Dark pink roses are some of the most beautiful blooms in the Rosa family. Vibrant and vivacious, dark pink roses never go out of style, especially on occasions like birthdays and Valentine’s Day.

15 Dark Pink Roses Complied List

Keep reading this article as we will look at some of the most popular dark pink rose blossoms out there.

List of Deep Pink Roses

1. Kate by David Austin

This strikingly vibrant garden rose is named in honor of the Duchess of Cambridge. The dark magenta colors make this rose instantly classic yet youthful. This timeless beauty is proving to be extremely popular among young brides due to its vivid hot pink colors.

The Kate rose has tall elegant buds which eventually burst into bright magenta blooms. As the blossoms mature, they eventually darken in color, with striking hints of purple tones.

Kate by David Austin

The fully double flowers gradually open to reveal golden yellow stamens.

The fragrance of the Kate rose is fresh but floral. While it is a strong rose scent, the Kate rose has bergamot, geranium, red currant, and raspberry laced into its intoxicating smell. As the bloom matures, the intensity of the fragrance increases. As a cut flower, it can last for seven to eight days when kept in a vase.

2. Benjamin Britten

Named after the famed English composer, performer, and conductor, the Benjamin Britten rose is as majestic as his musical scores. The sweeping grandeur of these roses is only encompassed by their lovely foliage. As a result, each deep red-pink rose flower seemingly floats in a sea of deep emerald green.

Note that the Benjamin Britten rose starts to bloom in late spring to early fall, since it is a rambunctious repeat bloomer.

Benjamin Britten

The rose plant grows upright in a bushy manner with a vigorous habit, but it may work extremely well as a flowering hedge or as a container specimen plant.

Its fragrance makes the rose a strong contender for floral bouquets. The reason why is that the notes are strong and fruity, with hints of pear drops and floral wine. Best arranged in summer centerpieces, the Benjamin Britten rose can work exceptionally well in bridal bouquets.

3. Peter Mayle

The Peter Mayle rose has a deep pink coloration to its gorgeous petals. As one of the classic deep pink roses, the Peter Mayle is one of the most popular classic roses found in many traditional gardens.

Peter Mayle

This is mostly due to the large, rose pink blossoms that sit on a single, strong, and straight stem, the color is what gives it an attractive look no matter where it is planted.

On the other hand, its fragrance can only be described as a strong classic rose scent. This rose is perfect for those who love the traditional beauty of the timeless rose blooms. They are ideal as cut flowers or gathered into floral arrangements for centerpieces and bouquets.

This particular cultivar can grow anywhere from three to six feet, making it perfect as a center specimen for rose gardens. Deceptively delicate, the Peter Mayle rose is the requisite plant for any old-fashioned garden.

4. Sweet Intoxication

The lush rose color of the Sweet Intoxication rose is nothing short of vivid and effervescent. Its hot rose pink colors evoke cheery spring and energetic summer seasons due to its wildly fragrant perfume. Its scent has been described to be extremely strong, having extra hints of cloves and citrus, which would fill the place in spring time.

The double blooms, however, are highly saturated with deep magenta tinged with lavender. Borne on long straight stems, the high-centered bright blossoms gently nod when grazed by gentle breezes.

Sweet Intoxication

The growth is bushy but compact, sending out flowering branches in a graceful upright manner.

Gardeners often plant the Sweet Intoxication rose in mixed garden beds as well as in containers. These aromatic blooms are perfect as cut flowers, filling the air with their sweet spicy scent that grows stronger in the evening.

5. Princess Alexandra of Kent

This classic English bloom has the perfect rose pink color as it sits perfectly in the light pink rose hue to medium pink rose spectrum. The rose blossoms are deeply cupped, unusually large, and splashed with various hues of raspberry pink colors.

Florists love Princess Alexandra of Kent roses due to their extremely fragrant blooms that emit strong tea rose scents, and they would place it so that it would add some vibrant pink to the arrangement and even to gardens.

Princess Alexandra of Kent

Note that the sweet smell contains hints of blackcurrants and lemon. Basically, this perfectly pink flower is ideal when cut and displayed as a centerpiece.

This rose bush has a huge and showy growing habit, making it one of the healthiest cultivars on this list, and this is due to the full petals that it has which are enormous to their size.

6. Leonardo da Vinci

The romantic appearance of these sweet pink roses make would make Leonardo da Vinci proud. Named after the famous inventor, this cultivar has flowers that are very full and exceptionally quartered.

Leonardo da Vinci

This variety has a dense, erect, and spreading growth habit. However, the glossy leaves are deeply colored in a rich jade green that contrasts exceptionally well with the bright crimson yet pink flowers. One brush can produce anywhere from three to four blossoms.

Gardeners can expect to grow this rose very well in warm regions, such as USDA zones 6 to 10. This cultivar is a prolific bloomer, producing flowers almost all throughout the year. The flowers have a light, delicate tea rose fragrance which keeps people sniffing for more.

7. Heroes Rose

These deep pink roses are the perfect commemoration of the countless heroes of the United States. The blossoms lean more toward purple tones, which is a combination of red and sometimes even blue. The color makes this cultivar the perfect one to pay tribute to, the victims. 

Heroes Rose

Other than the traditional use it is also used in different places, becaus of the vibrant plum-pink flowers stand out in a sea of deep green foliage, which is ideal for any type of garden. Most gardeners agree that this cultivar is a wonderful specimen for most traditional gardens, especially when grown as centerpiece plants.

Heroes Rose has a light floral fragrance once its blooms begin to unfurl. These flowers work equally well in flower arrangements so that you can enjoy their beauty and scent indoors.

8. Hot Princess 

The brilliant colors of the Hot Princess are wonderful anywhere, from the garden to the interiors. It’s hard to miss the dazzling hot pink of these buds, as they almost seem like neon spots in an ocean of glossy green leaves.

Hot Princess roses stay wonderfully in its true pink color all throughout budding to bloom, remaining vibrant and fresh.

Hot Princess

However, the cut blossoms can stay fresh for over a week and are incredible choices for many floral arrangements and bouquets.

Despite its flamboyant colors, the Hot Princess rose has very little fragrance. However, this vigorous grower is ideal for rose gardeners who want upright branching growth habits that reach up to six feet tall.

9. Boscobel 

The Boscobel is certainly intriguing as it can range from a beautifully vibrant raspberry pink color to a deep salmon coral. Sometimes, one plant can even exhibit blooms of varying shades of this flower.


Nonetheless, the flower buds start out scarlet red before lightening to their famous hot pinks and corals. The buds eventually open to large, colorful, fully double, cupped rosettes.

Boscobel has a very beautiful enticing myrrh scent laced with almonds, pears, elder flowers, and even hawthorns. Its medium-sized bush is a repeat-flowering cultivar perfect for cut flowers and bouquets.

10. Sophy’s Rose

Who wouldn’t love this cultivar, with the spectacular crimson-pink blossoms with rosette shapes? The bright, jewel-toned flowers are broad, almost flat, and rise from leafy upright bushes with compact but also wiry during their growth.

Second only to its blooms, Sophy’s Rose boasts beautifully elongated leaves that make the whole bush look light and airy.

Sophy’s Rose

The fragrance of this cultivar’s blossom is quite exquisite, but may sometimes be a little light.

The deep dark pink hues of Sophy’s Rose are perfect as hedge accents, although they can hold their own in a rose bed with different cultivars. You would enjoy the colorfully vivacious blossoms on the bush or snip them right off for your interior decor, especially due to its rich and dark pink color.

11. Yves Piaget

Named after the internationally known Swiss watchmaker, this cultivar is a rose gardener’s dream come true. Vibrant, classic, and fragrant, the Yves Piaget rose produces blossoms almost all year round.

Yves Piaget

On the other hand, its fragrance is often described as rich and strong, with a sweet rose scent tinged with sunny citrus tones. The voluminous blooms only serve to enhance the overall beauty of this highly coveted cultivar.

The Yves Piaget rose can be grown in USDA zones 6 to 10 to encourage it to bloom continuously throughout the year. Its growth is short but bushy, reaching up to four feet high.

12. Grande Dame

The Grande Dame produces big and beautiful blossoms that emit powerful, yet classic rose perfume. The flowers bob gently in the wind, inviting you to bury your nose in the soft, dark and deep pink, velvety-tecxtured petals.

Abundant dark emerald leaves only make the flowers pop out even more, but can be easily covered by the numerous amounts of blooms during summer.

Grande Dame

Grow this one if you’re looking for a massive bloomer supported by stems with low-positioned thorns.

Note that the Grande Dame can reach up to six feet tall with an upright, spreading, bushy habit. This modern antique rose is perfect as a specimen plant or grown for its beautiful cut flowers.

13. Hot Lady 

The deep dark pink of these blooms is enough to keep gardeners and florists clamoring for more. Usually grown as cut flowers, the Hot Lady is often sent as gifts on special occasions such as birthdays, Valentine’s Day bouquets, or floral centerpieces to add its hot pink color and give it some vibrancy.

Hot Lady

The fragrance is a classic rose scent but quite strong, making Hot Lady one of the most expressive blossoms to signify passion and love. On average, cut roses from this cultivar can last anywhere from 10 to 14 days.

You can either grow this cultivar as a garden specimen, or simply buy the blossoms from your florist. We suggest cultivating them since there’s nothing better than picking these gorgeously colored flowers right from the bush.

14. Fame Grandiflora Rose 

Fame has vibrantly deep pink colors that are fully saturated to make this cultivar one of the most prized blooms for florists and horticulturists. The flowers are quite large, reaching almost five inches wide.

For fragrance lovers, this cultivar might not be for you since its scent is almost imperceptible.

Fame Grandiflora Rose

However, if you are drawn to grand visual displays, then the Fame Rose is just the perfect bloom for your garden or home.

The dazzling blooms of this cultivar are definitely not like any wild rose due to their size and color. You can grow this easily as this particular cultivar is resistant to most diseases that plague rose bushes.

15. Pink Floyd

Named for one of the most successful English rock bands, this amazing cultivar produces big and vibrant neon pink roses. Loud and proud, these huge blooms make great cut flowers since they last for around a week.

Pink Floyd

Fragrance lovers might be a bit disappointed, though, as it has a very light scent. However, nothing beats receiving a huge bouquet of large heads of neon pink roses on any given day!


When you give hot pink roses meaning, people can interpret anything from passion to power. However, dark pink roses meaning can also symbolize gratitude and appreciation. 

These flowers are beautiful no matter where they are place, because they add their vibrancy and revive the dullness of a garden and even an arrangement. Give one to a friend, a romantic interest, or even your mother to show how they matter to you with these amazing flowers.

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