Domino Cactus Care Infographic

Domino Cactus is an easy-to-care-for plant that you can grow without hassles. It has emerald green and dark foliage and is a delight to any home or garden space

The plant is also called Easter Lily Cactus and the Night Blooming Hedgehog, and in this article, our experts provide you with all the details required for its care and propagation.

Read on to know it all and even some lesser-known secrets about growing this attractive cactus; keeping it healthy and thriving in all seasons.

What Is a Domino Cactus?

Domino cactus is an easy-to-grow cactus with emerald green foliage and variegations—it is spotted with white patches and has wooly spines. Native to Bolivia and Paraguay, the Domino cactus’ scientific name is Echinopsis subdenudata or Echinopsis ancistrophora and produces tiny flowers that bloom at night and wilt as the sun sets.

Domino Cactus Care

This cactus is low-maintenance as it requires minimal care and time. That makes it perfect for beginner-level gardeners. You will have thriving green foliage throughout the year with suitable soil, light conditions, a watering schedule, humidity, and temperature.

In the section below we will look into each of these aspects in more detail. We provide you with the most accurate information here to grow the healthiest and most robust cactus right in your home.