Earthwise 60120 review is to elaborate on how this electric lawn mower offers an eco-friendly and sustainable alternative to the traditional mowers available in the market. In this review, we give you the full in-depth breakdown of everything you need to know about it: from technical information and features to performance quality and overall value.Earthwise 60120 Review

In this review, we give you the full in-depth breakdown of every aspect you need to know about it, from technical information and features to performance quality and overall value, and to have a better insight about the cordless lawn mower, continue reading below.

Pros Cons
Eco-friendly Heavy machine weight of 92 lbs
3-in-1 multi-purpose motor It may be difficult to maneuver on sloped terrain
Cordless design
Quieter performance

The Most Relevant Features of the Earthwise 60120

This cordless electric lawn mower has many of the great typical features of other regular lawn mowers, like the sustainable and eco-friendly aspects, but that is just a bit of it. Moreover, you must also have a clear insight into each factor that makes up the proper build-up of the machine and gives it the value that it has earned.

  • 12 amp electric motor
  • 20 inches deck size
  • Adjustable cutting heights
  • Minimum cutting height of 1.5 inches
  • Maximum cutting height of four-inches
  • 3-in-1 system: mulching, bagging, and side discharge
  • Collection bag capacity of 1.75 bushels
  • Adjustable cushioned handlebar
  • Machine weight of 92 lbs
  • 7-inch front wheels
  • 5-inch rear wheels
  • Cordless design
  • Safety features installed to ensure safe operations
  • Two-year long warranty

 A Deep-dive Earthwise 60120 Review

Earthwise 60120 Key Criteria
Ease of Staring
Performance on rough terrain
3-in-1 multi-purpose motor
Cordless design
Quieter performance
Heavy machine weight of 92 lbs
It may be difficult to maneuver on sloped terrain

Just before we delve into it, let us give you a quick scoring of the mower over four categories: efficient starting, power, maintenance requirements, and rough terrain performance. We give it a 10/10 for an effortlessly easy start-up mechanism, a 9.5/10 for its sheer monster power, a 9/10 for low-demanding maintenance, and 8.5/10 for being pretty good on rough terrains too.


This lawn mower is infamous in the industry for its ever-respectable reputation because it comes with all the typical features you would expect of electric mowers, including being environmentally friendly and producing no exhaust fumes and carbon emissions. This is advantageous for the atmosphere and even the environment but also safer for the user, as they are no longer increasing the risk of exhaust gas inhalation, or even to be polluting the area.

The powerful electric motor of this mower is capable of producing a 12 AMP peak power output, which means it provides you with enough sheer power to handle any task, regardless of the degree that you have placed. The motor is also brushless, which means it is more efficient, long-lasting, and quieter.

When receiving your 24-volt cordless electric mower, you also receive the Earthwise 60120 manual guide, which illustrates everything you would need to know about this mower. From simple assembly to maintenance for your mower, this guide has it all down to the nitty-gritty details.Brushless Motor of Earthwise Mower

This lawn mower has a unique cordless design, making it much easier and simpler. You no longer have to haul around bulky wires, worry about accidentally unplugging your mower, tripping over the wires, or be concerned about how far you can go without the device unplugging.

The whole affair is just made a lot smoother and cleaner with this cordless mower. Moreover, it has a three in one system which allows you to carry out all your lawn maintenance duties in one go with one machine.

– How Has the Earthwise 60120 Evolved?

The 60120 has evolved and became flexible by its cordless technological advancement. The older versions still operate using big bulky wires that have to be plugged into a power source. But the 60120 takes care of this issue with its battery-powered motor requiring no outlet connection.

Furthermore, Earthwise has spent its resources on developing finer machinery that works more efficiently and effectively, and with this new brushless motor, you see that in action. In addition, they have also improved the battery life and quality. This mower runs for much longer without recharge and lasts up to decades with minimal maintenance.

Let us compare the 60120 to other lawnmowers you find on the marketplace. A popular brand of lawn tools that makes similar mowers is Sun Joe. Let us see how the Earthwise 60120 holds up against its MJ500M.


For instance, when it comes to the cutting width, the 60120 has a wider cutting width of 20 inches whereas the MJ500M has a cutting width of only 16 inches. This means that the Earthwise mower is a better fit for larger spaces, as it has the ability to cover further ground in a shorter amount of time.

Secondly, let us look at cutting heights. The 60120 offers six different cutting heights, whereas the MJ500M offers only three. This makes the 60120 a more versatile mower that can efficiently handle a greater range of heights and, therefore, handle grass with different thicknesses.Grass Collection Bag of Earthwise Lawn Mower

Lastly, let us compare the weight! Although the 60120 is slightly heavier than the MJ500M, it is still a considerably light mower that is easy to maneuver. Also, another feature to consider is that the MJ500M does not have a side discharge option, whereas the 60120 does.

Some Detailed Features and Specifications

– Cutting Width

This Earthwise 60120 mower features a 20-inch cutting width, which allows for faster mowing as it can handle a large area in a shorter duration, making it ideal for anyone with a medium to large-sized lawn. The latter is the best lawn to aim for, because this way, you will see how the job would also be done in an efficient and precise way.Cutting Width of Earthwise 60120

– Cutting Height

This mower offers six different height adjustment positions, ranging from 1.5 inches to four inches, which allow for a more versatile mowing of different types of grass. You should set it to whatever height you wish or require, which would also depend on the style of cut you want and the type of grass available, and the mower will take care of the yard maintenance from there onwards.

– Brushless Motor

The Earthwise 60120 mower is powered by a brushless motor, which provides great efficiency and power while still giving a quieter performance. It also promotes the longevity of the mower as this motor does not tire, overheat or break as easily as others, and the duration of how long you would be using it in a pristine way would also be due to this specific feature.

– Easy Start System

The Earthwise 60120 has a simple starting mechanism that involves only pushing a power button. This allows for an instant start, so you do not have to put too much time and wait for the mower to start after several pulls of a cord eventually. It is also much less strenuous than pulling cords, which eventually tire you out.


– Grass Collection Bag

The mower is one that comes with a grass collection bag of 1.75 bushels capacity, which works harmoniously with both modes of mulching or side discharge. Users can pick whatever mode they wish to use and respectively collect the clippings or mulch into the bag, which is large enough that you will not have to be worried or concerned about it overflowing.


Overall, this mower deserves the overwhelmingly positive feedback it receives, just as we mentioned all the details in our Earthwise lawn mower reviews. For its superior performance quality and build, we claim this mower is our top recommendation for those who wish to buy a first-class mower that can handle any task from lightweight to heavy-duty and huge yards.

Say goodbye to having to haul around three different machines to do lawn maintenance or stuff three different pieces of equipment into your store room or shed. With this Earthwise mower, you only need one, as it can do all three jobs: mulch, bag, and rear discharge.

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