Does neem oil kill clover mites, is a worrying question that shows there are mites attacking plants in your garden. These mites are not as stubborn as other types of mites, but they can destroy your crops if you don’t control them.Does Neem Oil Kill Clover Mites

Luckily, neem oil is a great product for controlling mites, so continue reading to know more about how to kill the mites using neem all in this article.

How To Kill Clover Mites With Neem Oil?

To kill clover mites with neem oil, you should make the neem product and test it. Then you can spray the pesticide on plants and regions with the mites. In a few weeks, every mite in your home or garden will die off.

This oil is highly effective against mites, especially clovers, as these mites are very easy to kill when compared to other types. Spray neem on the mite hideouts regularly to wipe off the mites from your home or yard, and it will effectively help you.

1. Search for Places and Plants With Mites

The first thing to do in your yard or garden is to identify the plants or regions with mites to know the source of their growth. Most times, you may see mites and think that they are clovers. While both mite species are different, they both can harm your plants, so it does not matter which type of mite you find, you have to mark where you found it.

In your yard, check the moist places, as mites love moisture and high humidity a lot. Also, check around your overwatered plants. If the mites or even spider mites are inside, church the rooms and places with high humidity, and you may also check the places with more dirt and dust like where you keep your shoes. When you mark every plant and place with mites, move on to the next step.Searching for Mites in Plants

2. Use Neem Pesticide

Just in case you want to quickly get rid of the clover and spider mites disturbing your garden or home, buy pesticides from the store. Check the active ingredient of the pesticide you are about to buy and ensure that it is neem oil. Neem-based pesticides are effective against mites, so use them to repel the mites in your yard.

Ensure that you dilute your neem pesticide so that it does not burn your plants, the diluted product will be as effective, so don’t worry, it will kill the pests off. Also, check the product to know if it is suitable for use outside or inside.

If you don’t trust already-made products and prefer making your neem pesticide by yourself, head to a store and buy pure neem. When searching for the neem to buy, go for 100 percent cold-pressed neem. In addition, consider getting cold-pressed neem because it is more effective and lasts longer than other types of neem.

If you have a neem tree, you can make the oil yourself. When the trees produce fruits, you can use their seeds to make the oil. However, you can also make essential oils using the leaves of the tree.

3. Make the Neem Product

Though you have pure neem now, you can’t use it directly, especially on your plants. The product is too harsh, and it can lead to the burning of your plant leaves. To make it safe for your garden, you have to process it into a more effective product, but to make your neem more effective and safe, mix or with insecticidal soap.Making Neem Oil Product

Insect soap is simply the product of mixing water and soap, you should mix in one teaspoon of each in a liter of water as this product kills insects and mites. However, it also helps dilute neem so that you can use very little neem to kill many pests while your plants are safe. Another great thing about the product is that it is easy to wash or clean off surfaces after spraying it.

Mix everything and take the right precautions for killing mites with neem diluting the neem so that you don’t harm your plants. In addition, you must be very well protected, so try wearing long sleeves and other protective clothing so that you don’t harm yourself, and keeping your pets and kids away from the area when working with neem, also weak protective goggles and gloves too if you want to be further protected.

4. Test the Product

Though you have the guarantee that your neem product is safe for your plants and effective against the clover and spider mites in the yard, you have to test it first to be sure. Neem oil spray can lead to losing sensitive plants if you don’t make it well. To test the product, simply select one plant in your garden and spray your product on it, and check if it is burning the leaves, but try to target the clover mites directly.

After a day, check the plant, so are there still mites on the plant, or if the leaves of the plant look burnt? If you answered “no” to both questions, your product is both safe and effective, so move on to the next step. However, adjust the volume of neem used in the product if you answered “yes” to any of the questions.

5. Start Spraying Your Neem

It is time to kill the clover and spider mites in your yard. Neem is very effective against so many types of pests, so you can still kill pests such as Japanese beetles, squash bugs, aphids, and other bugs in this step, so if you have these pests, it can also effectively work on them too.

Do you remember the plants and regions you marked for spraying earlier? Now, you should aim to spray them using your neem product. If there is any mite hideout in your home, open it and spray it with the neem.Start Spraying Neem

After spraying all the marked and infested places, move on to the other places in your home or garden and spray them. Ensure you don’t leave any place in the garden so the pests cannot escape. If you want the mites to die quickly, spray every part of the garden.

6. Reapply the Neem

Though spraying neem can be very effective against clover and spider mites, neem oil spray needs time to be effective. This is because you have to catch the mites in every stage of their life cycle. When spraying the product for the first time, you may not kill the mites yet to hatch. To kill the unhatched ones, you have to wait for a week or two before you respray your yard.

To effectively kill every mite in your garden or home, spray the garden every two days for two weeks at least. Before the start of the third week, you’d notice that your yard is either mite-free or the number of mites has become insignificant. You can also try to use some alternatives to kill clover mites with is boric acid, as it has proven to be very effective in killing clover, dust, and spider mites so that new ones won’t barge and infest again.

7. Check the Population of Clover Mites in the Yard

Congratulations, as you are finally free from clover and spider mites; don’t stop checking the population of the mites. You may have missed some pests when spraying your yard, so don’t stop checking for pests. Occasionally, spray the neem product in your home or yard just to be safe and away from them.Checking Population of Clover Mites

8. Keep The Place Neat

To kill clover mites with other methods, vacuum your home regularly so that you can keep the home mite-free. Also, mow your lawn often so that it can stay dry and become unattractive for the mites. Consider using different pesticide products to kill the mites as well.

If the mites disturb you inside, you can easily eliminate them by regularly cleaning your home. Vacuuming your home, especially the rugs, as often as you can help to get rid of mites. Cover mites are easy to get rid of as long as you consistently clean the home. Concentrate more on places where you have seen mites before, and try to keep it neat.

Some organic pesticides for mites are horticultural oil and diatomaceous earth. Search for the mite hideout in your home and spray these pesticides often. If you prefer fast-working inorganic products, go for boric acid-based pesticides, and in short, the mites will be gone in no time.

Remember that mites prefer high humidity and moisture, so if you leave your grasses, and they grow too tall, your lawn will become a breeding ground for mites and other pests. The best form of pest control is pest prevention, so try preventing mites from breeding in your lawn. Maintain a steady height in your lawn and ensure that you keep the lawn clean and dry.


Surely, those mites will leave your garden soon so long as you use neem, and now, some points to remember from this article are the followings below:

  • The mites in your garden are very easy to kill. Just use the tips in this article.
  • The clover and spider mite species look similar, but they are not the same. It does not matter the type of mite in your garden, neem is truly effective.
  • Apply neem oil on infested crops first before you move on to others.
  • Don’t stop using the neem. Even when the mites are gone, apply the product occasionally.
  • Consider calling an exterminator if killing the mites is more difficult than you expected.

You are ready to attack the mite infestation in your garden. Remember the precautions of using neem.

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