Dewalt DWBL700 is a corded electric leaf blower designed to withstand heavy-duty professional usage. In this article, we’ll discuss all the features of this corded handheld blower that gives its contractor-grade performance.

Product Review of Dewalt DWBL700

You can also expect complete honesty about its drawbacks or downsides, so you can determine if its strong points far outweigh the downsides enough for you to purchase it.

Keep reading this article to know all about it. 

Pros Cons
Nozzle attachments improve the airspeed Slightly bulky
Powerful motor Slightly noisy on high speed
It is easy to assemble and use

Dewalt DWBL700 Highlights 

The DWBL700 leaf-blowing machine is highly ergonomic, with features that are conveniently placed for user comfort. This handheld blower is designed and built to last very long, with powerful features to support easy and quick yard work.

  • Extra Nozzle attachments
  • Powerful motor
  • 9.8 pounds in weight
  • Three-year warranty 
  • One-year free service
  • High airflow
  • Variable speed control
  • Base stand
  • Plastic casing or shell

Dewalt DWBL700 Review

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Dewalt DWBL700 Key Criteria
Number of functions
Number of airflow settings
Nozzle attachments improve the airspeed
Powerful motor
It is easy to assemble and use
Slightly bulky
Slightly noisy on high speed

This Dewalt sweeper or blower functions as a blower. Unlike several other blower options, it only functions as a blower without any vacuum or mulching system. However, with the power of this yard tool, many users are okay with the fact that it has only one primary function, because it is quite good in the task and how it cleans. With it, you can quickly clear your indoor and outdoor spaces of debris like leaves, dust, and even tidy up your grass clippings.

All the features and components of leaf blowers are essential, and they ultimately determine how easy and comfortable it will be to use them. The weight is significant because it determines users’ comfort level whenever it is in use. The DWBL700 blower has a total weight of 9.8 pounds, and although it seems light, it is slightly heavier than expected as this is more keen especially because it has a plastic frame. 

The airflow or air volume of this corded leaf blower is powerful. The machine blows 409 cubic feet of air at 145 miles per hour on its highest speed setting. This airflow is strong enough to move large leaves and heavy debris, because it is capable of doing so such a task, showing that it has a good structure. 

Moreover, users can gradually switch from one airflow setting to another with its variable speed control, which is easily accessible. The gradual speed or airflow change setting allows users to switch back and forth between light and heavy-duty tasks. Overall, this blower is an excellent yard work tool and is recommended for home and professional use.

How Has Dewalt DWBL700 Evolved?

Dewalt DWBL700 has evolved from its previous model the DCE100B, as it used to be cordless, but now it runs on electricity. Moreover, the old version was less speedy, at 135 MPH, but now it has become much more powerful and fast at 210 MPH.

Corded Electric Leaf Blower Evolved

The Dewalt DWBL700 leaf blower machine is very different from the previous blower models. For one, it is more powerful, with an airflow of 409 CFM. Also, it is corded, whereas most of the other Dewalt blower models are cordless, including the Dewalt 722 blowers, such as the Dewalt DCBL722P1 model.


Features Breakdown

– Extra Nozzle Attachments

The diameter of a blower’s nozzle makes all the difference in the speed at which air comes out of it. Apart from the speed control feature, users can switch nozzles to adjust the size of the speed of air that comes out of the nozzle. 

This is possible if the blower has nozzle attachments or space for attachment. Luckily this is the type of leaf blower that includes the blowing tool as an attachment and comes with three nozzle add-ons; a flat concentrator nozzle, a one-inch round concentrator nozzle, and a standard round nozzle. These three nozzle attachments have different effects on the speed and force at which air escapes, and it is very helpful to tackle all your needs. 

Dewalt DWBL700 Feature Breakdown

The standard nozzle round nozzle blows enough air at 145 MPH to quickly sweep or blow different materials. This nozzle attachment is suitable for when you want to do some light work. The round concentrator is functional when you need to clean out cracks and gaps in concrete floors and walls, and cleaning them from all the unnecessary debris. The pressure and speed of air from this one inch nozzle can dislodge the tiniest of materials from such holes. 

The flat concentrator nozzle is best for where you’re dealing with stuck or stubborn debris, as it is able to power through them by increasing the air speed is one that would clean up to about 189 MPH. Switching between the nozzle attachments is quite easy and does not require any tool. With all these nozzle attachments, you can switch between different types of tasks very easily.

– Powerful Motor

With a powerful motor comes high air volume and speed. Although the motor on this electric handheld blower isn’t brushless, it still performs powerfully enough to make it a favorite among customers. It has such a high-grade performance, you would think it is powered by gas, but it is actually run by electricity with a cord hanging. 

In fact, many have compared it to some gas-powered blowers and found it up to par with them. The blowing machine is great for professional or commercial jobs due to its powerful motor. It is durable and has a long motor life. If you invest in this blower, you’ll definitely enjoy its motor for a very long time.

– 9.8 Pounds in Weight

Although this blower is advertised as lightweight, many users have found issues with how surprisingly heavy it is. Its weight is unexpected, considering it has a light plastic casing that has no piece of metal on it. But this is a sign that shows you how this machine is a powerful and a durable one that you can easily invest it, and it won’t let you down. 

With the blower weighing 9.8 pounds, it is slightly cumbersome to carry but not totally unbearable. The single handle also doesn’t help matters, especially when you need to point the blower to reach a higher point, moreover, it will get you tired, but again, you can use it for a range of sizes, and this would make it less tiring.

However, the base can serve as a form of support to lift it, so these are all minor concerns, especially when you consider all the other things you will benefit from the blower.

– Variable Speed Control

All the DWBL700 parts are designed to bring convenience and ease to users. The blower has a variable speed control feature that allows users to adjust the speed and volume of air to the intensity of work at hand. 

Blower Has a Variable Speed Control Feature

The control is strategically located on the handle, where you can squeeze easily to change the speed gradually. It also features a power lock to lock the speed, so you don’t have to keep your hand on the trigger while working.

It is key to keep in mind how this feature works amazingly well and is great for performing different cleaning tasks simultaneously, which is a beneficial point.

– High Airflow

As previously stated, this blower has a high airflow of 409 cubic feet per minute. It will blow and seep away almost any type of debris. It can even power through wet leaves- that’s how strong it is. This high airflow feature is for heavy-duty leaf clearing, and as a result, you won’t go over a spot multiple times to clear it.

– Base Stand

The base stand is obviously located at the base of the machine. Its function is in the name, which is why it acts as a stand for the blowing tool. With this feature, you can set your device on the ground between work without the fear of damaging it. 

– Warranty

This Dewalt product, like all other Dewalt products, comes with a three-year warranty, a one-year of free service, and even a money-back guarantee for 90 days, this is how loyal the company is to their costumers, and would like them to stay confident to their machine.

This means that the manufacturer will take charge of all repairs necessitated by factor-caused defects for free from the moment you buy the blower up till three years after. This shows how much faith they have in their product; frankly, many people do too. So, you have nothing to lose here if you decide to get this blower.



We have concluded that this leaf-blowing machine has more pros than cons, which is a great sign if any, that it is a reliable, powerful, effective, and durable blowing tool. It is great for both commercial and residential use. However, before you decide, consider its weight and noise level. 

Although you can easily overlook or manage the weight and noise level with support using the base and ear protection, respectively, it’s best to consider it carefully. If you can easily overlook or manage these things, this blower will be an excellent purchase for you.

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