Dewalt Hedge TrimmerIn this review, you will discover all the facts about the Dewalt dcht820p1 battery-powered hedge trimmer and what kind of cutting power it delivers for keeping hedges and shrubs tidy and attractive all year long. We’ll examine the pros and cons of this garden tool and let you know what we found out about how well it works for maintaining real landscapes.

This Dewalt 20v hedge trimmer does not weigh much, and it has a compact body and a 22-inch long extra-sharp cutting blade. Read on to find out the advantages and disadvantages of this garden tool and see whether it’s right for you and your yard.

Dewalt Cordless Hedge trimmer Pros and Cons

Dewalt dcht820p1 Key Criteria
Blade Length
Compatible with other Dewalt 20V MAX system tools
Light and maneuverable
Long runtime
Available with or without battery and charger
Lacks power for tough jobs
Blade sheath missing on some products

Product Highlights

ThisDewalt 20 volt hedge trimmer is built for occasional trimming and yard maintenance in residential settings. This Dewalt 20-volt, 5-amp-hour tool gets its power from a battery that is interchangeable with dozens of other Dewalt tools, saving money on the battery and charger for people already invested in 20-volt MAX tools made by this company. 

  • Cuts up to 3/4-inch thick branches
  • 20-volt 5Ah lithium-ion rechargeable battery power source
  • 22-Inch long, laser-cut blade  Weight 7.5 lbs.  
  • Fixed rear handle 
  • Cutting rate of 2,800 cuts per minute

Dewalt dcht820p1 Review

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This Dewalt hedge trimmer comes with a high output motor powered by a 20-volt lithium-ion battery compatible with dozens of other Dewalt battery tools like drills and circular saws. Its straightforward design and simple operation make this tool user-friendly for homeowners who occasionally need to trim small and medium-size hedges, shrubs, and brambles.

This Dewalt battery-powered hedge trimmer has extra-sharp blades cut to shape with a laser for exacting precision and durability. The blade length of 22-inches is long enough for most average yard clean-up jobs, but if you have especially wide hedges or massive amounts of plants to trim, a hedge trimmer with a longer blade and more power can save time, effort, and frustration. 

The best uses for this lithium hedge trimmer are light and medium-duty trimming jobs around homes. One drawback is that the tool does not have a pivoting rear handle. The lack of motion in the rear handle is a disadvantage if you have a lot of trimming work because rotation in this part of a trimmer dramatically reduces the stress and strain in your wrist when you cut at different angles. However, a debris shield at the front of the blade keeps cut vegetation away from your hands as you work. 

The 20-volt battery used in this trimmer is underpowered for big cutting jobs, and while the device is rated for cutting up to ¾ inch material, it can struggle to do so and works best with smaller diameter branches and twigs.

Also, the runtime goes down much faster when the tool is under a more significant load cutting thick vegetation. If you have heavy-duty trimming to do, a 40-volt trimmer or a corded or gas-powered model is probably more suited to the job. 

Nonetheless, the teeth on this trimmer oscillate at 2,800 cuts per minute, which is average for trimmers in this power class and plenty for most average hedge trimming jobs. One advantage this trimmer has is long runtime with a fully charged battery as long as you’re doing light-duty work. Some buyers report a runtime of several hours on a battery with a full charge. 

This device has a trim, compact body and weighs only 7.5 pounds, making it easy to maneuver in tight places and at different angles and hold for an extended time. This trimmer’s overall ergonomics and weight are beneficial to anyone who has modest amounts of cutting to do with minimal effort and fatigue. 

The most significant advantages of this trimmer are its lightweight, simplicity of use, and extended runtime when used for not-too-challenging cutting jobs. The other significant benefits are the battery’s compatibility with so many other Dewalt 20 volt MAX tools and the availability of this tool for purchase without the battery and charger for buyers who already have those components. 


Dewalt dcht820p1 Product Features Breakdown 

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– Cutting Blade and Motor 

The blade on this model has hooked teeth cut from hardened steel with a laser for maximum accuracy and sharpness. Unfortunately, many buyers have reported that the tool arrived without a blade sheath, which can be a safety hazard given how sharp and long the blade is.

However, it’s easy to find blade sheaths for Dewalt hedge trimmers online, and the company might provide one for free if you buy this trimmer, and it arrives without the part.  

The use of a blade sheath on a trimmer is a sensible safety measure. The multiple teeth on the blade are extremely sharp, and it’s easy to get injured when transporting and moving the tool around.

If the blades get dull, you can sharpen them. However, it is not easy to remove the entire blade because doing so involves disassembling the trimmer, so you need to sharpen them on the device.  

The blade needs regular light cleaning to remove plant residues that can interfere with the operation of the teeth. After cleaning the blade, applying a light lubricant coating protects the assembly from rust and corrosion while it’s not in use.  

The motor powering this unit is not brushless. Brushed motors like this product produce more heat from friction, and they wear out more quickly or require repairs. For this reason, this tool is best suited for occasional work and not extended cutting or cutting of thick and difficult vegetation.  

– Batteries

This battery-powered tool is available with or without a rechargeable battery and a charging dock. Buying the trimmer without the battery and charger is a valuable option for people who already own Dewalt tools with the same battery as this trimmer.

For example, the Dewalt model DCHT820B is the same tool but does not include the battery or charger. In addition, this bare tool option is significantly less expensive than buying the trimmer with the battery package, making it advantageous for anyone who already owns Dewalt 20 volt MAX series tools.  

A charge indicator light near the battery compartment lights up when you push a button, showing how much charge is left in the battery. This indicator is a handy feature for monitoring how much time you have left to work before charging or swapping the battery for a fresh one.

Lithium batteries hold a charge for a long time after you take them off the charger, so you can charge them up in advance and have them ready when you need them. 

Another advantage of the battery type used in this Dewalt trimmer is that they provide full power to the tool until the energy is completely drained. So you don’t slowly lose power in the last minutes you are cutting. Instead, the device shuts off abruptly when the power pack is depleted.

In addition, higher amperage batteries, like the 5 amp one that comes with this tool, provide longer runtimes than batteries with lower amp-hour ratings. The battery’s long runtime and storage life in this tool are an advantage for anyone who wants a trimmer ready to go whenever it’s needed.  

– Dimensions and Weight  

The overall size of this trimmer is 38.7 inches long, 9.4 inches wide, and 7.9 inches wide. The package weighs 11.5 pounds, including the trimmer, battery, charger, and packing materials. The trimmer alone weighs 7.5 pounds.  

The compact size and low weight of this trimmer are advantages for residential users who need a trimmer for various occasional garden clean-up chores. 

– Warranty 

Dewalt offers a 3-year warranty on this product for repairs due to faulty manufacturing. They also provide 1-year of free service for the maintenance of the tool for wear caused by regular use and a 90-day money-back guarantee allowing you to return the trimmer for any reason within this period if you are not completely satisfied with it. 

The tool comes with a printed manual with further information on the warranty and other essential details about care and maintenance. For the best warranty service, register the product within a month of purchase and retain the receipt. 

This 90-day money-back guarantee tool benefits anyone who wants to give this trimmer a try on their yard before committing to the investment. 



Is the Dewalt dcht820p1 hedge trimmer brushless?

Yes, the Dewalt DCHT820P1 hedge trimmer is equipped with a brushless motor for improved efficiency and durability.

Can I use WD-40 to lubricate Dewalt dcht820p1 trimmer?

It is not recommended to use WD-40 to lubricate the Dewalt DCHT820P1 trimmer. Instead, use a recommended lubricant for optimal performance.

How do I clean my Dewalt dcht820p1 trimmer blades?

To clean the Dewalt DCHT820P1 trimmer blades, remove any debris and sap with a brush or cloth, then wipe them down with a mild detergent and water solution.


Using a Dewalt dcht820p1 Hedge Trimmer

The Dewalt dcht820p1 battery-powered hedge trimmer is a light, easy-to-use garden tool for the occasional trimming of smaller-sized hedges and shrubs. It does not have the power for extended cutting of challenging vegetation.

Still, it is lightweight and straightforward to operate, making it a benefit to those with modest gardens and areas in need of trimming. 

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