Dewalt DCBL772X1 Review is the one that is significantly known to be a battery leaf blower that is perfect for tackling all types of debris, including leaves. With its 600 CFM airflow and 125 MPH speed, is it the best way to cut through metal?


Read through this Dewalt DCBL772X1 review to find the answer, as it is all about this blower and how it is a great tool to have in your garage!

Pros and Cons Table 

Pros Cons
High-efficiency motor that contributes to an extended working duration of the blower Lacks a stand or hanging attachment
An air volume of up to 600 CFM The battery is located on the back instead of the side – resulting in poor balance
Speed lock and trigger that keeps the blower output under control
Ergonomic and lightweight design

Product Highlights

This cordless blower produces a maximum of 600 CFM of air volume in addition to 125 MPH, along with a speed trigger and lock so you can control the blower output. With a performance index of 7.5, this blower does a lot of wonders. Nonetheless, some of its notable features include:

  • High efficiency brushless motor design
  • Flexvolt battery: Li-Ion 9 Ah (@ 20V); 3 Ah (@ 60V)
  • 175 mph air speed for the flat nozzle and 129 mph speed for the wide nozzle
  • 287 CFM volume for the flat nozzle and 423 CFM volume for the wide nozzle
  • Noise rating of 67 dB(A)
  • Weighs 9.8 pounds
  • Three years warranty

– DCBL772X1 Review

DCBL772X1 Key Criteria
# of Functions
Air Flow
# of Air Flow Settings
High-efficiency motor that contributes to an extended working duration of the blower
An air volume of up to 600 CFM
Speed lock and trigger that keeps the blower output under control
Ergonomic and lightweight design
Lacks a stand or hanging attachment
The battery is located on the back instead of the side – resulting in poor balance

Does the leaf-blowing task drain you? The DCBL772X1 weighs only 9.8 pounds and has an ergonomic design that ensures ideal weight distribution to reduce strain. What use is a large, durable piece of equipment if you get too exhausted and are unable to complete the task?

The brushless handheld Dewalt DCBL772X1 blower allows you to quickly complete the task when debris and leaves are all over the driveway and grass clippings are all over the walkway. 

This flex-volt brushless blower has a runtime of up to 30 minutes and the power source is a 3 Ah lithium-ion battery with a 60 Volt electric motor. The feature of the speed lock maintain control and make it the perfect item to hang in your garage. 

Dewalt is considered a notable brand regarding tools, hardware, and lawn care equipment. DeWalt Lawn Mowers, one of the most reliable power tools and lawn care equipment manufacturers, incorporates superior engineering into every one of its high-powered products.

Since the runtime of a blower is always of concern, you can run the blower continuously for 14 minutes and 38 seconds with the blower kit’s 3.0 amp battery. Also, it can run on a 60-volt battery, which sets it apart from other cordless leaf blowers

– How Has The Product Evolved From Previous Models?

DEWALT is a well-known brand when it comes to power tools and equipment. The DCBL772X1 is the latest model of their cordless blower. This new Max FlexVolt brushless handheld axial blower directly replaces the previous DCBL772B and DCBL720P1 versions. 

With the updated model, you get a lot more speed and a lot more efficiency. Also, attaching the concentrator nozzle to the tool’s front helps to increase speed which could be useful as the axial blower powers a tedious job. 

Many DCBL722P1 reviews claim that the DCBL772X1, with a CFM of 600, outperforms the former, which has a CFM of 450. The Dewalt DCBL772X1 moves far more leaves per minute, greatly enhancing your leaf-blowing experience.

The most significant change from previous models is the battery. The current one uses a lithium-ion battery, which is much more powerful than the older nickel-cadmium batteries. This provide high power and a longer run time.

Another new feature is an electronic speed control trigger. This allows you to adjust the speed of the blower without having to stop and start it. It is excellent for getting the right amount of power for the task and helps extend runtime.


Product Highlights

The Dewalt Flexvolt Max blower is a powerful and versatile cordless blower that is perfect for clearing leaves, debris, and snow from your yard or driveway.

– Brushless-Designed Motor

The high-efficiency brushless motor helps extends 60% more power than a standard motor, allowing you to clear debris quickly and easily. 

– Variable Speed 

The blower also has a trigger that allows you to control the speed of airflow. Thanks to the cruise control and variable trigger, you have flexibility in throttling the blower.

– Power

This powerful blower has an airspeed of 125 mph and a volume of 600 CFM, with MAX tools Flexvolt batteries that can be used with both 20-volt and 60-volt MAX equipment. By supplying different voltages to various devices, the battery power doubles.

– Ease of Use

The Dewalt axial blower 20V has an ergonomic design that makes it comfortable to use. The handle is located in the body’s middle, making it easy to grip. The trigger is located at the back of the handle, which makes it easy to reach with your finger.

The body of the Dewalt DCBLX is made from durable plastic and all DCBL772X1 parts are designed to withstand everyday heavy-duty usage.

– Value for Money

The Dewalt DCBL772X1 leaf blower is a powerful cordless blower with a lot of features, making it perfect for blowing leaves, debris, and snow off walkways and driveways.

Most Dewalt 60V blower reviews say that the DCBLX is an excellent value for the money. They love the power, features, and portability of this cordless blower. If you ever encounter Dewalt 60V blower problems, feel free to consult customer service!

– 3.0 Ah Battery

This Dewalt DCBL handheld blower comes with a 3.0 Ah battery and charger. The battery provides up to 60 minutes of run time on a single charge, while the charger can fully charge the battery in just one hour. It also comes with a three-year warranty.

– High CFM and MPH 

A wide-diameter outlet tube produces 600 CFM, comparable to even some tiny gas-powered backpack blowers on the market. The DeWalt DCBL772X1 still produces a wind speed of 125 mph despite having a large-diameter tube. 

While higher MPH does better “sweeping” concrete, more CFM will blow leaves effectively. It can cut through dirt, is well-shaped and productive, and is simple to use in a sweeping manner to remove leaves.

– User Friendly

Do you dislike constantly recharging your blower only to die when you need it most? If yes, then the DEWALT DCBL772X1 brushless handheld axial blower is what you need! Having a runtime of up to 30 minutes, it drives 600 CFM at a top speed of 125 MPH, which is remarkable.

This machine has done an excellent job of relocating the batteries away from the air inlet, preventing shirttails and pant legs from obstructing the intake. The blower and fan blades closely resemble a turbine or jet engine.

The cruise control lock is positioned for the trigger. A mechanical stop enables you to select the right power level for the job. It doesn’t have much sophistication, but it gets the job done.

Also, it includes a variable speed trigger. You can therefore regulate the rate of air flow. Since there is no trigger safety, a lock-off switch is also helpful for storing or transferring the tool. It is a fantastic option for individuals requiring a robust and user-friendly blower.



Is the DCBL772X1 leaf blower noiseless?

The DCBL772X1 leaf blower is not noiseless but operates at a relatively low noise level for a leaf blower.

Is the DCBL772X1 leaf blower effective on damp leaves?

The DCBL772X1 leaf blower is effective on damp leaves, providing efficient performance in clearing them.

What can’t I do with my DCBL772X1 leaf blower?

The DCBL772X1 leaf blower is not suitable for vacuuming or sucking up debris; it is designed specifically for blowing leaves.


The Dewalt DCBL772X1 is a powerful, versatile, and even a cordless blower that is perfect for clearing leaves, debris, and snow from your yard or even driveway. It has a long-lasting battery, two-speed settings, and a motor that makes it very efficient. It is also relatively lightweight and easy to use.

An excellent choice for gardeners who require a reliable and powerful cordless blower, it is perfect for clearing leaves from your yard. Overall, this electric blower is a great choice for anyone who needs a versatile and powerful cordless blower! Now, we hope the DCBL772 review was of some advantage to you!

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