This review compares the Echo pb-580t vs Husqvarna 150bt gas-powered leaf blowers. You will learn the differences and similarities of these two machines (Echo tool and Husqvarna) and who can benefit most from each of them.

Echo pb-580t and Husqvarna 150bt Product Comparison

We will show you the crucial specs, features, and performance levels of these two blowers and tell you if the Echo or Husqvarna leaf blower we think is the winner in each of the five categories. Then you can decide which one works best for you and your cleanup projects.

Echo pb-580t vs Husqvarna 150bt Product Comparison

Here’s a quick overview of the most important specs for these two leaf blowers:

Product Engine Specs Top Air Speed and Volume Weight Noise Level
Echo pb-580t

58.2 CC, 2-stroke
  • 215 MPH
  • 510 CFM
27.9 pounds 70 dB
Husqvarna 150bt


50.2cc, 2-stroke X-TORQ
  • 251 MPH
  • 434 CFM
22.5 pounds 94 dB

It is important to note that neither of these blowers has vacuum or mulching capabilities.

Husqvarna 150bt Review

This Husqvarna backpack blower is one of the most popular leaf blower models sold by this decades-old outdoor equipment company. Its outstanding features include:

  • Lightweight
  • Mid-level airflow and airspeeds
  • High-quality, mid-sized engine
  • Easy-to-use throttle with trigger lock and variable-speed
  • Adjustable backpack and hip belt

This blower is equipped with a Husqvarna X-Torq® engine that gets up to 20 percent better fuel efficiency and produces up to 60 percent fewer emissions than typical engines of this size. These performance levels are due to the unique design of this engine that entirely purges unspent fuel from the carburetor before the next intake cycle.

Burning less fuel lowers your operation costs and reduces how often you need to stop and refuel. In addition, breathing fewer fumes while you work is a plus for your health and the environment. The tank holds 35.2 ounces.

This 2-stroke engine runs on unleaded, 91 octane gas mixed 50:1 with 2-stroke engine oil, and ethanol-free fuel is best. You can mix the fuel and oil yourself or buy premixed canisters. Using the Husqvarna brand of fuel can extend its life because it is specifically formulated for this engine type. You may also qualify for an extended warranty period if you buy and use premixed Husqvarna brand fuel or 2-stroke engine oil. Check the Husqvarna website for current details.

Popular Husqvarna Backpack Blower

This blower gets a forceful 251 mph wind going at top throttle speed, delivering the air at 434 cubic feet per minute (cfm.) The throttle control is mounted on a lever on top of the tube. In addition, an auto-stop switch resets the ignition switch to the stop position as soon as you start up the machine so that you don’t have to think about it the next time you start the engine.

A cruise control trigger lock lets you set the airflow where you want it and let go of the trigger, relieving stress in your hand and letting you concentrate on where to point the nozzle and where to blast the leaves and grass clippings.

The Husqvarna LowVib® system keeps engine vibration from transferring to your body. These dampers add significant comfort to the experience of using this blower, especially if you use it for long periods.

This tool does require a bit of maintenance to run smoothly from season to season. For example, the air filter must be cleaned or replaced when it gets dirty, and the spark plug needs occasional inspection, adjustment, and replacement. A fuel filter inside the tank can also get clogged up and need replacement, but these maintenance tasks are simple and require only a few basic tools and minimal time.

However, the required maintenance on schedule can significantly extend the engine’s working life and keep operation at peak performance. The owner’s manual explains how to do these maintenance tasks. Manuals are available to download or free at the company’s website.

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A significant benefit of this blower is the high-quality manufacture and reliability it offers. This tool works when you need it as long as you care for it properly. Beyond that, this blower is powerful enough for challenging home cleanup projects while also being user-friendly, relatively light, and low on emissions and fuel use. This blower is best suited to residential users with medium and large yards who need a blower for occasional use.

Echo pb-580t Review

This Echo backpack leaf blower is a popular choice with many buyers of commercial leaf blowers. It is solidly built, reliable, and it has excellent power and a big fuel tank for confronting full-sized debris-blowing projects. The essential specs include:

  • Professional-grade 58.2cc 2-stroke gas engine
  • Maximum air volume 510 cfm
  • Top airspeed 215 mph
  • Automotive type air filter
  • Low noise level of 70 dB
  • 62-ounce translucent fuel tank

The Echo PB580T is bigger and more potent than the Husqvarna 150bt, and this is reflected in its higher price tag with most sellers. Its larger engine produces more powerful volumes of wind at 510 cubic feet per minute and a top airspeed of 215 mph.

This robust air power produced by this machine is plenty for blasting away massive piles of wet or dry leaves, sticks and branches, sand, and gravel. It also accomplishes these wind speeds with an exceptionally low noise level rating of only 70 dB, an advantage for anyone working in a crowded neighborhood or other noise-sensitive areas.

In keeping with this machine’s professional design, the pad at the operator’s back gets cooled by air from the fan, making it much more comfortable to use for long stretches in hot weather. The tube snaps together in three pieces, and a metal ring at the nozzle tip protects it from damage if it contacts the ground, preventing chipping and cracking of the plastic.

This blower’s overall size and shape are compact, and it has a built-in handgrip at the top of the engine, making it easy to lift into a truck bed, car trunk, or storage shelf. The throttle controls are mounted in a sleeve on the tube and conveniently gathered together where they are in easy reach of your right hand, making it intuitive to direct the nozzle and control the airflow while keeping your left hand free for balance or other tasks.

The gas engine is a 2-stroke design, requiring a 50:1 mixture of 2-stroke engine oil mixed with 89 or higher octane gas. A leaf guard on the air intake prevents debris from blocking the flow of air into the engine and overheating it.

In addition, an automotive-type air filter keeps the engine clean, adding to the tool’s lifespan. Conveniently, the large, 62-ounce fuel tank is translucent, so you can watch how much gas is left and avoid running out at an inconvenient moment.

This blower is on the heavy side for backpack blowers, weighing 27.9 pounds without gas in the tank. A full tank of gas adds almost four pounds of weight.  For many people, this is a comfortable weight to carry for long periods. However, for people of slight build, older people, and anyone with limited upper body strength, this machine might be heavy and uncomfortable to use.

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A primary benefit of this blower is the powerful force of air it generates, letting you blow hillsides of fallen leaves, fields of small branches, and piles of wet or dry pine needles quickly and with ease. Another significant benefit is the low noise level.

When operating a gas-powered tool for long periods, the stress from noise can add up as the hours go by, even with ear protection in place. In addition, the low decibel output of this blower is an advantage for commercial or residential users who need to work in high-density neighborhoods and areas where excessive noise is a problem.

Husqvarna 150bt vs Echo pb-580t Product Comparison

Now let us take a look at a side-by-side comparison of these two machines on power, airflow, weight, noise level, and warranty period and pick a winner in each category.

– Engine Size and Power

Winner: Echo pb-580t

The Echo with a 58.2cc engine is 8cc larger than the Husqvarna at 50.2cc, and this accounts for the increased amount of power it produces for top air volume. So if you have challenging leaf blowing work to do, the Echo has more power along with more comfortable ergonomics and lower noise levels for extended working sessions.

– Top Airspeeds and Air Volumes

Winner: Echo pb-580t

With an air volume of 510 cubic feet per minute, the Echo outdoes the Husqvarna at 434 cfm. However, the Husqvarna has somewhat higher top airspeeds at 251 mph than the Echo at 215 mph.

Husqvarna 150bt vs Echo pb 580t Product Comparison

This higher airspeed results from the Husqvarna having a narrower tube than the Echo, and this extra airspeed is valuable if you are cleaning out crevices. However, the broader nozzle on the Echo is superior for quickly blowing large areas of debris. Combined with the high air volume in the Echo, this blower outmatches the Husqvarna model on total wind force.

– Weight

Winner: Husqvarna 150bt

The Husqvarna wins hands down for lower weight at 22.5 pounds compared to the Echo’s 27.9 pounds. Besides the machine weighing more, the Echo also has a larger fuel tank, adding even more weight to its total.

Husqvarna 150bt is Lighter than Echo pb 580t

An extra five pounds plus can be a deal-breaker for many people buying a backpack blower, and for them, the Husqvarna wins in the weight category comparing these two blowers.

– Noise Level

Winner: Echo pb-580t

The clear winner on sound level is the Echo with a rating of 70 dB. This sound level is almost a whisper compared to most other leaf blowers. At 94 dB, the Husqvarna is average for blowers of this size. Noise levels can be crucial in some work environments, such as high-density neighborhoods and commercial areas. The low noise combined with high power makes the Echo pb-580t a valuable tool for commercial users at various worksites.

– Warranty

Winner: Echo pb-580t

The Echo warranty is five years for residential buyers, and Husqvarna’s standard warranty is two years. Both offer two-year warranty periods for commercial buyers. However, Husqvarna often provides extended warranty coverage for their gas-powered equipment if you buy Husqvarna brand premixed fuel or their 2-stroke engine oil, making the warranties between the two blowers comparable.

Overall, the Echo pb-580t is the winner in four out of five categories. But does that make it a better leaf blower? Not necessarily because not everyone needs a blower with maximum power built for daily use. Also, for some operators, a lighter machine like the Husqvarna 150bt is a must.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which blower has a higher maximum airspeed, the Echo PB-580T or the Husqvarna 150BT?

Echo PB-580T and Husqvarna 150BT are both powerful blowers, but in terms of maximum airspeed, the Echo PB-580T has a slight edge over the Husqvarna 150BT.

2. What is the fuel tank capacity of the Echo PB-580T versus the Husqvarna 150BT?

Echo PB-580T has a fuel tank capacity of 62 fl. oz. while Husqvarna 150BT has a fuel tank capacity of 50.2 fl. oz.

3. What type of air filter is used in the Echo PB-580T versus the Husqvarna 150BT?

Echo PB-580T uses pleated paper air filter while Husqvarna 150BT uses a 2-stage air filtration system with a foam pre-filter and pleated paper main filter.

Echo or Husqvarna Blower? Our Conclusion

When comparing the Echo pb-580t vs Husqvarna 150bt, it is important to remember that the best machine depends significantly on what the buyer needs from a leaf blower. For landscapers and other commercial users, the Echo pb-580t has more overall wind power, a rugged construction, and a longer runtime appreciated by people who rely on a blower for work every day.

On the other hand, many residential users are happy with the lower price, lower weight, and good power of the Husqvarna 150bt. In addition, many homeowners do not need the extra wind power provided by the Echo blower and don’t want to carry around any excess weight, making the Husqvarna a more reasonable choice for them.

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