Does neem oil kill dust mites, is a worrying notion that means that there are a lot of dust mites in your home or yard, and you have to get rid of them. These pests are so stubborn, and nothing seems to get rid of them quickly.Does Neem Oil Kill Dust Mites

Neem oil has mite-killing properties and helps control the mite population in homes and yards, so consider using it. Read this article to Learn how to use neem to repel dust mites successfully.

How To Kill Dust Mites With Neem Oil?

To kill dust mites with neem oil, buy either neem pesticides or pure neem for your home or garden. Spray the product or use it to wipe your surfaces clean. You can also wash fabrics with your neem product to kill the mites on the fabric.

Neem oil kills dust mites, as it helps inhibit mites’ growth and this would be a good way to free from thm. However, it works slowly, as you would have to use it for a while before you notice significant progress. Luckily, it has a longer hold so that it will keep mites off for a long time.

You may also protect your pillows and mattresses with zipped covers so that you can isolate the mites after you have sprayed a good amount of this mixture. Also, you may try to use light fabrics and wash them often so that mites will no longer hide in them.

1. Buy and Use Neem-based Pesticides

If you are very new to using neem in or around your home, consider starting with an already-made pesticide. There are various organic pesticides with neem as their active ingredient. These products will work, especially when you continue using them and stick to the instructions that come with them.

You can head to any store and get your products right away, but you should remember that the ones to use indoors differ from those for outside use. Just ensure that you get the right product, and not the pre-mixed ones, so when you finally buy your neem pesticide, read the instructions for guidance so that you can properly dilute and apply it.

2. Buy Pure Neem

Suppose you don’t trust already-made products and would like to make yours yourself, this is a better choice to opt for to give a good result. To get started, you need pure neem. This means that you need an oil that is 100 percent neem. You can get this oil from stores; just ensure that you ask for a pure one, and this is because the purer the oil is, the more effective it will be.Buying Pure Neem

If you like, you can make neem oil by yourself. To do this, you need seeds or leaves from the neem tree. The oil made from the seeds is more effective and lasts longer than the one made from the leaves, so use the seed oil for the mite problem in your home or yard.

3. Prepare Your Mix

You must dilute it first before you can use pure neem. Though it is more effective when pure, it can irritate you or burn your plants. It can also stain surfaces in your home; as a result, you have to dilute it a bit. Not to worry, the finished product will also be effective against nasty mites.

To prepare the neem, pour three tablespoons of the oil into one liter of insecticidal soap. This is simply a mixture of soap and water. Soap does not just kill mites and other pests; it helps neem mix properly with water. When you mix everything, you can move on to the next step.

4. Time To Test

Though your product is ready for use, you must test it first. If you use it indoors, check that it does not stain surfaces. If it does, consider using cold-pressed neem. Also, check if it burnt your plants. If it does, the oil concentration in the product is too much, so you have to reduce it a bit.Testing Neem Oil to Kill Dust Mites

You can also test it on visible pests around your home, but you will see that mites are very difficult to see with the naked eye, so you cannot easily check your progress in killing them. However, you can check your neem is effectiveness by testing it on similar pests, especially other mites, and make sure to target them at that precise location.

5. Spray and Clean Surfaces With Your Product

After ascertaining that your neem is safe and effective, you can start working with it immediately. The easiest way to use the product, especially indoors, is to soak a cloth or mop with it and use it to wipe surfaces in your home. Remember to squeeze the cloth so that it does not drip water all over your home. Do this often.

These mites are very stubborn organisms, and they stay for long because of the presence of dust, so you can get rid of them by removing the dust. Sweeping, dusting, and other dry cleaning methods are ineffective against mites because they don’t obliterate dust. However, mopping is very effective, as water quickly cleans dust off homes.

6. Wash Fabrics With the Neem Solution

If you suspect mites on your fabrics, such as curtains, duvets, tablecloths, and others, you must wash them regularly. Though using plain soap can be effective, using neem will have a longer-lasting effect and keep the fabrics mite-free for a long time.

Try to wash the fabrics weekly or as often as possible, so you should be keen that the more times that you wash them, the more likely you will solve your mite problems. Also, remember to wash your rugs as well, as they hold many mites in your home, and you can also spread the product made on the rugs as well.

This is more like a preventive measure against the mites, but be keen that the heavier fabrics tend to get dirty faster, and they are more difficult to wash. If there’s a mite infestation in your home, consider using minimalist fabrics, as they are easier to clean. Also, you can easily shake the mites and bed bugs off them. Remember to wash them regularly as well.Washing Fabrics With Neem Solution

If you use zipper covers for your mattresses and pillows, you can keep mites on them from reaching you when you sleep. The mites will end up dying, as they are isolated from the rest of the world. The covers will also prevent more mites from hiding in the fabrics. Mattresses are difficult to wash, so cover them.

7. Reapply the Neem as Often as You Can

It does not matter if you are killing mites in your home, garden, or yard; the secret to successfully killing the pests is to stay consistent when using your neem product. Mites are very stubborn, and you can’t get rid of them at once. You have to try regularly because this may take some time but the result will be effective.

In the garden, spray your plants with neem twice weekly, and you will see improvement in your plant health in a month. Indoors, clean your home and fabrics as often as you can with neem, and you’ll notice that the mites have reduced. You will most likely see a decline in the mite allergic reactions if anyone in the home has had some before.

Dust mites may only partially leave your home. They are very stubborn and are also very difficult to see with the naked eye. This means that there could be undiscovered mite hideouts in your home. This is why you must consistently kill the mites, you’d reduce their population to insignificant numbers.

8. Keep Your Home Always Clean

Mites entered your home because of dust and dirt, so you can keep them out when you keep the home clean. Try your best to be very intentional in keeping every surface in your home as clean as you can so that you can say bye to the mites disturbing you at home. Congratulations, as you have solved your mite problem.Keeping Home Always Clean

When cleaning the surfaces in your home, ensure that the cloth is damp and not dry. You may move the mites from one position to another using a dry cloth. Even when cleaning your indoor plant leaves, wipe them with a slightly damp cloth, and you may have some neem as well, make sure that it doesn’t burn the leaves.

Mites may love dust, but they also love humidity, and this is why you can mostly find them in richly humid rooms. If your home and garden are arid, mites will only survive there briefly. Consider installing a dehumidifier in your home. As for your garden, don’t overwater your plants. Also, don’t spray too much water on the leaves above.

Tea tree oil and the oils of clove, rosemary, and eucalyptus are very effective against mites, you should consider using them even after you have gotten rid of these pests. You can also use baking soda or diatomaceous earth, as they repel mites, to protect the indoors in a detailed way.

However, remember to vacuum them off the home one hour after using them. Remember that these repellents won’t end your mite problem immediately, so you must use them consistently.


You know how to control that mite population around you using neem, but before you get started, read and remember the following points:

  • Mites are very stubborn and stay in your home or yard because of dust and dirt.
  • Neem is effective against mites but needs a long time to repel most of them.
  • To get rid of dust mites naturally, keep your home very clean.
  • You can also spray essential oils regularly to control the pest population.
  • No matter which method you choose for your mite problem, stay consistent with it.

You are ready to repel those nasty organisms, so remember to stay consistent when applying your pesticides.

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