Does neem oil kill broad mites, is a worrying matter to think about, if you are going through an issue with these mites. Broad mites are disastrous; if you don’t stop them from harming your plants, you’d be left with no plant.Does Neem Oil Kill Broad Mites

Thankfully, neem oil works wonders, and with the steady application of the product, your garden will become mite-free soon. To correctly apply the oil in your garden, learn the steps by reading this article.

How To Kill Broad Mites Using Neem Oil?

To kill broad mites using neem oil, check every plant in your garden for the mites so that you can know which plant is infested or not. When you get your neem, spray the infested plants intensively with the oil regularly. In a few weeks, the mites will die off.

Neem is a very effective mite control product with some pesticide properties. You only have to mix it with the right ratio and intensively spray your plants with it. In a few weeks, you will see good results in your garden.

1. Find Plants With Broad Mites

If you think that there are mites, such as broad and spider mites, attacking your plants, you have to find them so that you can know where exactly they are in the garden. Broad mite damage is bad, but it is similar to damage to other mites and pests. Therefore, you have to see the pests attacking your plants so that you can decide the best method of controlling them.

Find all the infested plants in your garden. Also, check the parts of your garden with the most moisture, as mites overgrow in those places. Mark every region or plant in your garden with the mites, as you will start spraying your oil on those.Finding Plants With Broad Mites

2. Get Your Pure Neem

To control broad mites, you need pure neem. Though diluted neem works, you have to dilute the oil of the seed yourself. When you buy this oil from a store, wait for what is already diluted. However, you can buy an already-made pesticide that is made of the neem seed tree, if you like. You just need to read and use the instructions that come with the pesticide.

However, so long as you intend to make your neem product by yourself, buy 100 percent original neem. Go for cold-pressed oils, as they are more last-longing and original.

3. Emulsify and Dilute the Neem

Remember that pure neem is too harsh for your plants. You have to dilute it by yourself so that it will be safer to use and you can also have enough to use. To dilute your neem, you need a bug spray. A bug spray is simply mixed soap and water. Soap acts as an emulsifier for neem, as it will help in the mixing process.Emulsifying Neem Oil

Soap also helps kill organisms such as mites, so emulsifying and diluting your neem with soapy water makes it more effective for the mites. Mix one liter of bug spray with two or three teaspoons of neem with the same amount of soap. After shaking the product, you have your finished neem oil.

4. Wear Protective Clothing

Protective clothing such as gloves, goggles, and long sleeves will keep you safe and clean while using neem. If you have sensitive skin, you must protect yourself from the harsh oil when working with it. This is why you should ensure that every part of your body is well-covered when using the mix you made in the garden.

Another precautionary measure is to keep your kids indoors when working with neem outside. You will most likely spray the entire garden with neem, so you don’t want to expose your kids to the harsh neem product. Also, keep your oil far from your kids and pets’ reach when you are done using the product, so it wouldn’t cause any hazards.

5. Test the Product With an Infested Plant

When you see broad or spider mites attacking your plants in your garden, don’t get tempted to spray every plant with the neem quickly, and this is because you have to be sure, so you should first start by testing the product with an infested plant. You only have to spray the plant completely with neem and check it the exact next time tomorrow.Testing Neem Oil With Infested Plant

Check where the broad mites are and if they are still around after you test, and aim to increase your neem concentration in the product to be more effective. If not, the product is great, so move on to the next step.

You must also check if the place has newly burnt leaves because if they do, reduce the neem concentration so that it can become safer for your plants. If not, the product is safe, so move on to the next step.

6. Spray the Neem in Your Garden

When you finally get a safe and effective pesticide to kill your garden’s broad and spider mites, you are ready to fight every mite attacking your plants. Start by spraying all the plants that you marked in the first step; after spraying all their leaves and the undersides with some neem, spray the other plants in your garden. Ensure that neem reaches every part of your garden.

Concentrate on the underside of the leaves in your garden, as mites love hiding in the lower surface of leaves to tackle them precisely. Also, spray new leaves so that mites do not eat them, as mites love eating fresh leaves.

7. Apply the Neem Again Every Two Days

Neem oil is truly effective against broad, dust, clover, and spider mites. It kills mites in most forms of their life cycle. However, when the mites are yet to hatch from their eggs, they will most likely be safe from the oil. To kill the unhatched ones, you need to reapply the product regularly.

Apply your neem again every two days so that your garden will be free from neem in less than two weeks. So long as you apply the neem at least once weekly, you’d get great results in your garden. However, the more frequently you spray the garden, the faster you will end your mite problem, and the more last-longing the effects of the neem will be.

In addition to this, you may also try to combine neem and other products to kill mites. It is an excellent idea to use different products to kill the pests so that they don’t gain resistance to any product. Combining products will also kill pests faster, and the pests won’t know what hit them.

In the hot summer months, spray repellents such as clove oil or diatomaceous earth on your infested plants. These repellents work just like neem. However, switch the product or method that you use occasionally so that the next generation of mites does not gain resistance to the product that you have been using.

8. Check the Mite Population

After intensively attacking the broad and spider mites in your garden, you have to check the mite population to ensure they are declining. Check the plants and regions that you marked in step one. Also, examine them properly and see if you still see broad mites on them, because if not, congratulations, as your garden is finally free from mites.Checking Broad Mites Population

However, if there are still traces of mites, there’s still no cause for alarm. Either increase your neem concentration to kill the mites or use other methods to repel the mites off your garden.

9. Prune Infested Plants

One quick way to remove mites such as broad and spider mites from your garden is by pruning plants with mites off the garden so that the mites can no longer damage plants in the garden. When plants are infested, prune them off, because they may return back, and even with this, you wouldn’t want to have any damaged looking plants.

Concentrate on the stems and leaves with mites when pruning them. Burn the pruned parts or dispose of them very far away from your garden. As you prune away the infected parts, this may aslo solve your pest problems in a matter of hours or days. This will help you to have a better way to control spider mites as well as broads and other types of mites attacking your plants.

If the mites are attacking your potted plants, the best way to kill them is to soak them in warm water, or you can also try to power wash them if the plant is resilient. When you bring the indoor plants out, they will become mite-free. For this method to work, so your plants can stay safe, ensure the soil or potting mix is well-drained. Also, check the temperature never to exceed what the plants can handle.


Surely, you’d love using this oil, as it works. Before you get started, here are some reminders from the article:

  • Broad mites are disastrous to plants, as they can kill plants or make them lose their productivity.
  • Neem can kill or control all the plant predatory mites, so always keep some neem around.
  • Ensure that you dilute the neem before you use it, as it is very harsh in its pure form.
  • Keeping your garden dry can help control the mites.
  • Neem is a fairly cheap organic pesticide that works, so you don’t need expensive products to kill the mites in your garden.

It is time to go attack those mites. What are you waiting for?

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