Do blueberries have seeds, is a good question because we do not feel them while eating these berries? Not only do blueberries contain seeds, but you can remove them and use them for various purposes.Do Blueberries Have Seeds

We did our research regarding blueberries, so you do not have to. So, find out how many seeds each blueberry has and what are some of the ways to remove them at home in this guide.

Do Blueberries Really Have Seeds?

Yes, all blueberry plants have seeds inside them, regardless of their variety or type. These seeds are so little and soft that they usually go unnoticed while eating blueberries. In addition, there might be up to 50 seeds within the pulp of a single berry.

These seeds are not noticeable while eating, which is why there has yet to be made an effort to cultivate seedless blueberries. The seed coat of the blueberry is likewise incredibly thin, which is why the berries are frequently labelled as “seedless.”

They are safely edible, so you need not worry about consuming them in such large numbers. These seeds are just as rich in beneficial flavonoids and antioxidants as the berry pulp, if not more, and another major misconception is that the blueberry itself is the seed of the blueberry bush plant.

The truth is that berries are true fruits with 20 to 50 seeds in their pulp. This goes for all the varieties of blueberries, whether wild blueberries or the southern high-bush ones.

How To Remove Seeds From Your Blueberries?

You can remove seeds from blueberries using an electric grinder, a potato masher, or boiling water. All these methods include converting the berries to a pulp and then placing it in water until the seeds separate from the rest of the mixture to have the seeds.

– Use a Food Grinder

The grinder method is the most convenient for extracting seeds from blueberries. The main disadvantage is that, depending on the size of the blender, it can only deseed a few berries at a time. Take fresh berries and wash them before putting them in the food blender.  Pour some warm water to help them grind to a smooth mix.Food Grinder to Collect Blueberries Seeds

Blend berries slowly for about 10 to 15 seconds as they become mashed to a pulp. Place a very fine strainer or a cheesecloth over a jar and pour the mixture. Now you should let this berry mixture sit all night or a couple of hours in the jar. Over time, the juice will drain into the jar, and the seeds will be left behind over the filter.

Another approach is to place the ground mixture within the jar and pour water over it, which is also an easy task to be done. After a couple of hours, seeds and pulp will begin to separate, and the seeds will begin collecting at the jar’s bottom

– Mash the Berries

This method is alternatively known as the ”mash and the cold water method.” From the blueberry bushes in your backyard, collect the healthiest and the freshest ones. You have a higher prospect of getting more seeds out of them than store-bought and frozen ones.

Place all the berries in a suitable-sized bowl and mash them to a pulp. You can use a fork, but a potato masher will do the job much faster. Once all the berries are uniformly mashed, pour cold water over this mixture, and you will drain the leftover pulp; and now you should transfer to a larger bowl at this step.

Wait for 15 to 20 minutes as the blueberry seeds separate from the rest of the fruit. The pulp will rise to the top, while the seeds will begin collecting at the bottom. Carefully skim the pulp floating in the water to collect the seeds underneath. Pour out the water and dry the seeds over a paper napkin and you will have the seeds in front of you.

– The Boiling Water Method

This is another practice through which you can extract blueberry seeds and use them to your liking. It involves cooking the pulp, which you can then utilize for making jam and other delicacies.Collecting Blueberries Seeds by Boiling Water Method

Collect all the blueberries growing in your backyard bush, place them in a bowl, and give them a good rinse with clean water. Take a medium to large-sized pot, depending on how many berries you have collected, and add water to it. Put it on the stove until it boiling appears.

Now, pour blueberries into this boiling water for no more than two to three minutes. Using a spatula, separate the berries as they boil every 20 seconds. This will prevent them from thrusting together and forming one giant blob.

In the meanwhile, get another bowl ready with a sieve over it, so you can pour the water and berry mixture into the sieve gently and carefully. All the water will go into the second bowl along with the stove, and the pulp will collect over the sieve.

Collect the seeds from the water and dry them on a paper napkin. Having an extra-fine sieve at home will make this step so much simpler. Once they are 100 percent dry, you can use the extracted seeds as you like.

What Are Some Ways To Use Blueberry Seeds?

Some ways to use blueberry seeds are to germinate and grow new plants. In addition to this, you can also eat blueberry seeds as they are very good healthwise. It can also be pressed into oil and used on hair and skin.

– Plant New Berries

Instead of growing blueberries from store-bought seeds that might or might not be 100 percent authentic, which is why you can begin to plant them. Start by aiming to plant the seeds as you begin the germination process, seeds taken from frozen blueberries have the highest success rates. Collect the best fresh berries and freeze them in the refrigerator for about 90 days.Planting New Blue Berries

Take a rather shallow seedling tray and fill it with a nutrient medium. It is best to use sphagnum moss in a flat layer over the tray for berries and remember to soak moss in water for 15 minutes and squeeze it out first. Take dry and defrosted seeds and sprinkle them on the surface of the moss, but you don’t need to bury the seeds within the moss, and again, cover with a very thin layer of moss less than half an inch thick.

Now, the moss must be kept moist, and the tray covered to create the perfect environment for germination. Place the tray somewhere sunny with temperatures between 60 and 70 degrees Fahrenheit. You would see that it takes about one month for these seeds to germinate, but you must still allow the tiny plantlet to become three to four inches tall. To prepare pots for individual plantlets, take small pots and fill them with one part soil, peat, and sand.

Grow blueberries by placing each pot in a bright and sunny spot and watering it regularly, and this plant likes to be watered and can even tolerate waterlogged conditions. This way, you will also check and see how the blueberries grow well when the pH levels of their soil are slightly acidic.

Therefore, choosing a slightly acidic fertilizer is recommended to feed them three weeks after potting. Now, the blueberry shrub will carry on growing and start blooming approximately two years after being potted.

– Make Seed Oil

Blueberry oil is all the rage in the beauty and healthcare world. This oil has strong anti-aging properties and can be used on skin and hair both. You can press the seeds collected from these berries to extract this sought-after oil yourself.

Seed oil from blueberries has decreased hair fall dramatically when applied frequently to hair. It promotes new hair growth in only a couple of weeks. It can also be incorporated into the skincare routine as a rich moisturizing oil and makeup remover.

– Consume Them as Food

Surprisingly, seeds have just as many nutritional benefits as the berries themselves. If you have a collection of these seeds, they can be consumed in several ways. You can put spoonfuls of seed in smoothies and baking mixtures without producing the tangy taste associated with blueberries.Consume Blueberries as Food

If you check the seeds and wonder are blueberry seeds edible, you must remember that they are edible and full of useful nutrients when consumed. They are eaten along with the fruit part of the berries and are easily digested by the gut. Like the fruit, the seeds are also a good source of vitamins and antioxidants.

These seeds are an abundant source of fiber that helps bulk up the digestive system and helps relieve constipation, and this is also the same for different berries, so if you wonder do raspberries have seeds, you must know that they have many. When consumed daily in a significant amount, they are also rich in antioxidants and flavinoids that are good for cellular health.

In addition to this, the same notion also goes for the notion of do blackberries have seeds; yes, they do as these are berries with slightly large-sized seeds that are often disliked by the people who eat them. However, these seeds are a rich source of nutrients like vitamins, antioxidants, and omega-3s.

They are also rich in certain vitamins like vitamins C and K, so adding them to the diet is always a good call, and this is the same for strawberries as well, and if you find yourself asking do strawberries have seeds, you must know that those tiny hard things on the surface are not seeds but fruits. Each fruit’s seed is microscopically small and present in the center.


Blueberries have as many as 20 seeds each, but they are all so soft and tasty that they are barely noticeable, so here are some key take-home points regarding the seeds of blueberry plants:

  • Each blueberry contains between 20 and 50 seeds that are extremely small and barely noticeable while eating.
  • It is possible to separate these seeds using three very easy methods that are the grinder method, the mashed method, and the boiling water method.
  • Seeds separated from highbush blueberries can be then used to germinate new plants at home.
  • Making blueberry seed oil from these extracted seeds is a popular choice because of this oil’soil’s numerous benefits.

People with lowbush blueberries growing at home should try separating and using their seeds. Use the methods given in this article and see how it goes.

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