Dog-friendly backyard ideas on a budget, are ones that you can easily invest your time and money in, as they will make your home more of a haven for your pet. Have a dog but are unable to get the most out of him outdoors?

15 Dog Friendly Backyard Ideas on a Budget

Our top dog-friendly backyard ideas will help you convert your home into a friendly spot for your four-legged friends. Stay here to learn the best ways to do this on a budget.

A List of Dog-Friendly Ideas to Use in Your Yard

1. Dog-friendly Fence

Dogs require a lot of areas to run around and release their energy.

Dog Friendly Fence

Your dog can safely exercise outside thanks to installing a dog-friendly fence, which also adds privacy and raises the value of your house.

– Structure

Ensure the wall is tall enough to prevent escape, wiggle-proof, and free of sharp edges to ensure it can suit your pet. To make a tiny yard appear larger, completely enclose it with fencing.

If your yard is bigger, have a portion with fencing to make a dog run and allow space for dog-friendly flowers. This will provide your dog with a private area and is less expensive than enclosing your backyard with a fence.

– Benefit

A fence is an easy and affordable dog-friendly landscaping option to make your home dog-friendly. In addition, it is beneficial to have because your dog will be more disciplined to stay in the fence and to run freely in your yard.

2. Dog-safe Plants

Be selective while selecting your plants when creating your dog-friendly garden. When consumed by animals, some landscaping plants can be harmful.

Dog Safe Plants

If your pet will eat just about anything, be sure only to plant dog-safe flowers.

– Choices

There is a plethora of plants and flowers that can be extremely toxic to our dogs. So, getting rid of them is a good start to dog-proofing our back and front yards.

A list of recommended plants to include in your yard are pansies, zinnias, tiger lilies, cilantro, marigold, sunflowers, and snapdragons. These would add a very prominent feature to your yard, just as they are friendly to your furry friend.

You should also look into picking your lawn supplies wisely while designing a dog-friendly backyard. Some weed killers and fertilizers might harm animals without you even knowing it! The best option is to ask your local nurseries for a pet-friendly fertilizer easy on these four-legged friends.

– Benefits

Dogs are prone to eating or biting off practically anything. By ensuring your plants mean no harm, you can save their lives!

Our four-pawed furry friends are quite dear to us, which is why taking the extra step in ensuring all our plants in the yard are dog-friendly is something they will be thankful for, because these plants are not intoxicating, if they accidentally ingest them

3. Install a Water Feature

While this may not make sense initially, a water feature is an excellent idea to install in your backyard to make it dog-friendly.

– Design Ideas

Adding a water feature like a small pond or dog pool is an excellent idea to help keep your puppies cool during the heated months when they can barely go for a walk. Exercise is super important for these furry babies; when the heat is too much, it can affect them mentally and physically.

Install a Water Feature

To help counter this, you can introduce a shallow pool, pond, or even fountain that your dog can play in to stay cool. This will help keep your dog hydrated and allow you to keep hyper breeds like labradors and golden retrievers entertained for hours at a time. Not to mention, a water feature can also help improve your backyard’s visual appeal.

– Benefits

A water feature will help keep your doggy from getting too warm in the summertime. In addition, note that you can go from a ranging price from one option to the other, as all of them will add a very nice feature and be playful to them.

4. Pathway in the Backyard

Even if he is merely scaring away squirrels, a dog will naturally patrol your yard and guard your property. Unfortunately, dogs follow the same paths in the backyard, destroying the grass and leaving brown stains. But there is a solution.

Pathway In The Backyard

Create a polished and ornamental dog walk in your backyard rather than restricting your dog from roaming.

– Design Ideas

Make a trail over your dog’s footprints using the available dog-friendly ground cover. Place the trail where your dog will naturally patrol, such as around the yard’s edge or up against the fence, if there isn’t one already. Because a fast-moving dog will cut corners, ensure it has gentle bends rather than right angles.

– Benefits

It is great for dog training and can help discipline your puppy if you were ever have problems with that. The budgeting for this option is limited, the maximum would cost you is the price of the pebbles, as you can do design it on your own and make a pebble pathway in a very nice way.

5. Sandy Spot

Does your dog always ruin your beautiful landscape by digging holes endlessly when in the yard? Unfortunately, many dog owners face this problem and can only work with it for longer with proper and quality training.

Sandy Spot

However, you can still solve this by giving your dog space for all its digging needs.

– Feature

Installing a suitable sandbox to cater to its size is one of the best decisions you make. This will help keep your dog away from the precious flower beds you installed with extra care and effort. But first, fill the spot with sand or mulch, of course whichever your dog prefers, and try introducing the space to it.

It will take your dog no time to make this spot its personal space to dig its heart out without damaging your landscapes. Plus, designating an area for this will make it easy for you to refill it with more sand or mulch whenever you need it.

Another cool way to help your dog understand this concept more is burying its favorite toys or bones under the sand. It will automatically encourage the curious mind to start digging.

– Benefits

No more digging on expensive turfs, grass, or flowers, as the benefit to this is that it will be quite nice to maintain your gardens or backyard structure, as your dog will not be interested  in eating the flowers anymore, because it will spend most, if not all, its time playing around the sand.

6. Doggy Playground

Do you want to go above and beyond for your loving dog? Well, you can! Yes, it may take up more effort and even be slightly more costly, but it’s worth a try.

Doggy Playground

You can create a full-fledged doggy playground by adding a wooden slide and stairs that match your dog’s capability and size.

– Features

While it is an extensive idea, it will keep your dogs entertained much longer. In addition, it will help them achieve all daily exercise goals and playtime needs, you can set some of the suitable toys such as a crawling hoop, or some suitable slides. This is also a great option for those with substantial space in their backyards and more than one dog. The effort will be worth it!

Furthermore, you can even invest in an agility training as here are many advantages of this training for dogs that includes both physical and mental, and even if you are not into agility training and competing with your dog professionally.

While running about with your dog is a terrific pastime for them, you don’t always have to. Purchase a cheap agility set and put up some games for your dog to play with on their own in the backyard.

You can also install a dog pull, which is a simple DIY task that your dog will adore. The dog tug will provide your dog’s self-play variety, help them build strength and muscles, and release some pent-up energy. A strong post, more wood for the beam, a spring, and your dog’s preferred tug toy are all things you’ll need.

– Benefits

A playground will stimulate your dog’s mind and help them get the exercise they need. Which means that your dog will no longer be sitting still, as much as it will be playing in the playground. Moreover, it can help your dog have better discipline, communication, and behavior.

7. Mini Dog House

Don’t you have a lot of space in your backyard? Will you still wanna include your dog in some way? Then, a mini dog house is a perfect idea. While this is nothing new, and doghouses have been a staple for centuries, many have completely left the concept because of indoor facilities.

Mini Dog House

However, if you enjoy spending time outside with your dog and want them to have some space, you can introduce a mini home just for them.

– Design Ideas

The mini home will help shelter your loving pet from the heat or cold at any time of the year. You can add complimentary features like a cozy dog bed with many blankets to make it even comfier. The roof over their heads will help make them feel safe even outside and protect them from harsh weather.

You can match the colors to the theme color of your house, as it can be more of bright splashes if you have designed it that way, or you can even go for lighter or more pastel shades.

While dogs are some of the most loving creatures, they need their space. So offering this semi-private space to them will give them their time off whenever they feel they need it! Plus, it’s one of the most dog-friendliest backyard options out there. You also don’t require big or little space in your backyard to do this for them.

– Benefits

A dog house will give your dog shelter when they’re outside from the rain or other extreme weather. In addition to the matter, you can also keep an eye on your dog as it won’t get harmed in any way.

8. Doggy Dessert

Can’t grow grass? Then this dog-friendly backyard idea was made for you.

Doggy Dessert

Your dog can dig naturally in soil devoid of grass, saving you the trouble of worrying about the harm that digging causes to the grass.

– Design Ideas

Since grass is no longer an option, you will need to plant shade-giving trees to provide shade for you and your pets. Finally, you can make the space cozier by putting their favorite toys and treats in this area so they are inclined to visit more often. Add a dog house and make it into their doggy residence to further amp it up.

– Benefits

If your doggy loves to go on the beach but can’t always accompany you, this dessert-like feel will make it the happiest animal on earth, and your dog will be playful with this option.

9. Closed Fence

Dogs like to patrol and roam almost as much as they want to dig. To prevent them from walking their routes into the grass, create little pathways in the yard for them to follow as they make their rounds.

Closed Fence

This can also help direct your friend to the spot you’d like them to use the restroom, preferably away from where you sit and unwind.

– Structure

Are you considering fencing? You can consider these as they are not necessary as a massive, very expensive project. There are now inexpensive, simple-to-install DIY dog fencing kits available. These kits cost a few hundred dollars as opposed to several thousand.

The size and structure can also be adjusted to match your budget. For example, what if your dog didn’t require access to the backyard without a fence? You can completely enclose an area or create a dog run in a side yard. If you add a little viewing bubble or dog window, your dog can observe the outside world.

– Benefits

Fences can help keep your dog in one place when you have guests or family over. It will help keep the dog away from running after everybody. You will even give your dog a little time out in the backyard, as it will learn to be still.

10. Adding Shades

Although your dog may enjoy tanning in the sun, she should also have access to shaded areas for napping and cooling off, instead of purchasing a doghouse.

Adding Shades

– Price Range

They can be bought for about $100 and come in various styles, from ultra-modern to comfortable and traditional. Or make sure there are a few tall trees to curl up beneath. Of course, a puppy awning or tented area will work too.

– Benefits

Dogs need shade, so that they won’t get dizzy and tired from the heat of the sun, since their are already covered in fur, and it makes them feel hot. The latter is because they can’t sweat, so as you place these shades, they will lay down in them to catch their breath.

11. Drinking and Eating Place

Giving your dog enough access to water to drink at any time is necessary, especially during the summer and if your dog spends a lot of time playing outside.

Drinking And Eating Place

You can provide cold, fresh water in a bowl, but a pet water fountain or stream would simplify things.

– Features

You could also install a pet-friendly pond for the dog who enjoys the water. Make sure the pond has accessible steps or a side that slopes gently, so the dog can easily climb out if he falls in.

Avoid giving your dog food off the table. Instead, give your pet a special dining area space where they can eat and drink well-balanced foods. If you want to keep the backyard nice and organized, consider building your dog a small platform to store their clean dishes when not in use.

– Benefits

Giving your dog adequate space to hydrate is essential. Dehydration can be a fatal problem for these furry friends are they like to run around and exercise. Moreover, your doggy will love having its own space for lounging and eating all their meals.

12. Provide Marking Spots

Create defined marking places in your yard to deter dogs from marking things like your favorite flower beds or patio furniture since they prefer to indicate their territory.

– Structure

You can buy a fake fire hydrant, as your dog would prefer visible features to mark their territory on, or something as basic as big stones or driftwood to give your dog this space as a structure in your backyard.

Provide Marking Spots

You can also use artificial turf to avoid pee stains on the grass. This material won’t turn yellow like grass and is simple to clean. Artificial pet grass can, however, absorb scents; to avoid this, use a solution including urine odor remover.

– Benefits

Marking spots allow your dog to mark their territory freely but not everywhere they see possible.

13. Allow Them a Full View

A peephole is the most entertaining backyard option for dogs. A translucent plastic dome known as a dome peephole is inserted into a fence aperture so your dog can see what is happening outside.

Allow Them a Full View

Given that they can see people strolling by and enjoy a cute view from the other side of the fence, this feature may also assist calm barking dogs.

– Features

Think about the height you need to install the fence before you set it up. For instance, you want this peephole to be positioned so that your dog can readily see out of it while standing.

Your dog may become excited and want to jump if they can see the outside, so make sure your fence is especially robust to prevent mishaps. You can also make a window cutout in a wall or gate.

– Benefits

Dogs are natural explorers and love to see everything, and they would be curious to discover and to see. A peephole will also help restrict excessive barking and bad behavior.

14. Doggy Bath

This is one practical improvement for houses with dogs.

Doggy Bath

You may save a lot of inside cleaning by having a dog shower outside.

– Features

If you take an outdoor shower, you may let your dogs run and play as freely and uncleanly as they like, and it would feature like a water bassinet for your backyard. Then, herd them inside after putting them through the shower; they’ll be exhausted, hungry, and content.

– Benefits

Once in a while, your doggy needs a bath of its own. By creating this doggy bath, your dog will be able to have fun in the water and get itself clean in no time.

15. Canine Run

Your dog can safely exercise in a fenced-in dog run without harming plants, knocking over household items, or getting into any other mischief. Your pet will be free and safe, and you will have peace of mind.

Canine Run

Remember to provide your pets with a covered location where they can rest and cool down.

– Benefits

A running pathway will help your dog get the intended exercise it needs daily. Plus, you won’t have too much at all.


Here you go, folks! These are some of the best ideas that can help make your backyard dog-friendly in no time. Remember:

  • A dog pull can help relieve a ton of stress from a hyper dog. If you have an overly hyper dog, they need stimulation to help calm them down.
  • A dog house is a classic way of helping your buddy feel at home, especially if this is a new environment for them.
  • Digging is probably one of the biggest problems among dog owners in the U.S. sand box can significantly help reduce this problem.

So, which of these options will you choose to imply in your home?

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