Are you searching for an honest Echo HC 152 hedge trimmer review so that you can make the correct buying decision? Well, you are at the right place.

The Echo HC 152 is among the popular names if you talk about high-end hedge trimmers.

But will this hedge trimmer fulfill your needs? You will learn about this and many more things about the Echo HC 152 trimmer in this review.

Echo HC 152 Hedge Trimmer – PROS & CONS



  • Air filtration system
  • Solid construction
  • Rigid support bar
  • Easy to use
  • The handle is not adjustable
  • The safety guard is less durable

Product Highlights

Following are some vital features of this Echo gas-powered hedge trimmer. By knowing the Echo HC-152 specs, you can easily decide whether to invest your money in this hedge trimmer or not.

  • Performance
  • Engine
  • Lightweight
  • Quiet operation
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Reciprocating blade
  • Safety
  • Air filtration system
  • Low fuel consumption

Echo HC-152 Hedge Trimmer Review

The Echo HC-152 is one of the finest trimmers you can choose because of its quality functionalities and performance. It has a mighty engine that has 21.2cc of power.

You can efficiently deal with the vast range of cutting tasks with the help of its sharp blades. The use of double-reciprocating RazorEdge blades makes the HC-152 a much sharper hedge trimmer than its competitors. The blade also supports a double-sided feature, and its size is 20 inches.

If you compare the HC-152 blade with other hedge trimmers, you might get disappointed because of its smaller size. Though the blade size is short, it is ideal for cutting hedges and shrubs from hard-to-reach areas. However, the Echo HC-152 trimmer might take more time for cutting in a large area because of the short blade.

Weighing in at 11.8 pounds, the Echo HC-152 is lighter in weight compared to other gas trimmers. Keep in mind that the 11.8 pounds weight is without fuel. Adding fuel to the Echo HC-152 tank will also enhance its weight. Therefore, you might find it hard to lift this unit above shoulder height after adding the fuel.

Moreover, the Echo HC-152 is more costly than many battery-powered and electric trimmers. However, it is far more powerful, which justifies the cost. You do not need to recharge it frequently as the Echo HC-152 does not support any battery. Instead of a battery, this Echo gas hedge trimmer uses fuel/gas to operate.

Further, the fuel tank storage is also considerable. The 15.6 fluid ounces will help you store more. Also, the fuel tank is transparent that supports quickly refilling. You can conveniently observe the fuel level available in the tank because of its high transparency. The generous capacity will allow you to work for a longer duration before you require to refuel.

These hedge trimmers have dual handles as well, like traditional trimmers. The front handle has a loop style, while the rear handle is comfortable when it comes to gripping.

These handles will make moving the trimmer and performing the cutting task more efficient. However, most other high-end hedge trimmers support a rotatable rear handle which is not available in the HC-152 unit. Working at different angles will be a big concern for you because of the absence of an adjustable handle.

Besides, the protection of the hands is also critical while using a trimmer. Due to this, the Echo HC-152 has introduced a durable handguard. While cutting hedges and branches, this handle guard will protect you from flying objects.

– Performance

The 21.2cc 2-stroke engine contributes to optimal performance. It works superbly well and delivers a professional-grade outcome on both midsize and large areas.

Apart from the engine, the sharp steel cutting blade also produces an improved performance. With this Echo commercial hedge trimmer, you can cut any hedges, shrubs, and bushes on your lawn. The blade uses a push-and-pull motion to perform the cutting operation. This reciprocating motion by the blade will let you cut branches with minimal force.

– Engine

The sturdy 2-stroke engine with 21.2cc power is enough to cut hedges and shrubs. The 21cc power is enough to let you perform cutting of different types of hedges. You can attain a professional-grade performance using this trimmer. As the engine is 2-stroke, it does not require a lot of fuel.

This 2-stroke engine makes this machine consume low fuel. The Echo HC-152 engine will help you achieve top-notch cutting as per your desire.

– Lightweight

The more undesirable hedges and branches you have, the longer you will need to use the hedge trimmer. As a result, the machine’s weight should be considered light so that you can conveniently carry it while working for extended periods.

The 11.8 pounds of weight of the Echo HC-152 product is lighter than many other models. You can easily use this echo gas-powered hedge trimmer for long trimming sessions because of its lightweight functionality.

– Quiet Operation

Some users might be familiar that the gas trimmers usually cause more noise than the battery-powered and electric trimmers. If you compare the Echo HC-152 trimmer with other gas trimmers, you will find that this unit is comparatively quieter.

The use of a muffler in the engine helps in minimizing the noise level. Therefore, while operating the Echo HC-152 hedge trimmer, users do not have to bother about loud noise.

– Ergonomic Handle

This Echo commercial hedge trimmer has a loop-style front handle that is large. This extra-large handle will accommodate you in convenient gripping.

On the other hand, it has an ergonomic rear handle that will offer comfort to your hand even if you use the trimmer for a lengthened duration. The prime issue with the rear handle that you may not like is that you cannot rotate or adjust it. The absence of an adjustable handle will make it harder for you to work at different angles.

– Reciprocating Blade

The reciprocating blade is what makes this hedge trimmer deliver top-class cutting. It has a 20 inches reciprocating blade that is made of sharp steel material. This blade renders a more durable and precise result because of an enhanced sharpness. This blade will help you make an even cut on bushes, hedges, and shrubs, so they grow in exact size.

This blade has a short 20 inches size, indicating that it will take relatively more time to complete the cutting process than a longer-sized blade. Another positive thing about the short blade is that it offers more balance and minimizes the machine’s overall weight. You will get much better control while using this hedge trimmer because of the blade.

– Safety

While using any of the hedge trimmers, you should be extra cautious as these trimmers include a sharp blade. Encountering the blade directly with the hand can cause an injury.

Therefore, to prevent such issues, the Echo gas-powered hedge trimmer has introduced a handguard and debris shield. Both the debris shield and a handguard provide high protection to the user. Though the Echo brand has added a few safety options, I will suggest using this machine with great care.

– Air Filtration System

The Echo HC 152 model features a system of air filtration that enhances its efficiency. Not only efficiency, but it also makes the engine last longer. It disposes of any extra air in the carburetor and the fuel tank, making your hedge trimmer last longer.

– Low Fuel Consumption

The prime thing about Echo HC-152 is that it does not require a lot of fuel to fulfill the cutting task. The large 15.6 fluid ounces tank allows much better storage than many other hedge trimmers.

The low fuel consumption will make this Echo commercial hedge trimmer complete the trimming task without demanding to refill. Further, the fuel tank is see-through, which means you can identify the fuel level even without opening it. Also, the fuel mix ratio of this unit is 50:1.


  • This Echo gas-powered hedge trimmer introduces a sharp 20 inches reciprocating blade for convenient cutting.
  • It has a see-through fuel tank for effortless refilling. The capacity of the fuel tank is substantial.
  • The front handle present in Echo HC 152 introduces a safety guard for extra protection.
  • The use of an air filtration system makes the engine of Echo HC 152 last longer.
  • It has sizable dual loop handles for better and comfortable control.

Is the Echo HC 152 machine a quality hedge trimmer to invest your money on? If you want a potent engine that can tackle large cleaning jobs, the answer is yes. But if you do not wish to go through a lot of maintenance, this hedge trimmer might not be a good option for you.

This Echo gas-powered hedge trimmer has sharp, durable blades that render effective cutting. It has a solid construction and a rigid support bar that make it easier to use. For user protection, this Echo gas hedge trimmer also introduces a safety guard with the front handle. I hope you like this Echo HC 152 review.

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