The Dewalt DCBL770X1 brushless leaf blower is the correct choice to make from the vast majority of blowers available. It is a whopping 60 volts max blower that is the perfect combination of sheer force and power.

Dewalt DCBL770X1 Blower

In this review, we cover everything from a pros and cons table to product features, technical information, key specifications, and more! So make sure to read till the end to get the best grasp of this beauty of a blower.

Pros Cons
Extremely lightweight design (7 lbs) for easy maneuvering No vacuuming or mulching functions
The cordless design ensures no accidental unplugging during the operation No cruise control options
Variable speed trigger for multiple speed options to suit your task

The Showstoppers of the Blower

The Dewalt DCBL770X1 gives you everything you would possibly ever want from a blower and more! It shadows its competitors with its stupendous power and further beats out the competition with a trigger that acts as a speed lock by letting you lock in the set speed. Its design gives it even more of an edge but that is not all, here are some other features of this marvelous blower:

  • 60V
  • 3-Ah Flexvolt batteries 
  • Cordless handheld design
  • Up to 423 CFM of air volume 
  • Up to 129 mph of speed
  • XR brushless motor
  • Flat concentrator nozzle attachment that increases speed up to 175 mph
  • Lightweight as the machine weight is of 7lbs
  • Comfortable design
  • Low noise rating of 67 dB
  • Less maintenance requiring
  • No cord pulls – starts with just a pull of the trigger

Detailed Dewalt DCBL770X1 Review

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Dewalt DCBL770X1 Key Criteria
Number Of Functions
Number of air flow settings
Extremely lightweight design (7 lbs) for easy maneuvering
The cordless design ensures no accidental unplugging during the operation
Variable speed trigger for multiple speed options to suit your task
No vacuuming or mulching functions
No cruise control options

This brilliant blower is really in a class of its own, as with its many impressive specs and features, it really can not get any better. With the amount of power this blower provides, it is rated at 9.5 out of 10 for the airflow and 10 out of 10 for the number of airflow settings that are fit for all degrees of work, varying from light usage to laborious work, and can even withstand everyday heavy-duty usage.

Also, it is highly reliable and durable with its motor that not only works at 60 percent more efficiency but also extends the span of the motor life. This provides you with a leaf blower companion that passes the test of time and stays by your side throughout, while also providing a variety of functions and being lightweight. This justifies its ratings of 8 out of 10 and 9 out of 10 for both the features respectively.

As this is a battery-operated electric blower that comes with a battery included, it has some advantages that outweigh gas-powered ones. For example, you are no longer at health risk from inhaling dangerous exhaust fumes, which not only benefits you but the planet’s atmosphere as well.


Additionally, this blower emits zero carbon emissions, which is another added eco-friendly advantage for a greener tomorrow. Another advantage this blower has over traditional gas blowers is that you no longer have to worry about fueling your blowers and messing with various types of fuels and oils as this handheld blower is powered through batteries.

It also takes a significantly shorter amount of start-up time than gas blowers, for which you have to pull a cord to rev up the engine and wait around for a bit for it to get going, which is not only time-consuming but can also tire you out before you have even begun with your yard duties.

When you receive your brushless handheld blower, you also receive a few other things in the box, such as several Dewalt 60V leaf blower attachment parts. These include the nozzle, the actual tool, a charger, and the battery.

Since all these parts come included in the handheld blower kit, you no longer have to wait to get the blower going. Another thing worth noting is that although the blower comes with the batteries included, you can buy it separately as well, under the Dewalt 60V blower (tool only) section.

– How Has the Dewalt DCBL770X1 Evolved?

The DCBL770X1 has evolved in numerous ways – its clever ergonomic design maximizes control and minimizes stress on its motor which is efficient, long-lasting, and much quieter than other models. Hence, this blower not only brings itself into the limelight but also lifts the Dewalt Max tools’ name as well.

Blower Minimizes Stress on Its Motor

Notable models in the Dewalt blower series include the Dewalt DCBL772X1, the Dewalt DCBL722P1, the Dewalt 60V blower with 9Ah battery, and the Dewalt DCBL772B, only to name a few. To compare models, let us take the DCBL770X1 vs the DCBL772X1.

To start with, the DCBL770X1 goes to speeds much higher than its peer model, as it can do a regular speed of 129 mph and even 175 mph with the nozzle. On the other hand, the DCBL772X1 can only do 125 mph, a difference of a whole 50 mph!

Second, the DCBL770X1 is lighter at 7 lbs whereas the DCBL772X1 is 9.1 lbs, which makes the former a better fit for users who may struggle with bulkier machines. Since both devices offer great specs in their ways, it just comes down to what is right for you. If you are looking for a lighter but greater powered blower, the DCBL770X1 is the one for you.

All the Main Specifications

– Brushless Motor

The DCBL770X1’s high-efficiency brushless motor maximizes total power control and runtime while minimizing the load put on to it, which makes it several times more preferable over the other traditional motors and engines which do not last as long in the long run.

Brushless Motor Maximizes Total Power Control


Additionally, the motor, designed for everyday usage, produces less noise and is hence better suited for noise-sensitive users.

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– Concentrator Nozzle

The included concentrator attachment that comes with this blower allows for greater control during yard work. The concentrator nozzle increases air speeds up to 175 mph which is powerful enough for even highly stubborn debris that otherwise just would not budge, no matter what you do.

– Varying Speed Trigger

The DCBL770X1 blower is capable of multiple speed settings that give you more control over the air that you expel out of the blower. This means you can have just the right amount of speed and airflow for whatever task you have at hand, instead of going in at every task with the same non-customizable company-set speed.

– Unmatched Long-Lasting Battery Life

Along with the motor that provides longer runtime, you also receive superior quality batteries, which come in two battery types: 3 Ah and 9 Ah.

Unmatched Long Lasting Battery Life

Both batteries are capable of producing two voltages, either 20 volts or 60 volts, depending on the electric input you provide it. They charge up fairly quickly, run for extended periods, and last a very long time.


– Lightweight Design

The blower is ingeniously designed in such a way that makes it both lightweight and incredibly comfortable to hold on to due to its excellent ergonomics. This reduces stress on the user’s arms and body and so reduces user fatigue. It also makes it easy to maneuver and therefore the design ensures your control over the blower.

– Superior Blowing Force and Speed

This blower is capable of producing an astounding 175 mph maximum speed and 423 CFM airflow capacity. It can produce such impactful blasts of air that can handle even the most stubborn of debris and tight spots with ease and in less time.


As we bring this Dewalt 60V blower review to a close, we would like to recommend the Dewalt DCBL770X1 as our top choice pick for those individuals who need a powerful heavy-duty blower that will serve them for many years to come with minimal maintenance.

From the motor, sheer power, long runtime, and varying speed, along with many other features, this blower has got you covered in every aspect. And we assure you, if you decide to bring this great piece of equipment into your home, you will not be disappointed, ever!

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