Desert pool landscaping ideas are a vital need in contemporary society because of the massive investment in developing and purchasing real estate.

Tips of Desert Pool Landscaping Ideas

Did you move into a new area where the pool is stumpy and surrounded by an unattractive landscape? If yes, good thing you are here, as this is the sole purpose of this article.

A List of Desert Pool Landscaping Ideas

Desert pool landscaping ideas are a list of ideas contoured by world-renowned architects to guide people looking to improve the aesthetics of the landscape of their desert pool. 

1. The Desert Oasis

This project’s landscaping design is top-notch, modified to replicate the desert feel with the swimming pool situated as the oasis. The color combination must be natural, with various beautiful trees and flowers separated by the terraces. The outdoor furniture should be strong and comfortable, with a beautiful view when relaxing.

Beautiful Desert Oasis

Here are some tips for this design:

  • Always go green: Using aesthetically pleasing plants can never go out of fashion. From the grasses in the garden up to the well-curated plants around offer beauty and other qualities such as filtered air and a nice view. The garden design is expected to be exquisite, and artificial grass is advised for maintenance.
  • Always opt for nice and comfortable furniture: There is a variety of outdoor furniture to select from, but the basics are recliners and chairs with a mini center table. The color selection for the furniture should be made with meticulousness to increase the appeal of the landscape. The siting of the outdoor furniture can also greatly affect the outlook of the entire desert landscape.

2. The Pup’s Paradise

This desert landscaping was inspired by nature, with many ideas put in place to ensure a vivid depiction of “paradise.” The layout is a serene and beautiful environment surrounded by beautiful trees and flowers, with the swimming pool modified to correspond with the environment as a water body.

Landscape of a Desert

Some helpful ideas to set up a perfect pool paradise: 

  • Go for colors that promote serenity: The idea of maintaining the original landscape’s ashy or sandy design sometimes does not turn out well. For a better alternative, go for calming and serene colors that will promote the relaxation vibe anytime someone wants to hang out in the pool.
  • Set up an oasis: Setting up an oasis in the middle of the landscape will show your appreciation for nature and its water features. It would also be more appreciated if the design is reminiscent of an ideal desert oasis.

3. The Classic Combo

As the name implies, this is one of the pool landscaping ideas centered on combining natural and artificial features. Here, there are two parts of the design layouts, and the first will be where the pool is situated, while the second will have an all-natural look.

Terraces of a Desert

Check more tips to achieve this exact design:

  • Terraces: The addition of terraces is vital to the organization and attractiveness of the desert landscape, with a pool in the middle. This is because the terrace is what will combine the pool, the garden, and the walk-in area. Without a terrace, there might be encroachment, and many of the landscape features will be in jeopardy.
  • Plan for the Cold nights: Some nights in the desert are very cold, and swimming is usually unconducive during this period. It would help if you had plans for the season, including setting up fire pits close to the pool area to combat the cold.

4. The King of the Court

In this landscaping design, you have the consent to include your favorite outdoor activity in the layout of the desert landscape. In the layout, you should include a fence, some ornamental trees, and a demarcation between the pool and the outdoor court. Depending on your choice, you can add a volleyball or lawn tennis court.

Using Fence Around Pool

And remember that you need to stay away from direct sunlight:

  • Always have shade: The scorching sun in the desert is not a pleasant experience at all. This is why it is advisable to position a shade (natural or artificial) on the pool deck. Some desert plants can also serve as shade during hot afternoons; as an added advantage, they only need minimal maintenance. 

5. The Rocky Delight

This desert landscape design predominantly uses beautiful rocks for the terraces, the floor of the pool, and the fence surrounding it. The design is exquisite, combining beautiful rocks with small batches of beautiful ornamental plants. It is a favorite for those looking to combine the features of a waterfall and desert into their pool landscape.

Water Flow Through Rock

So, how do you add aesthetics to a rocky design?

  • Display beautiful monuments: Another example of the array of beautiful yard landscaping ideas is the use of beautiful monuments; they stand out among other features and aid in organizing the landscape’s appearance.

6. The Asymmetrical Fit

This is the ideal yard landscape pool for those bored with the concept of a rectangle-shaped pool. It adds the spice and the thrill expected whenever you see desert pool landscaping, as the pool is not expected to conform to any shape. It could be heart-shaped, spiral, or any asymmetric shape of choice as it conforms to the safety dimensions.

Asymmetric Pool in Backyard

For this design type, remember to set a limit on expenses.

  • Budget

Many see this as the most important factor because you can have all the landscaping ideas, but without the means to implement them, they are void. Always manage your budget to meet your taste because some landscaping designs just need some adjustments and will fit into your budget instead of going all out and incurring debts.

7. Privacy for Full Relaxation

Privacy is an important factor to consider when landscaping the yard pool. This is because you want to keep the environment serene and devoid of distraction.

How to landscape for privacy?

  1. Erect a fence: Before erecting a fence, always endeavor to check the maximum stipulated law for an in-house fence according to the regulations of your city.
  2. Make use of garden layout: The outdoor living area can be decorated with a garden in a manner that promotes privacy and hinders the view from onlookers.

Remember that a private landscape design must be beautiful and relaxing, so you can enjoy it:

  • Sculptures and monuments 

The desert landscaping designs always look more attractive in the presence of sculptures and monuments along the pool. This is because they help the backyard pool landscape to be more organized and generate better appeal.

Relaxing in a Private Pool

It would be best if you went with an art design you are attached to sentimentally, as it improves the overall experience.

  • Lightning choices

There are so many lightning design ideas to choose from; all it depends on is your choice. The lighting desert landscaping ideas depend on how you want to feel while in the pool. Some opt for a romantic outdoor space with color bulbs all around, while others would prefer using natural lighting, all in a bid to enhance the experience.

  • Backyard layout

It is one thing to like a landscaping design, and it is another thing for the design to fit into your backyard. Before choosing a landscaping design from the array of ideas, always consider the dimensions of your yard and the pool to avoid disappointment.

Do not try to fit a large design into a small space, which will look crowded and unattractive; instead, opt for designs that will fit perfectly in your space.

8. Trees and Flowers Combo

The outdoor pool where the desert landscape will be situated is usually more attractive in the presence of trees. These trees serve different purposes in the landscape, among which are:

  • Shade
  • Aesthetics
  • Purification of air

It would be best if you mixed the trees with attractive flowers to improve the outlook of the desert pool landscape.

Trees and Flowers Around Pool

The siting of the garden in the backyard is very important as the idea is for the trees not to interfere with any activity performed in the swimming pool.

  1. Palmtree
  2. Citrus tree
  3. Pine tree
  4. Tulip tree
  5. Hibiscus
  6. Hydrangea

You can also opt for succulents because of their low maintenance and long-lasting features. They include:

  1. Aloe Vera
  2. Jade Plant
  3. Euphorbia
  4. Elephant foot

The design ideas must be made to incorporate these plants seamlessly, as there is no desert landscaping without these beauties from nature.


Having a swimming pool is a good experience that everyone wants to have, but an attractive desert pool landscape makes the experience even better.

Each time you go to the pool to relax or swim, you are expected to experience nature’s beauty at its peak. It can be an amazing view and refreshing, especially when you want to lay back and relax.

To experience this amazing beauty of nature, you must apply caution and always go for the best designs and top experts to implement your desert pool landscaping ideas. Ensure you get quality work, to ensure the best experience.

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