Does neem oil kill termites, is a common query by many people, especially those with termites in their yards. Termites are disastrous, so you have to get rid of them quickly.Does Neem Oil Kill Termites

Neem oil has a lot of pest-repelling properties and if mixed well, you can end your termite problem using neem. By reading this article, learn the best methods to kill the termites in your yard with neem.

How To Kill Termites With Neem Oil?

To kill termites with neem oil, use pure neem and emulsify it with detergent or any emulsifier that helps kill pests. Consistently spray this product on surfaces in your yard and in a few weeks, your pest control method will prove to be effective.

Neem oil does kill termites so long as you use it properly. The product works best to repel the insects instead of killing them, as it could take a long time for your termites to die after spraying them neem. Using the right emulsifier will make neem kill insects quickly.

1. Get Your Neem Oil

The first thing you need is neem, and you want any reputable product with 100 percent neem in it. Preferably, go for the oil made from neem seeds. However, you can also use essential oils made from the leaves if you like. Ensure that the product is fully concentrated, as only can you dilute it by yourself and get the right proportion as calculated.

You can also make neem by yourself, and it would be better for you, as you will be sure that the product is 100 percent concentrated. To make the oil, you need neem seeds. You can also use the leaves if you like. However, note that the seed oil is more effective than the oil made from leaves.Getting Neem Oil to Kill Termites

2. Get an Emulsifier

An emulsifier is a product you can use to bind neem and water; in such a case, if you choose to dilute your neem, you simply can’t pour water on it to dilute it. Remember that oils and water do not mix properly. If you have and use an emulsifier, the neem and water will mix well, helping you dilute the neem.

Ideally, 100 percent neem is more effective as a pest control product, especially for termites. However, this isn’t cost-effective, and you will need much of it. If you can use an emulsifier that doubles as a pesticide, you can make your neem more effective yet diluted.

Some examples of emulsifiers for neem are detergent or soap, coal, starch, and hot water. Detergent can help kill termites in your garden or yard, so consider using it as your neem emulsifier.

3. Dilute the Neem

Before emulsifying the neem using your preferred emulsifier, you have to dilute the neem. Your diluting measurement depends on the surface you want to spray with neem. If you spray plants because they have termites on them, mix at most three tablespoons of neem with water. Add a few teaspoons of neem to the liter of water for termites in their gills or other non-plant surfaces.Diluting Neem Oil

No matter how you mix the neem and water, you may notice that they need to be mixing better. If this is your case, move on to step four so that you can easily mix the two products using an emulsifier.

4. Emulsify the Neem

It is time to emulsify your neem, and having the latter in mind, you must know that according to the product you choose and how effective it is in killing insects, add one to three teaspoons of emulsifier to one liter of water. Ensure that neem is already present in the water so that it wouldn’t be too concentrated and burn the leaves as it kills the termites.

Close the lid of the container or bottle and shake it as much as you can, and now you will see that the water, neem, and detergent will mix in a few minutes to form a new product. If you can still see some unmixed neem floating on the water’s surface, add more emulsifiers and shake vigorously. Ensure that everything is properly mixed before you move on to the next step.

5. Spray the Product on Infested Areas

It is time to attack the termites in your yard, but note that during the day, especially when the sun is out, apply neem oil to places with termites. If there’s a termite hill nearby, spray it with your neem. Keeping this in mind, you may pour some oil into the holes in the hill to kill the insects inside. If possible, open the hill so that you can see and kill the termites easily.Spraying Neem Oil on Infested Areas

If there are termites around or on your plants, spray your neem oil with less neem concentration on the plants. Spray plants with neem in the evening or early in the morning, and this is why you can try spraying your plants during the day can give them burnt leaves, which you wouldn’t want.

6. Repeat Spraying the Oil

Termite control is not a one-day job. The termites in your yard will not go away simply because of a one-time application of neem. You have to use your neem product for at least three weeks before every termite around will either die or flee away from your yard. Spray the yard once to twice every day until you get your desired results.

According to what you are spraying the oil on, spray the neem whenever you want in the day. The hot afternoon is best for non-plant surfaces. However, spray your plants preferably in the evening. Always remember to spray the yard at least once daily.

If they are too much, you can use more of these pesticides, because this oil is by far the best organic product to use for pest control. This is because each pesticide is made specifically for some types of insects. If you can find the ones made for termites, you will end your termite problem in a few days.

You no longer need to ask, “What kills termites instantly?” because you now have your answer. You can buy these products from the store; if it is necessary, you can also search for and use boric acid, but you must know which plants can tolerate both mixes simultaneously.

7. Check for More Termite Hiding Places

If you still see a few termites in your yard after weeks of intensive attack on the termites, you may need some spots. Termites hide away from the sun, so check under rocks and other objects in your yard, and keeping this in mind, when you find more termite hideouts, spray them with neem and leave them exposed.

It would take a few days to weeks to eliminate termites from the garden. This is because termite infestation is not just a surface problem; there are many termites underneath the ground. Only termites that come to the surface will die off, so you must use the pesticide consistently.

Termites will not return after spraying them with neem oil if you properly repel or kill them. To prevent termites from returning, consistently repel or kill every insect in the yard. If you leave some termites, they will reproduce and come back.Checking for Termite Hiding Places

Some organic products such as orange oil, diatomaceous earth, white vinegar, clove oil, cayenne pepper, beneficial nematodes, or some lemon juice can help you get rid of termites and other insects from your yard. Does vinegar kill termites? Well, most of these products repel and do not kill termites on their own.

You have to mix them with other products if you want to kill termites. You can also use the cardboard trap to get rid of termites. Keep wet cardboard paper, as a trap, away from your yar, and this is how you can collect and kill the termites it catches daily.

8. Expose the Plant to the Sun

These pests hate the sub, and if you expose every termite hideout in your yard to sunlight, the insects will flee to other places. Therefore, you don’t need to kill them to eliminate them. All you have to do is expose them.

If, for example, you are spraying neem in your yard, leave the termite hideouts and other surfaces open. This will make your neem more effective. No need to ask “how to get rid of termites permanently” anymore.

Use a very effective pesticide and ensure that you reach every termite in your yard, but don’t stop spraying. Don’t worry; you will see significant changes soon, stay consistent so that your neem can work effectively. You can also use the neem oil that professionals use to kill insects, so call the insect control companies if you can no longer kill the termites on your own.

These termite killers will not just end your problem but also give you recommendations to help prevent more termites from returning. They may also lead you to different methods and products, as they mostly use chemical pesticides; however, they sometimes use borax powder.


Killing termites using neem or other products is ever so easy now, right, so here are some points to remember:

  • Neem on its own will repel and not kill termites. You have to mix it with effective emulsifiers.
  • Clove and orange oil are some organic products you can use to repel termites naturally.
  • Consider calling a termite control professional so that they can get rid of the termites quickly.
  • Harsh neem can burn plants, so dilute it properly when spaying pests on plants.
  • Diatomaceous earth as well as a few other products can kill termites naturally.

You are ready to get rid of those pests as this control method or product you choose to use determines how quickly you will end your termite problem, so ensure to use quality termite treatment for your yard.

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