Dewalt DCBL722P1 is an essential tool to keep in your handheld blower kit under your shed in case of any leaf cleaning last minute.

Right Leaf Blower Dewalt DCBL722P1 Review

This is why today, we have brought you an in-depth review of the Dewalt DCBL722P1 brushless handheld blower that might become the “it” blower for you.

To learn more about this leaf blower, keep reading this Dewalt DCBL722P1 review!

Pros Cons
Handheld cordless – makes maneuvering and keeping control easy Annoying vibrations 
Battery powered—no tank maintenance required  Expensive replacement battery 
Environment-friendly technology 

Handpicked Dewalt dcbl722p1 Highlights 

Dewalt DCBL722P1 MAX XR is a powerful and comfortable XR brushless handheld blower that is not just an amazing addition to your tool kit but is also good for the environment and your yard with all the surprising features it has to offer to make your yard look exactly how you desire it to be.

Here is what this Dewalt blower has to offer:

  • Up to 450 cfm air volume 
  • 125 mph airflow with concentrator
  • Axial fan design
  • Perfect for noise sensitive regions—66 dB (A)
  • High-efficiency brushless motor 
  • Lightweight 
  • Ergonomic design
  • Variable trigger and speed lock
  • Concentrator nozzle
  • Three-year limited warranty
  • One-year free service 
  • 20 V battery

– Dewalt DCBL722P1 Review

Dewalt DCBL722P1 Key Criteria
Number of Functions
Air Flow
Number of Airflow Settings
Handheld cordless - makes maneuvering and keeping control easy
Battery powered—no tank maintenance required
Environment-friendly technology
Annoying vibrations
Expensive replacement battery

Dewalt DCBL722P1 MAX XR is a blower that amazes you with its power, as it is meant for both domestic and professional purposes. No matter what task you want to use this blower for, you end up being completely satisfied and amazed with the results as it is capable to do in-depth cleaning for long durations.

It is expected to see customers looking for the most popular brand name and the most well-known models out there when searching for a blower.

This one is of those investments that you get to decide if it is truly worth it because in the long run you must consider how the blower deserves the investment, the trust, and the amount you are paying will give you the required result. Hence, you need not worry about being disappointed by the Dewalt DCBL722P1 MAX XR though.

Dewalt is a well-known brand in the yard-tool market that puts forward the most modern and latest designs for its customers. Their designs optimize professional solutions like tools, accessories, and services and ensure constructing the assurance of the users who use the products in the toughest job site conditions, which gives confidence in the use of the machine.

On the other hand, one of the most prominent features of the Dewalt DCBL722P1 MAX XR are its battery which makes this blower cordless and its brushless engine. The MAX XR lithium-ion-powered battery gives this blower the power to run and clean up your yard without any further objectives.

This cordless blower makes the work experience highly convenient for users who easily clean up their yards without getting any cords in their way.

This ensures no limitations on how far you can carry the blower, and this is because you do not need a cord to follow you around as you are making your way through your chores.

However, another added benefit of this is that there is no guilt at all, because of its environmentally healthy option.

Overall, this would show you how you can get all your work done without harming the environment or putting any of the plants in your yard or garden at risk by dangerous fumes created by usual gas-powered blowers.

Additionally, the high-quality, brushless blower motor is another factor that puts this blower above many of the others you might have on your list. For instance, the brushless motor helps run the blower faster as it has a higher speed and torque than a regular motor and even produces less noise.

Moreover, it also runs more efficiently and has little to no power loss meaning that your blower will also have a higher motor life. Overall, the performance of this brushless cordless leaf blower has amazed so many people that they now are obsessed, and many consider it superior to several gas-powered models. 

While the battery of the blower makes it a great reason for users to purchase it, some may also consider getting a replacement battery more expensive than getting a new power tool.

– How Has the Product Evolved?

The Dewalt DCBL722P1 has evolved by becoming a brushless blower. In addition to the latter, the company has added a spare battery with a charger. By the same token, it is still lightweight, however the blower’s dimension has become bigger in this version. 

It is a product that many users dream to have in their cordless blower kit, as not only does it provide comfort, but it is also an efficient, time-saving device that provides adequate power, making it a great choice for various customers who are looking to do lawn care.

Dewalt Dcbl722 P1 Handheld Blower Kit

Nonetheless, even in comparison to the other blowers of the company, the Dewalt DCBL722P1 is a huge improvement because of various aspects that the company as looked upon and considered adding to make the task feel at ease.

Basically, when we talk about Dewalt DCBL722P1 MAX XR in comparison to Dewalt DCBL722B which is the other version, we see that both are cordless and brushless handheld blowers that offer a variety of features.

The 722B only comes with an additional concentrator nozzle, whereas the 722P1 comes with that in addition to the DCB205 (5.0 Ah Lithium Ion Battery Pack) as well as a DCB115 (20 V charger). 

Both the blowers are 5.4 lbs in weight, have an airflow capacity of 450 cfm, and an air speed of 125 mph. They also have a similar noise rating of 66 dB. But the dimensions for the blowers are different. The DCBL722B is 11.68 x 6.62 x 21.43 inches and the DCBL722P1 is 12.69 x 7.63 x 22.44 inches.


Dewalt DCBL722P1 Breakdown

– Axial Fans 

The axial fans are a crucial part of this blower that many people might not be aware of. However, they play a vital role in keeping this device cool, so that it runs more and stronger. 

Axial Fans Are a Crucial Part of This Blower

Note that if you have an overly hot device, it can get hard to control and operate when they start to malfunction, so these fans ensure that you do not have the same experience, and to make the task feel more at ease. In addition, it also helps extend air output and run time by increasing efficient air flow.

– Warranty

There is no doubt that the warranty a company offers tells us a lot about how much they trust and recommend their products and quality. In addition, this actually builds up confidence to be loyal to their company and their products, because they are assuring that the product will not dull down in a couple of months.

Dewalt gives its users a three-year warranty from the date of purchase and also a one-year free service offer, giving their customers various incentives to make sure they have a comfortable and problem-free user experience.

– Ergonomic and Lightweight Design 

Dewalt always ensure that its designs are the most comfortable for its customers. When this happens, the customers stay satisfied with their devices for a long time and get the optimal use out of them. 

Powerful and Comfortable to Hold Leaf Blower

The Dewalt DCBL722P1 MAX XR is another example of this, as it is a powerful and comfortable-to-hold leaf blower that amazes you with all it has to offer in the most pleasant experience.

In addition, as it is a lightweight blower it weighs only 5.43 pounds and hence, according to many customer reviews, is already easy to hold by any user who wants a clean yard. However, it also has an additional aspect, the comfortable handle allows for easy control and arm movement. 



This review helps you see that the Dewalt DCBL722P1 MAX XR leaf blower is a powerful machine targeted for a diverse range of users and different yard tasks.

No matter what you are looking to do for your yard, the Dewalt DCBL722P1 assists you! Now you can clean your yard, driveway, fences, and garden with maximum comfort and no guilt about harming the planet.  

To learn more about the Dewalt blower 20V and its parts, you can look through the Dewalt DCBL722P1 manual. This Dewalt blower cordless design offers precise power control and is perfect for use in noise-sensitive regions.

Do not hesitate to go for it, as comfort, convenience, ease, a great warranty and clean earth are the top features that make this blower stand out from the rest!

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