Lawn maintenance can not be done perfectly without a perfect lawn blower. And this Echo PB 2620 review shows exactly why this is the best lawn blower one can invest in.


Following the pros and cons comparison, we will discuss the product review in detail, where we will assess why this Echo series exceeds the previous ones in quality, and end with a conclusion that will leave you convinced that this leaf blower is the right choice for you!

Pros and Cons Table

Pros Cons
Portable Relatively more costly
Easy to start the engine Hazardous if not taken care of
Two years commercial warranty
Sturdy grip handles

Product Highlights

Clearing up your lawn will be a breeze with this new series of Echo handheld leaf blowers. This improved version has a two-stroke engine, ideal for heavy debris cleaning. Let us look at some of its notable specifications:

  • 25.4 ccs professional-grade engine
  • Rotational control design
  • 15.8 N of blowing force
  • 172 MPH (max) airspeed at the nozzle
  • 600 ml fuel tank capacity

Echo PB 2620 Review

Echo PB 2620 Key Criteria
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Easy to start the engine
Two years commercial warranty
Sturdy grip handles
Relatively more costly
Hazardous if not taken care of

Echo is a brand that naturally comes into mind when thinking of power equipment and tools. Why so? Its lawn appliances are top-notch and it has created a brand name for itself by providing durable and value-for-money products.

You would not find a more user-friendly design than this. With its rotational control layout, fatigue and exhaustion are lessened by removing the gyro effect of the wrists. PB 2620 users have especially praised the ease and comfort of using this particular series.

This handheld tool is lighter and sturdier than other blowers, which makes it better maneuverable and more comfortable to use. The secondary handle adds to the comfort, alongside the throttle with ‘cruise control’ which gives the user increased control over the machine. 


If you are concerned about Echo PB-2620 problems, you do not have to worry about it being a danger to the younger ones in case you leave it lying around. It has a ‘throttle lock’ system installed on it. Also, the variable cruise control allows the user to lock the nozzle at a variety of settings. What ease!

This particular Echo blower is known for being highly durable for the right reasons: the cylinder is chrome-plated, which increases the battery life. Moreover, the device is made to give the same performance in dusty conditions by the pleated paper main filter, which is an addition to the foam pre-filter for optimum results.

Lastly, Echo takes care of one of the most common complaints through customer reviews about handheld blowers: the mostly weak connection of the pipe to the actual body of the blower. PB 2620 has an EZ-lock which securely attaches the blower pipe to the machine. 

There will be no excessive trips to the maintenance shop, as Echo made sure that the product details are fit for long-term usage, with minimal effort to maintain the machine.

– How Has This Series Evolved?

If you have ever read an Echo PB-2520 review, you would know that PB 2620 is the improved version of the PB 2520, and it comes with its fair share of improved features. To begin with the PB series handheld blowers, the PB 2620 has a higher capacity air filter which means it has a better life than the PB 2520.

Furthermore, the PB 2620 comes with a second tube, with a duckbill end and steel ring on the end of its round tube, which the PB 2520 lacks. This feature adds to the viability and comfort of the leaf blower.

The anti-vibration handles are also worth discussing when it comes to PB-2520 vs PB-2620, as they are a new feature on the PB 2620. It also has an improved motor rated to go 300 hours for its emissions durability, which makes it worth its extra cost. It is definitely a vast improvement from the 50-hour emission durability time of the PB 2520.

There have also been countless debates about Echo PB-2620 vs Husqvarna 525bx and Echo PB 2620 vs Stihl BG86, but the former has always topped the list with its wide range of features!


Product Features Breakdown

It is safe to say that this is one of the key investments one could make as a tool for gardening, and that is simply because of different aspects such as the comfort that’s taken care of, the rotation control it has, the handle that won’t vibrate, and even the engine’s power level.

– Comfort

What makes PB 2620 the best is that it is designed to give the user ultimate comfort. It is portable and lightweight. Conveniently, the charge time is not battery operated, hence the worry of having the battery replaced or recharged after every few months is not there.

The slim design makes it easy to store and it does not have a high maintenance cost if kept in fair conditions. The hand-held blower comes with a two-year commercial warranty, or equivalently a five years consumer warranty.

While cordless leaf blowers are coming to attention recently, garden enthusiasts know that gas devices can be relied on truly. That probably will change as technology advances further and electric-operated machinery is improved. In the gas-operated section, nothing can get better than the PB 2620 handheld lawn blower.

– Hand-held Property

Blowers are great, but this handheld one is so much more portable and easier to carry. The machine is friendly to those with medical spine or back problems, as it is light and relatively small. The size allows the blower to be able to reach tighter spaces with an efficiency that will leave you impressed.

Though not included with the blower, the shoulder harness is also available for purchase by Echo, which compliments the comforts of PB 2620. This shows how customer satisfaction and comfort are valued by the company. How reassuring is that?

– Rotational Control Design

The PB 2620 was created with keeping consumer satisfaction in its best interest. The company researched medically sensitive limbs involved in gardening and lawn maintenance and found out the struggles of carrying heavier machinery: drag-along and backpack blowers. 

The lightweight device has an excellent handle design. The rotational design prevents the blower from rotating towards the user’s leg, which is a great inconvenience while trying to work without hindrance.

– Anti-vibration Handle

The vibrations caused by a blower makes working with the machinery very tedious. The thick rubber handle makes it a joy to use PB 2620 as most of the vibration is canceled. This is reportedly one of the favorite design features of this particular lawn blower.

The reduction of vibration due to the rubber grip is also praised by the users, along with the variety of nozzles available: round and flared end tubes are both provided.

– 25.4 CC Grade Engine

A brilliant combination of low mass but high horsepower engine is used in PB 2620 lawn blower which offers the best performance. This professional-grade engine allows the maximum speed of 76.7 m/sec per cube, with an output of 0.9 kW.

This translates to the splendid ability of the PB 2620 blower to handle wet leaves stuck to the ground or heavier debris like twigs with absolutely no problem.



What does the PB in the Echo PB 2620 leaf blower stand for?

The “PB” in Echo PB 2620 stands for “Power Blower,” indicating its powerful blowing capabilities for efficient leaf clearing.

How best can I maintain my Echo PB 2620 leaf blower?

To maintain your Echo PB 2620 leaf blower, clean the air filter regularly, inspect and tighten screws, use fresh fuel, and store it in a dry place.

Is the Echo PB 2620 leaf blower effective on wet leaves?

Yes, the Echo PB 2620 leaf blower is effective on wet leaves due to its robust design and high air velocity, making leaf removal easier even in damp conditions.


After analyzing all the features of this series, it is safe to conclude that this leaf blower is the best and most favored one in the market so far. It is user-friendly and comes with a detailed Echo PB-2620 manual which makes it very reliable to use. 

Many might hesitate about the Echo PB-2620 price, but looking at the improved features, and durability, we can agree that the heightened performance is worth it.

The powerful professional-grade engine, the variety of nozzles, safety precautions, and all the personalization makes this series very exciting. If you are looking to buy one, search ‘Echo PB-2620 Home Depot’ on your browsers and you will be met with countless options!

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