If you’re looking for an easy-to-use gas powered leaf blower, you might be interested in the Echo PB-2520. Echo has a solid reputation for reliability, and this device is in the price range for most anyone with a tight budget for garden equipment.

In this Echo PB-2520 review, we’ll dive deep into the details, specs, and real-world performance of this machine, telling you everything we discovered when we checked it out.

Then, you’ll have the information you need to make an informed buying decision about this blower.

Echo PB 2520 Pros and Cons



Easy starting

No flat blower nozzle attachment
Variable-speed with cruise-control

Shoulder strap not included

Low weight and noise levels

5-year consumer warranty


Product Highlights

This Echo handheld leaf blower is designed for grab-and-go residential yard maintenance or intermittent use in a commercial setting.

Its low weight and low noise level ratings make it ideal for quick and easy lawn, garden, home, and worksite cleanup.

  • Easy-to-start 2-stroke gas engine
  • High air volume
  • Curved tube reduces the gyro effect
  • Double grid intake prevents clogging
  • Attachment points for shoulder strap
  • Comes with a 5-year warranty

Echo PB-2520 Review

The first thing you should know about this Echo handheld leaf blower is how easy it is to pull the start cord to get the engine running.

Many gas-powered leaf blowers have high tension in the cord, making it difficult to pull even with enough force to start the engine. Not so with this machine, and this is a significant advantage for any homeowner who needs a leaf blower but doesn’t want to struggle to get it running.

Echo has listened to customer complaints about previous models of its blowers, making several improvements in design.

The overall blowing capacity of this tool is one of those improvements, along with a second layer of grill over the air intake, preventing debris – or your clothing – from getting drawn toward the air intake and clogging it.

Top wind speeds of 170 mph and a massive air volume of 453 cfm are other features of this Echo handheld leaf blower that make home and worksite cleanup a breeze.

The slightly curved design of the tube reduces rotational stress, so you don’t have to exert so much force to keep the machine where you want it. This design makes the tool easier to hold and reduces the strain on the operator.

Anyone looking for an easily portable leaf blower with high reliability, low overall weight, low noise levels, and plenty of power for occasional cleanup work is likely to appreciate this machine.

Echo PB 2520 Main Product Features

– Engine

The professional-grade 25.4cc displacement engine runs on regular gasoline mixed in a 50:1 ratio with 2-stroke engine oil. If you’re worried about mixing gas and oil in the right amounts, you can buy the fuel premixed.

The spring-assisted starting mechanism is the secret behind the easy startup. Set the choke button and pull the cord with a firm but gentle upward motion. In our tests, it started up on the second or third pull without problems.

We did discover that the engine on this gas blower needs to warm up for a minute or two before it reaches full-throttle power, and it tends to stall out when starting cold until it warms up. But the ease of pulling the cord compensates for this problem.

This blower has an auto-reset feature on the on/off switch, resetting to the on position right after turning off and preventing accidental flooding of the carburetor from trying to start with the button in the off position. The auto-reset is a handy feature for anyone with less experience using gas-powered leaf blowers.

The throttle is variable-speed, giving you great control over the blower speed for various types of work. Once you find the right speed for the job, set the cruise-control switch, and your hand is free to control the tube and blast air where you want it without needing to do anything else.

– Fuel Tank

The fuel tank holds 18.6-ounces of gas/oil mix, and it’s translucent, so you can see how much fuel remains without needing to remove the gas cap. This fuel volume is about typical for leaf blowers of this size and power, and it’s plenty big enough to keep you working for up to 45 minutes without needing to stop and refuel, a distinct advantage for larger cleanup projects.

– Maintenance Requirements

Like all gas-powered yard equipment, this blower requires some periodic maintenance. Maintenance includes regularly cleaning or replacing the air filter located under the tool-free access panel on the side of the machine.

Occasionally cleaning and replacing the spark plug and fuel filter are other simple chores you’ll need to do with this yard tool. The only tools required for this are a spark plug wrench and a pair of needle-nose pliers for pulling the fuel filter out of the tank.

For the best results with this or any other gas-powered tool, always read and follow the safety and maintenance instructions in the user’s manual.

– Airspeed and Air Flow Capacity

The high airflow capacity of 453 cubic feet per minute (cfm) blasts out gusts of wind at up to 170 mph, ample wind volume for most residential cleanup projects, and plenty for many commercial applications as well.

Drawing all this air through the air intake creates a potential hazard of clogging the machine if debris or the operator’s clothing gets sucked up against the intake vent. To overcome this problem, Echo added a plastic double-grid cover over the intake grill.

The blower tube’s design has an S shape, reducing the gyro effect by counteracting the rotational force created by the wind impellers. Without this feature, a blower tube tends to move to one side due to the air’s thrust.

The curved tube design helps overcome this issue and relieves stress on the operator’s arm and hand from continuously straining to keep the pipe in line.

The blower tube is a bit shorter than on some other blowers, making it hard to reach the ground or grass with the tip of the tube without bending over slightly. However, reaching the ground with the pipe is not necessary for all types of leaf blowing chores.

The pipes hook together using Posi-loc™ connectors, which snap in without using any tools.

– Weight, Dimensions, and Noise Level

The dry weight of this Echo handheld leaf blower is a comfortable 8.6 lbs. However, when you fill the tank, the weight goes up to 9.7 lbs. This weight is one of the lowest for a handheld gas blower and considerably less than similar models by Stihl, Craftsman, and Poulan.

Low weight in a leaf blower makes a world of difference for ordinary people who only need a tool like this for occasional tidying up their yard, driveway, lawn, deck, or gutters.

The dimensions of this product are 18 inches by 16 inches by 11 inches, and this size is average for leaf blowers with a comparable power rating.

The noise output on this blower is only 70 dB. This sound level is another advantage for homeowners who do yard work on the weekend because it is exceptionally quiet and not likely to disturb the neighbors or wake the kids up from their naps.

The noise created by this machine is low enough that some users do not wear earplugs, but we recommend them anyway because it helps relieve stress and strain when working with a gas engine machine.

– Ergonomics

We already mentioned the curved blower tube design and its ergonomic benefits for reducing the gyro effect and operator fatigue. Still, it’s worth repeating because this feature helps make the machine more manageable and comfortable to use, especially for anyone with less experience using a blower.

This Echo gas blower does not come with shoulder straps, although the low weight of the device does not make them necessary in most situations. However, if you want the extra support of straps, the blower has two attachment points, and you can buy this accessory separately.

– Warranty Information

The standard Echo PB-2520 warranty for residential use is 5-years, but you need to register the product online or send in the card that comes in the box to activate it. A five-year warranty is more extended than what comes with many other residential leaf blowers, an indication of Echo’s confidence in their product.

For commercial buyers, the warranty is 2-years. The inclusion of a commercial warranty with this product proves the manufacturer built this device for the rigors of use in a business. However, not all parts of the blower are covered by warranty for either residential or commercial use.

Our Echo PB-2520 Review Conclusions

Homeowners and business people looking for a highly portable, light, low noise leaf blower with good airspeeds, high air volume, and excellent reliability are likely to be pleased with the Echo PB 2520.

While there are other leaf blowers out there with more power, this product has the significant advantages of being lightweight and quiet, making it an excellent choice for grab-and-go leaf blowing work at home or in business.

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