on whether or not this device will be suited to your lifestyle after reading this mower review.

It is the perfect device for you if you are looking for a lawn mower for residential use in a wide area, as it is easy to use and perfect for light tasks like mowing grass and weeding.

You will take no time to get the hang of it, and its powerful engine ensures that all your necessary needs are met. Apart from that, this mower gives customers a three-year warranty. Hopefully, this Cub Cadet CC 800 walk-behind review was helpful for you!

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