Earthwise 50214 review talks about how it is a popular-corded electric lawn mower that has been gaining attention for its impressive features and product specs. It offers an eco-friendly yet powerful and reliable performance, making it a top choice for many homeowners looking for a sustainable solution to care for their lawns.Earthwise 50214 Review

Read on as we give you a full in-depth look at this mower, from its key features and specifications to the possible pros and cons of each feature, to help you decide whether this is the right choice for you.

Pros Cons
Environmentally friendly having zero carbon emissions It does not have a self-propelling system and is not preferable for sloped terrains
Lightweight design and easy to maneuver Cutting width is not sufficient for larger lawns
Quieter performance compared to gas-powered lawnmowers
Two-year warranty on both engine and overall machine

Main Features and Product Specifications

This 14-inch lawn mower provides its user with all the usual features we see in common electric mowers and astoundingly delivers on all those aspects. Not only this but the Earthwise 50214 corded mower does so much more than just the usual, which is why you should know the more technical specifications and features of this mower.

  • Cutting deck size of 14 inch
  • Variable height adjustment settings
  • Maximum cutting height of four inches
  • Minimum cutting height of 1.5 inches
  • 2-in-1 function: both bagging and mulching
  • 5 amp motor
  • Corded design
  • Grass collection bag with a capacity of 1.75 bushels
  • 36 lbs weight
  • Durable steel deck that is both rust and corrosion resistant
  • Two-year warranty included

The Ultimate Earthwise 50214 Review

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Earthwise 50214 Key Criteria
Ease of Staring
Performance on rough terrain
Environmentally friendly having zero carbon emissions
Lightweight design and easy to maneuver
Quieter performance compared to gas-powered lawnmowers
Two-year warranty on both engine and overall machine
It does not have a self-propelling system and is not preferable for sloped terrains
Cutting width is not sufficient for larger lawns

For a quick overview, let us rate the 14-inch corded mower based on its performance in different categories, so you get an idea of its functionality. For its easy and simple start-up mechanism, we give it a 10/10; moreover, for its very powerful motor of 8.5 AMPs, it receives a 9/10. For its low demanding maintenance, it gets 9.5/10, and finally, for its excellent performance on rough terrains, we rate it 8/10.


When it comes to electric mowers, the Earthwise 50214 push lawn mower is in a class of its own. With its unmatched super-powered motor that is effective, efficient, and long-lasting, coupled with the durable steel material of the deck, this mower provides you service for many years to come with minimal maintenance on your part.

Earthwise is quite a significant and influential manufacturer in the lawn mower business, as they compete against some of the best machines like the Mow Joe mowers, the Sun Joe riding lawn mowers, and the Decker MM mowers, among others. Yet, they never fade into the background and are here to stay for good reason, as they produce some of the best electric mowers the world has seen. In short, because of this specific feature, the 50214 is a worthy candidate to consider if you are seeking to find a quality mower.Cutting Height of Earthwise 50214

This 8.5 amp corded lawn mower is the perfect answer for those individuals looking for an easy-to-use mower that is also environmentally considerate. Since this mower does not produce any carbon emissions, it does not release any carbon into the atmosphere and poses no risk to the environment of where you reside, and the air wouldn’t be contaminated.

A notable feature of the 50214 8.5 amp corded mower is its two-in-one multi-purpose motor that lets you also complete some mulching process and bagging. Additionally, the mower comes with a grass collection bag with a large capacity of 1.75 bushels, which is easy to attach and detach when emptying.

Another additional benefit of the brushless electric motor is its quieter noise level. This lawn mower produces much less noise compared to gas-powered alternatives, which is beneficial to users concerned about their mower being a disturbance to the neighborhood or having sensitive ears that are otherwise irritated by the loud, noisy gas mowers.

In short, this lawn mower has received immensely positive feedback with high customer satisfaction percentages in several other reviews. This helps us better gauge the scope of satisfied customers this mower has produced.

– How Has the Earthwise 50214 Evolved?

The Earthwise 50214 electric lawn mower has evolved in a few different ways since its inception; one of the main features being improved includes its motor. Other than some of the key features that have improved, the 50214 is a reliable and sturdy mower that gained popularity throughout the years.Features of Earthwise 50214

The motor is one of the major things to have received an upgrade. Previous modules did not have such a strong motor as this mower does, which means it is now able to handle larger spaces and denser and thicker grass than before. This is why you should know that this model was made to cancel out the previous mistakes and issues; hence, it is more specified on the satisfaction of the end user.


Let us compare the Earthwise 50214 to the Worx WG779 to see how each stacks up. Both of these mowers are powerful and spectacular in their own right, but when we put their specs side by side, we learn a few things about each of them.

First, the WG779 has a smaller collection bag than the 50214. Where the 50214 has a collection bag with a capacity of 1.75 bushels, the WG779’s bag is only 0.85 bushels. This is quite a significant difference in size, and you will notice how it is more beneficial if you are someone who requires a larger collection or mulch bag, the Earthwise 50214 is the one for you.

Additionally, the WG779 is a battery-powered mower. In contrast, the 50214 is among corded electric lawn mowers, which means you can only run the WG779 for short periods before the battery dies out, and you need to recharge. On the other hand, the 50214 can run for as long as you want it, provided it is still plugged in.

In the end, it is simple to see how the 50214 is also the lighter machine of the two, meaning it is much easier to maneuver compared to the WG779. In cutting widths, they both match at 14 inches. However, the WG779 offers six different heights, which means you can handle more types of grass.

Prospect Features and Main Advantages

– 8.5 Amp Motor

This corded electric mower features a powerful 8.5 amps motor that easily cuts through thick and dense grass and handles the whole operation in a matter of moments. This is a significant way of how the machine would run because the motor is the power source, and it enhances the workflow at the end.

– 14-inch Cutting Width

This lawn mower features a deck of 14 inches, which means it has a 14-inch cutting width. This lets you cover more ground in less time, which makes for a more time-efficient job, making the place look tidy and neat at the same time so that you would have a fresh-looking lawn.Cutting Width of Earthwise Mower

– Two-in-one Operating System

The 50214 8.5 amp electric lawn mower harbors a multipurpose function: it has both mulching and bagging capabilities. This allows you to collect the grass clippings or trimmings and mulch the collection to be used as fertilizer into the soil, so it will help you accomplish the task with all ease.

– Cutting Height Adjustment Options

This mower features a range of cutting heights varying from 1.5 inches to four inches. A simple pulling lever lets you easily pick and set between the heights you desire to ensure you get a perfectly even cut every single time; as it gives you the freedom to adjust and go ahead to function in the way that you wish for it to have an end result.


– Easy Start Mechanism

The button start of this mower, as opposed to the traditional cord-pulling start, is both time-saving and effortless. This makes starting your 50214 mowers easy and simple with just one push of a button.


Now, at last, we are at the end of our lawn mower review, and we encourage you to scour the internet and look at more lawn mower reviews like this to gain a further understanding.

For all the specific reasons mentioned above, it should not be a surprise to figure out how we pick the Earthwise 50214 as our top recommendation for individuals looking for an effective and eco-friendly mower.

We hope you found this review useful as it equipped you with all the necessary information to help you pick through the aspects of the mower.

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