Echo PB 255LN leaf blower is popular in most homes and used by several landscapers and gardeners. We’ll be reviewing its important functions, performance, and specifications in this article.

Echo PB 255LN Review

If you keep reading, you’ll gain more information on how this 24.4 cc handheld leaf blower functions, and if it is really worth buying for the kind of work you have in mind. Without wasting time, let’s get into it!

Pros Cons
Easy to set up Does not include vacuum functions
Reduced noise level The areas it can be applied to are limited
Easy to start and operate
Rubber handles for proper grip and comfort

Echo 255LN Blower Highlights 

This leaf-blowing tool was designed with residential areas or noise-sensitive areas in mind, having a 64-decibel engine that makes very little noise when it’s operating.

It is perfect for homeowners with small to medium-sized yards and saves a lot of time and stress with its easy-to-start controls and other features for easy movement and maneuvering.

  • Powerful two-stroke
  • High airflow and airspeed
  • Low noise
  • Lightweight
  • Strategically positioned handles
  • Flattened-end pipe
  • Strategically positioned group controls

Echo Pb-255ln Review

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Echo PB-255LN Key Criteria
Number of functions
Number of airflow settings
Easy to set up
Reduced noise level
Easy to start and operate
Rubber handles for proper grip and comfort
Does not include vacuum functions
The areas it can be applied to are limited

This blower does its function well, which is to blow leaves. Other than that, it doesn’t perform any other function, including vacuuming which some other blowers are able to do. However, it makes a comeback in other important categories. 

If you look at the end from how you would be managing the usage, think about how the machine is pretty lightweight, weighing only about 10.2 pounds in dry weight, so you won’t really feel drained after using it for some time. As a result of its lightweight, it’s easy to handle and maneuver. 

Also, the airflow of any blower is very indispensable, and this is what many users look at before they make their choice. This handheld leave-blowing machine does not disappoint in this category. With an airflow of 354cfm, it has enough power to blow bigger leaves and twigs, and is especially useful when there’s a huge pile of debris to clear. 

Finally, this leaf blower is a machine that has multiple settings, which makes it easy to switch from light yard work to more intense leaf blowing in seconds. The reason why it is great to invest in this is simply because it will adjust your job into having multiple purposes serving at the same time, which means that you don’t need to buy an additional machine, because it does the trick. 

Now, before you knock it for its inability to vacuum, the echo 255ln blower has many other redeeming qualities including the fact that it’s lightweight, has a powerful two-stroke engine, and makes less noise than many other models. When it makes less noise, it will be a great task completed for you, and your neighbors too. 

As a result of its lightweight, older people that love yard work will be able to enjoy it without any trouble. So, if you just want a machine strictly for blowing leaves, then this is the one you should consider, don’t forget that it is light in its weight, which means that you won’t go through so much with a heavy load, on the contrary, this can be a fact to motivate you. 

How Has the Echo PB 255LN Evolved?

The Echo PB 255LN has evolved by developing in two aspects from the 250LN, by its airflow advancement, it was 354 CFM, now it’s 391 CFM. Also, the maximum air speed, can now reach 191 mph, it was 165 mph. This shows how the machine has developed in its productivity. 

This machine is new and better than the previous models made by the Echo manufacturers. It has an improved engine that starts easily, a sleeker design, and a higher airflow or airspeed than previous models. 

The machine is also easier to maneuver and grip because of its rubber-covered primary handle, and offset handle. These handles encourage ease of use for prolonged periods. Basically, these comparisons would show you how the company is aiming to build a better advancement with every new model that the develop, through their quality and velocity of getting the job done.


Features Breakdown

– Powerful Two-stroke Engine

With its two-stroke engine, which is one of the most important echo pb-255ln parts, the machine is strong, durable, and has many advantages over other machines with four-stroke engines.

Two stroke machines are used to enhance the job, however, remember that when you invest in a two stroke one, the machine will run on less fuel, so it will be more cost efficient for you, just as it is getting the job done. 

To elaborate further, this machine, as it is made to have a two-stroke engine is one that is more lightweight, cost-effective, and efficient than two-stroke engines, because they can run on cheaper fuel without any complications arising. 

Regarding the aspect of the echo pb-255ln carburetor, the engine will receive enough air-fuel mixture to operate at all times. So, if you’re looking for a leaf-blowing machine that will save you costs and still serve its purpose, the echo 255ln is a great choice for you.

It will be further durable and long lasting, because you are putting further pressure on the machine through its normally pace, and you’re not even making it run further with a bigger engine installed. 

– High Airflow and Airspeed

A high airflow and high airspeed will get the work done in very little time, and that’s what you will be getting with this amazing yard tool. As the machine has an airflow of 354 CFM and an airspeed of 191 mph, you can expect a lot of air with a huge force, that will be able to push leaves and other light debris away. 

High Airflow And Airspeed

When you are completing your task, you should get it done with the right machine in order to manage the work, this would need a proper functioning and a fast machine to cover a big space, hence the airflow and speed are two important variables that this machines takes into consideration.

Many landscapers love this tool because of the amount of net force it generates, which makes it very effective in clearing yards and other commercial spaces.

– Low Noise

One thing that is common among many fuel-powered machines is the amount of noise they generate, as a result of all the working parts hitting each other. With the powerful two-stroke engine on the echo 255LN, you would expect a very loud noise whenever it is turned on for use. However, that’s not the case here. 

The machine is relatively less noisy than most other leaf-blowing machines, emitting only 65 decibels of noise output. This makes the machine suitable for use in residential neighborhoods, and areas where high noise levels aren’t permitted. 

When you think about the noise feature, think also about how it will be effecting you while you are coving the task, as you would like to be in your comfort, and not feel exhausted to the max at the end of it. When you invest in this machine, note that it is also suitable for use by older individuals that have sensitive ears.

– Lightweight

Weighing only about 10.2 lbs with nothing in it, this handheld blower is very lightweight, which makes it easy for owners to handle, and complete tasks in short periods. Also, because of its lightweight, individuals can use the machine for long periods without needing to take any breaks as opposed to if it were heavy. 

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The light weight contributes to the machines’ easy handling and ease of use, and it won’t cause nay muscle soreness right after you are done, that the work load will feel.

If you know what you’re doing you can even use one hand to handle it without any trouble. Whether you’re a home gardener or a hired landscaper, you will be able to use this yard tool comfortably for different types of yard work.

– Strategically Positioned Handles

The handle on the echo 255ln tool is important for grip. However, it doesn’t have just one handle, it has two handles, which are strategically placed on the body of the tool for proper grip. These handles would give you a proper grip, which would ensure that you have held the machine right.

The primary handle, which is located at the top is the most frequently used of the two handles, but for extra grip and support, the machine has an offset handle located parallel to the primary one. 

Both handles have rubber coverings to prevent slips when handling the machine. , with the vibrations the machine produces, there’s no chance of a slip when you’re using it. What you should remember that, the double handles are an added value because they will assist with proper navigation.

– Flattened-end Pipe

For increased airflow and speed, the pipe or tube of the echo 255ln tool was designed to be slightly tapered or flattened towards the opening. This design increases the force at which the air comes out of the leaf blower, making the leaf-blowing process faster. 

Furthermore, the tube is easy to set up, and with its special coupling system, there will be no risk of it coming off during use. Don’t stress upon this as all the instructions on how to set up the machines’ tubes are usually contained in the echo pb-255ln manual.

The type of tube on this machine will be especially useful for hired landscapers that have to constantly meet a target; it’ll get the work done very quickly. 

– Strategically Placed Group Controls

The controls of this machine are strategically placed on the top handle to allow ease of access. This way, you can switch between speed modes and other control functions with ease, and without lifting your hand off the machine while working.



The echo 255ln blower is a great yard tool for so many reasons, including its ease of use, durability, and strong blowing power to name a few. It hardly has major problems. However, If your echo pb-255ln won’t start for any reason, you should probably check the fuel level or the spark plug.

The ease of use of this tool is why many homeowners and professionals opt for it, as this machine would be the right fit for you, with all the benefits that it has. It is not only easy to use, but also very easy to assemble and set up.

If you’re looking for a blower for small to medium-sized spaces, this blower is one you should think about getting. The Echo PB 755SH is a very good alternative too.

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