Earthwise cvph41018 - 2-in-1 Pole Hedge TrimmeThe Earthwise cvph41018 is a corded electric pole trimmer that conveniently converts into a handheld hedge trimmer so that you can do multiple tasks with one tool. In this review, you’ll discover how well this device works for garden and yard cleanup projects.

We’ll explain the pros and cons of this tool in detail, giving you a complete picture of the advantages and disadvantages of this Earthwise hedge trimmer. So continue reading and find out all the details we discovered when looking into this tool. 

Earthwise Pole Trimmer Pros and Cons

Earthwise cvph41018 Key Criteria
Blade Length
2-in-1 tool converts from pole extension to handheld trimmer
150-degree pivot on head
No gas fumes, no lithium battery
Low maintenance
Top heavy with pole extended
Pole is short

Product Highlights

This electric hedge trimmer is an excellent choice for people who need to trim vegetation in various heights and spaces . It rapidly converts from a pole trimmer to a handheld unit without the use of tools.

  • Corded electric power  
  • 6-position cutting head adjustment  
  • 18-inch cutting blade  
  • 3/4-inch cutting capacity  
  • 10-pounds with the pole attached

– Earthwise cvph41018 Review

This Earthwise electric pole hedge trimmer is two tools in one because it readily converts from a 6-foot long pole trimmer to a handheld hedging unit. So if your garden includes a mix of tall shrubs and hedges along with smaller vegetation and tight spaces, this trimmer can do both kinds of work without you needing to risk getting on a ladder

The 18-inch cutting blade snaps into six positions for adjusting the angle of the head to the pole. This feature allows you to easily trim the tops of tall hedges by adjusting the head at a 90-degree angle to get an even, flat top.

You can also set it to other angles for snipping foliage in hard-to-reach spots inside a hedge or shrub and for carving foliage into elegant shapes. The head swivels a total of 150 degrees, so you have lots of choices for adjusting it precisely as needed for each situation. 

– Corded Power

This trimmer is powered using an extension cord plugged into a standard 120-volt outlet. You must provide the cable, and it’s crucial to use one that is outdoor rated and with a large enough wire gauge for the amperage of the tool and the length of the cord.

Using an underrated extension cord puts undue stress on the motor and can damage it. It also reduces the amount of power the cutting blade can deliver.

Corded electric power is more robust than lithium battery power, and you never run out of electricity when using this trimmer. You won’t need to stop and recharge a battery or mess around with smelly and hazardous gasoline.

However, the downside to corded electricity is dragging around the extension wire, which adds to the total weight of the tool and which means you have to be mindful so as not to accidentally damage the cord.

– Low-maintenance

This trimmer requires almost no maintenance. There is no oil or spark plug to change or carburetor to tune up. The only care it needs is wiping down the cutting blade with a mild soapy water solution and drying it after use. Light lubrication of the blade with a non-toxic oil can also keep the teeth moving smoothly. 

– Problems Noted by Buyers

Multiple buyers report several problems with this trimmer. For one, the weight is not well balanced, and the trimmer is top-heavy and hard to hold when the pole is at full extension. This weight might not be a problem for people with lots of upper body strength, but for others, it could be a significant downside when cutting tall vegetation.

Another significant problem is that the cutting teeth do not extend to the end of the blade, making the usable part of the cutting area about 2-inches shorter than the full 18-inch length of the blade.

This reduced length can make it hard to cut vegetation close to the ground or near a wall or other structure because you can’t get the cutting teeth right up to the spot where you need them.

A final problem reported by some buyers is the safety feature in the power switch, requiring the operator to hold down a button while using the tool. The button is designed for right-handed people, so left-handed users might have difficulty comfortably keeping the button depressed while cutting. The design of this feature also makes it difficult to move the tool into multiple positions while working and keeping the power switch on.

– Bottom Line

Overall, this tool works best as a handheld unit and not as well with the pole extension in place. Therefore, it is most suitable for buyers who mainly need a reliable electric handheld trimmer and want a short pole extension for minimal trimming at higher levels. 


Product Features

In this section, we’ll be taking a look at this tool’s important product features.

– Power Source

This trimmer has a 2.8-amp brushless motor, giving it plenty of cutting power for average trimming work. In addition, a cord lock at the base of the tool helps prevent accidental unplugging while moving around, which is a beneficial feature on any corded tool. 

Unfortunately, as mentioned above, there are some problems with the on/off trigger design on this machine. The button is small and difficult to hold down, especially when changing positions to cut at different angles.

In addition, there is no lock-on device to keep the power turned on without using your finger to hold down the button. These drawbacks make this tool most suitable for people with minimal hedge trimming work to do.

– Cutting Blade and Head

The overall cutting blade length is 18 inches. However, the teeth do not extend to the end of the blade, making the effective length about 2 inches less and making it impossible to trim with the blade’s tip, which is sometimes necessary when cutting close to the ground or near a wall or fence. 

The cutting head rotates easily with the click of a button, and you can choose from six different angles. The blade head pivots 150 degrees, but many other trimmers have cutting heads that can swivel 180 degrees or more, making them capable of more versatile cutting situations. 

The cutting teeth can hack through branches up to ¾ inches in diameter, and the corded-electric power is matched for tasks of this size. The blade is made from hardened steel and does not require sharpening under normal cutting conditions.

The telescoping pole is made from lightweight fiberglass. However, the motor is located at the end of the rod, making the unit top-heavy and hard to hold overhead for extended periods of time.

– 2-in-1 Feature

The 2-in-1 tool feature on this trimmer is handy for anyone with a variety of vegetation to trim. It’s straightforward and easy to convert the tool from a pole trimmer to a handheld unit. All that is required to convert the device is pressing one button to connect or disconnect the trimmer head from the pole.

– Size, Pole Extension and Weight

The maximum extension of the pole gives you 80 inches of reach, including the length of the cutting head. This total length is less than many other pole hedge trimmers, but it is sufficient for getting to the top of smaller hedges up to about 6 feet in height.

The pole telescopes in and out by loosening and tightening a collar on the shaft. This feature makes it possible to precisely adjust the pole length for a variety of cutting conditions. 

With the pole in place, this trimmer weighs just under 10 pounds. The handheld unit without the pole weighs about 6.8 pounds. This one is relatively light as a handheld trimmer, making it convenient for maneuvering in hard-to-reach areas.

With the pole in place, it’s still a lightweight trimmer, but unfortunately, the top-heavy nature of the device makes it difficult to manage with the pole on, despite being lightweight. 

– Warranty

This Earthwise trimmer is manufactured by The Great States Corporation/American Lawn Mower Company, which issues the warranty. It comes with a 2-year limited warranty covering defects in materials and labor. To receive warranty service, you must provide the original, dated sales receipt showing proof of purchase. 



How do you sharpen Earthwise cvph41018 trimmer?

Typically, it involves using a sharpening tool or file to restore the cutting edges of the blades.

Can you cut thick branches with the Earthwise cvph41018 trimmer?

The Earthwise cvph41018 trimmer is designed to handle moderately thick branches, but its cutting capacity may vary.

What thickness can Earthwise cvph41018 trimmer cut?

The Earthwise cvph41018 trimmer is designed to cut branches up to a thickness of approximately 5/8 inches (16mm).


Earthwise cvph41018-Electric Pole TrimmerThe Earthwise brand is not as well-known as many other outdoor tool companies like Black+Decker and Dewalt. However, this brand is manufactured by the American Lawn Mower Company, in business for over 100 years.

Earthwise brands also include many other outdoor tools such as electric lawnmowers, snow throwers, chainsaws and string trimmers. 

The Earthwise cvph41018 electric hedge trimmer has the significant advantage of readily converting from a handheld trimmer to a short pole trimmer to accomplish various work. The construction is solid with high-quality materials. However, several design issues make this trimmer most suitable for people who primarily need a handheld trimmer with limited pole extension needs. 

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