Does Preen kill grass? Yes, it does kill grass. In certain circumstances. You will learn how Preen kills grass and prevents grass from growing at the same time.

Does Preen Kill Grass

Read on and learn something new to help you take better care of your lawn.

Does Preen Kill or Prevent Grass from Growing?

Preen can kill grass, but it only kills grass that is not fully grown. When it is applied to established grasses, Preen can’t kill them. It can only prevent grass from growing. Preen is also known for slowing down the growth of most grasses rather than completely killing them.

Being a pre-emergent herbicide, Preen is often characterized as a preventer of seed growth. When Preen is applied to your lawn, the grass won’t grow again. It will even prevent all seeds from growing.

Remember, Preen is only effective when there are seeds to kill. So, in other words, Preen can’t completely exterminate grown grass, but it can prevent grasses from sprouting and further growth.

– What Kind of Grass Can Preen Kill?

Preen is a weed killer and a weed preventer. Check the following grasses mentioned below that Preen can kill and prevent from growing, given that it is a well-known grass killer and lawn weed control.

What Kind of Grass Can Preen Kill

  • Grass seeds

Yes, Preen can definitely kill all kinds of grass seed. Remember, Preen is a pre-emergent herbicide that works with seeds, so it functions to intentionally prevent all types of seeds from growing. Most products like Preen can kill germinating seeds from 8 to 12 weeks.

  • New grass and sprouts

The new grass and sprouts cannot be exactly killed by Preen weed control, but their exposure to Preen lawn might affect their growth because one of the uses of Preen is to prevent any seeds or sprouts from growing. So, new sprouts and grass could directly be affected by the Preen lawn weed preventer.

  • Crabgrass

There are many weed problems that you can encounter on your lawn. One of these problems is lawn crabgrass. Crabgrass is considered an invasive type of grassy weeds that can overleap the turfgrass because of its fast growth and creeping on the mats. Most gardeners consider this grass as an unwanted lurker on a lawn or garden. Preen is one of the solutions for this type of weed problem, as Preen is considered a well-known crabgrass killer or weed killers.

Lawn crabgrass control and some of the other Preen lawn crabgrass products can control crabgrass and prevent it from overtaking your lawn. Crabgrass does not branch out, but it usually grows through its seeds. However, if you remove the main branch of crabgrass and apply some Preen, the crabgrass control product can prevent the grass from growing and later on kill it.

Will Preen kill crabgrass by applying the product? The answer is simply, yes.

However, Preen is ineffective with Quackgrass, Nut Grass aka Nutsedge, and Bermuda Grass.

– What Kinds of Grass Can Preen Not Kill?

  • Quackgrass

Preen is ineffective in removing or lessening the growth of quackgrass. The only way to remove quackgrass is through the traditional pull up and pull method of grass removal or hand weeding.

What Kinds of Grass Can Preen Not Kill

  • Nut Grass aka Nutsedge

The nutsedge multiplies through rhizomes, nutlets, and seeds as well, so Preen will also be ineffective in controlling and preventing nutsedge.

  • Bermuda grass

The Bermuda grass reproduces through stolons and rhizomes, and its secondary method of reproduction is by producing and spreading seeds. In this case, Preen is ineffective in the prevention of killing and growth of Bermuda grass because seeds are only a secondary method for its proliferation.

– What Happens if You Apply Too Much Preen?

It is not a good idea to apply too many chemicals to your lawn.

What Happens if You Apply Too Much Preen

You should carefully read about and study what you are about to apply on the soil because it can cause damage and bigger problems to your plants.

– How Long Does Preen Last in the Soil?

If we’re going to ask how long does Preen last in the soil, it is interesting to know that Preen lasts in the soil for a long time. Imagine how effective this product could be.

How Long Does Preen Last in the Soil

Preen has existed in the market for decades, yet it is still widely recognized for being very friendly to plants and for its practical use as a fertilizer as well. Preen does not only stop the weeds from growing but also protects plants from any bugs.

– Is Preventing the Growth of Weeds Through Preen Possible?

Does Preen kill weeds or just prevent them? This is an interesting topic that you can read about online as many people have shared their knowledge based on their experience using Preen.

There is a big difference between killing and preventing weeds. One of the most difficult parts of being a gardener is deciding whether you are professional enough to kill the weeds that are continuously growing again and again.

The traditional way of killing and stopping weeds is by digging deeply into the soil and pulling out the weeds using your hands. This is followed by the chopping and burning of the weeds. With the use of Preen, all you have to do is simply sprinkle and distribute all the granules all over the area, and follow the instructions written on the label. Then, plant soil will automatically be free from weeds for three months.

Remember that Preen does not kill the weeds; it just prevents them from growing so that your lawn, garden, or landscape will be free from weeds. By following these steps, your plant areas will look more attractive, more beautiful, and neater.

– When and Where to Use Preen

In this case, reading is a must if you want to know whether Preen is safe to use on lawns, gardens, and landscaping. You need to be aware of the contents and instructions written on Preen’s label before you apply it to anything in the area.

Preen has different varieties and instructions, so before applying it to the soil, carefully read the instructions to avoid causing damage to the area. Remember that you are just trying to prevent the weeds from growing on your lawn, garden, or landscape; you are not killing them.

Can you use Preen on lawns?

If you want to know if can you use Preen on lawns, definitely, the answer is yes. Preen is a known lawn weed preventer, so you can use Preen on all lawns except for the St. Augustine grass, Zoysia grass, Carpet grass and, Dichondra.

Can you use Preen in the garden?

It is good to know that Preen is safe to use in garden beds, specifically in vegetable gardens, as well as in herb gardens, shrubs, trees, and flower beds.

Can you use Preen in the garden

However, it is a must for you to read the Preen label and instructions first before applying it to the soil.

  • What Are the Advantages and Benefits of Preen in the Garden?
  • The use of Preen still depends on the grower. Some still choose the traditional way while others simply choose to apply Preen. You can decide which one you want after reading all the benefits that Preen can give to your garden.
  • It is very simple and easy to use.
  • Flowerbed and garden plots look perfectly beautiful.
  • The use of Preen is easier and more effective than hand weeding.
  • If properly applied, there will be little need for a post-preen application.
  • Plants can grow stronger and healthier.
  • As there will be no more time to spend pulling up the weeds, there will be more time to relax in the beauty of your garden.
  • Can You Use Preen on Landscaping Rock Beds?

Some people think that rocks are not prone to weeds. Well, you are wrong because some rocks are also exposed to garden weed problems. One of the reasons is the irregular cleaning schedule of garden rocks.

So, you may be wondering, does Preen work in rock beds? Yes, it definitely does!

Can Preen kill shrubs?

If someone asks, does Preen kill shrubs, the answer is yes. Preen does kill shrubs, especially when applied to shrubs that are not yet established. When we say established, this means the shrubs are not just recently planted but rather planted and rooted for a year already.

What are the other plants around which you cannot use Preen?

When you ask what plants can you not use preen around, you can easily name at least five of these garden weeds: quackgrass, thistle, smooth brome grass, dandelions, and common mallow.

What is it with Preen? Why are many using Preen?

Are you not wondering what is up with this product called Preen? Why are many people using it instead of practicing the old way of preventing and killing the weeds in their plant area?

  • It is guaranteed to prevent new weeds from growing for at least three months.
  • Preen is safe to use for almost 200 established vegetables, trees, flowers, and shrubs. You can check the product label to see the updated list.
  • Preen is applicable for any season: summer, spring, or fall.
  • With Preen, you can now put an end to hand weeding.
  • Preen is a weed preventer. It does not kill weeds that already exist.

How to take care of your lawn with Preen

When you are planning to apply Preen to your garden, in order for you to successfully prevent your lawn from having weeds, you should give proper lawn care and follow every step so you could correctly and successfully apply Preen to the lawn because if not, your time and effort will be useless.

How to take care of your lawn with Preen

  • It is very easy. Just sprinkle the right amount of Preen on your lawn.
  • Read the product label carefully, and understand the directions written correctly.
  • Using Preen after the rain won’t be effective.
  • It is advisable to apply Preen before the grass develops.
  • Do not rush. Wait until the height of the plants is up to 3 inches.
  • If you want to continue preventing the weeds on your garden plants, reapply Preen every three months.
  • Lastly, try not to make any disturbance to the soil.


Whether it is preventing or killing, it doesn’t matter how Preen does it; what matters is how Preen can make the life of every gardener easier. What does Preen kill is the grass seed, and it prevents existing weeds from growing. This article showed you whether Preen really kills the grass. So, let’s check the following details we mentioned:

  • The common misconception about Preen is that many people think that it can only kill grass.
  • Preen does a lot to help with garden, lawn, and other plant areas’ maintenance, as well as assists gardeners and makes their life easier.
  • Because of Preen, you can save a lot of time and effort in killing and preventing weeds.

So, while you are enjoying your garden without weeds, take a look back at how Preen helps you prevent weeds in your garden from coming back repeatedly.

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