The Dewalt DCBL590X1 with brushless backpack blower features several unique and useful functions and product specs. It is the main focus of this review, where we deeply discuss each one of its features to help you make the best-informed decision about purchasing one of these for yourself.Dewalt DCBL590X1

Built by a renowned company, this blower promises to revolutionize your lawn maintenance duties, so you can say goodbye to the struggles of the past. Please continue reading if you would like to know more about this Dewalt blower.

An Extensive List To Highlight the Key Features

Dewalt DCBL590X1 Key Criteria
Number of functions
Number of airflow settings
Noise-sensitive properties - produces low noise levels of 63 dB (A)
Variable speed trigger
Two battery wells - accommodate an additional battery
Easy starting mechanism
Relatively heavy compared to other electric blowers (31.7 lbs)
Slightly more expensive than other models

This blower far shadows its competitors with its stupendous airspeed at an impressive 142 mph performance. A full list of all its product features includes:

  • Lithium ion XR5 Ah 40 V battery power source
  • Brushless motor
  • Second battery well for extended runtime
  • Quiet performance of 63 dB (A), ideal for noise-restricted regions
  • Airspeed of up to 142 mph
  • A high capacity air volume of 450 cfm
  • Intuitive handle
  • Standard charger included
  • Environmentally friendly as it does not produce harmful emissions

An Insightful Review of the Dewalt DCBL590X1 Leaf Blower

  • Number of functions: 7.5/10
  • Weight: 7/10
  • Airflow: 10/10
  • Number of airflow settings: 10/10

As we plan to go into quite a wordy and in-depth review below, here is a quick overview of our thoughts on this backpack blower. After conducting experiments with it, it gets a 7.5/10 for the number of functions, a 7/10 for weight, an easy 10/10 for airflow, and another 10/10 for the number of airflow settings.

As indicated by our tests, overall, this is a great leaf blower equipped with excellent features to help you take on more difficult tasks. This power tool stands out from all the noise and overwhelming options available in the leaf blower marketplace.

It has unique and incredibly helpful features, such as the infinitely adjustable wind speed settings that also come equipped with a speed lock to hold it in place.

This lets you select any speed of up to 142 mph and lock it in place to produce a consistent and steady flow of air at your desired speed. It is especially useful for difficult debris such as wet piles of leaves and stuck-on grime. Additionally, it is also power efficient as it prevents over-battery consumption on smaller tasks.

Next, let’s discuss the lithium-ion XR brushless backpack motor. Through our practical knowledge, we have seen that such motors are generally more efficient, effective, and longer-lasting than other types. This blower’s motor is no exception to that, offering its user great power, all the while protecting itself from overheating or getting clogged with debris and breaking down.How to Start Dewalt DCBL590X1

If you are worried about whether or not this is a safe choice for your investment, you will be happy to know that Dewalt offers a wonderful return policy on their products. Therefore, the purchase is nearly risk-free if for whatever reason you are unsure of the product.

Dewalt outdoor equipment is usually compatible with other products in their lineup and that is the case for this leaf blower as well. Some of its compatible parts include the Dewalt backpack blower 60V, the Dewalt backpack sprayer, and the Dewalt backpack vacuum. This is both cost and space efficient, as you will no longer need to buy and house separate devices to do various jobs for you.

A general advantage that electric leaf blowers such as this DCBL590X1 have over gas blowers is that they are far more environmentally conscious and friendly. This is because electric blowers do not release gas or carbon emissions into the atmosphere, nor do they promote environmental and atmospheric degradation.

Gas blowers are typically known to be more powerful than their electric counterparts, but that is not the case here. The DCBL590X1 promises to outperform other electric blowers and equally match gas-type blowers in terms of power performance. When we tried this product, we certainly found that to be true.

Additionally, the control pad has other useful buttons and triggers placed alongside the power trigger, including the adjustable speed switch. This ingenious design helps in controlling the leaf blower and makes working with it user-friendly.

– How Has the Dewalt DCBL590X1 Evolved?

This DCBL590X1 has evolved significantly over the years through the increased runtime, the overall power delivery, and the quietness of its performance. Its ability as an electric blower hasn’t had an adverse effect on its competitors, making it a safer, more environmentally friendly device.Dewalt DCBL590X1 Evolved

Let us compare it with another blower, such as the DCBL770X1. First, let us talk about the runtime. In the DCBL590X1, two battery wells let you add on an extra battery to increase the runtime of the blower. However, this feature is not present in the DCBL770X1.

Secondly, let’s compare the overall power. In the DCBL590X1, the brushless technology of the motor lets you achieve an airspeed of up to 142 mph, whereas the DCBL770X1 can only go up to 129 mph. Although both air speeds are generally good, the stronger of the two is the DCBL590X1, which means it will get all your tasks done at a faster rate.

Lastly, we have the noise levels in both blowers. The DCBL590X1 is specifically designed with neighborhood noise levels in mind and therefore it operates at hardly a 63 dB noise level. On the other hand, the DCBL770X1 is a slightly louder machine and produces 67 dB of noise. It’s only a difference of 4 dB, but trust us when we say it sounds more than this!

It is worth noting that the DCBL590X1 is highly regarded as one of the best backpack blowers out there, right along with some of the most recognized names such as Stihl backpack blowers and Milwaukee backpack blowers.

Understanding the Main Features More Deeply

– Brushless Technology Motor

This leaf blower is equipped with an XR brushless type motor, which means it is about 40 percent more efficient than other leaf blower motors. It is also crafted to help protect your device, as it promotes the longevity of the motor by preventing any debris from clogging it up and prevents overheating by being more efficient at the task.

This means your blower will be in perfect working condition for years to come.Dewalt DCBL590X1 Brushless Motor

– Speed Controls

The DCBL590X1 features a fully adjustable lock which lets you pick and choose whatever airspeed best suits your task at hand. This lets you choose a more powerful setting with stronger gusts of air for harder-to-clean spots and a less powerful one to conserve battery life while working on easier spots.

– Second Battery Position

There is an additional spot for another extra battery on the DCBL590X1. This feature increases the runtime and battery life of your blower so that you can do more and take your time on more time-demanding tasks without having to stop midway only because the battery died in the middle of yard work.Battery Position of Dewalt DCBL590X1

– Backpack Design

The backpack construction and build of this blower help to improve the overall ergonomics and comfort while using it. It is much more comfortable to maneuver than the handheld types which can quickly cramp up your arms and cause user fatigue.

– Easy to Start

As per our expertise, another common feature that we see in electric leaf blowers that outweighs gas blowers is the easy-to-start mechanism. The same is applied to this blower, as it has an easy-to-understand intuitive handle. The control handle features an easy-to-start trigger that makes getting the blower up and running super simple.


As we bring this Dewalt 40 V battery backpack blower review to a close, we would like to recommend it as our top choice for those individuals on the hunt for the perfect, reliable, and sturdy leaf blower to serve them with barely any maintenance. With its brilliant intuitive keypad controls and effective long-lasting motor, we are sure this blower will be a great addition to your yard tools.

We hope this review helped illuminate the features of this leaf blower so that you may decide whether or not to purchase one for yourself. Make sure to check out the official store and listing for further information about the policy for issuing returns, buying process, etc.

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