Echo PB 755sh is one of the best leaf blowers from a well known company that is specialized in this manner. The capabilities of this Echo backpack blower is one of a kind and tell you what we learned about its reliability, advantages, and drawbacks and who can benefit most from buying one of these tools.

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Its convenient backpack and tube-mounted, variable-speed throttle make it an effective tool for quickly removing large amounts of leaves and other yard debris with the strain on the operator. The leaf blower has become a staple of any landscaping toolkit, so keep reading and know how. 

Pros Cons
Powerful air speed Small cutting width
Padded backrest Bad matchup with tough grass
Wide angle tube 
Large capacity fuel tank

Echo PB 755SH Highlights

The throttle of the 233 MPH, 651 CFM PB-755SH backpack blower is mounted on the hip for maximum comfort and a significant ease of use. Thanks to its easy maintenance and ergonomic designs, even the most difficult cleanups are a breeze. 

With its convenient backpack and tube-mounted, a variable-speed throttle is a useful tool for quickly and easily clearing large amounts of leaves and other yard debris with less strain on the user.

  • 63.3 cc, two-stroke engine
  • Wide-angled flexible tube
  • Ergonomic build
  • Automotive-style air filter
  • Large fuel tank
  • Variable-speed
  • Hip-mounted throttle with cruise control
  • Posi-loc pipes

Echo PB 755SH Review

Echo PB 755sh Key Criteria
Number of functions
Air flow
Number of air flow settings
Powerful air speed
Padded backrest
Wide angle tube
Large capacity fuel tank
Small cutting width
Bad matchup with tough grass

The echo pb-580t and echo pb-755sh/st specs have a powerful motor of this machine is sure to impress with its incredible air speed and volume. When sweeping a garden bed or blowing leaves off a walkway, the full throttle might be a lot more than you bargained for, which makes it a way and gives it importance to be aware of the power of the machine and adjust accordingly, as powerful blasts can send debris flying further than anticipated.

In short, this blower has the perfect air flow and the strength for everyday gardening and lawn care.

This blower gives you control over a wind-like ability with remarkable top air speeds of up to 233 mph and a maximum air volume of 651 cfm, making it fast and efficient in the job. With a wave of your arm, you can direct massive amounts of leaves, sticks, acorns, large pine cones. The Echo pb250ln may have less maximum air volume but it is still a decent choice!

It would even take off small rocks and gravel using the strong air blast coming out of the tube, thanks to the wide angle rotation and flexible tube. In short, you have more control over airflow and direction in any weather. 

The dimensions are 21 inches wide, 22 inches long, and 16 inches high. You may be considering, in this case, how it will be seated comfortably on your hip with a padded backpack and straps, it is not an awful size, on the contrary it is one that would give you more comfort instead. 

However, these dimensions do not include its relatively long tube. The machine weighs 24.7 pounds, which is not bad considering it is not a hand held device, but it is one that will be lifted through your back. 

In addition, note that this is an important factor to consider when shopping toolstools. It is because the 24.7 pounds is the dry weight, but considering the large tanks that save you the trouble of refueling too frequently, you are looking at an additional four pounds added to its weight for a full tank. 

At the same time in terms of the heaviness of the machine, the weight of this blower puts it at the high end of the weight spectrum for blowers. It can be a bit of a drawback for people who want something lightweight to work within their small to medium-sized yards with it, and it will be done swiftly. 

The Echo pb-755sh/st assembly is in ten minutes, and it utilizes a variable speed mechanism that allows you to control the air flow volume and intensity. The wide range of airspeeds generated by the variable-speed throttle makes it suitable for small and challenging clearing tasks in rough terrain. This variability makes the Echo PB-755sh/st price versatile equipment suitable for residential and commercial use.

With its range of speeds, the PB 755sh can easily tackle simple and difficult landscaping projects. It can efficiently handle easy tasks, like picking up light leaves, blowing away small dirt clumps, and being used as work tools as well as more difficult jobs, like moving branches and larger chunks of debris, with its higher airspeed, that are in your lawn.

Which means that you can clear off various tasks with this one product, such as blowing away leaves and debris or even cleaning a patio or walkway.

This model’s 63.3-cc engine is one of the best and most reliable leaf blowers. It is built to function easily and effectively, even during the most challenging leaf-blowing tasks or even other aspects. In other words, you may clear away debris piles or accumulating snow without working up a sweat on a shovel for your walkways.

Additionally, it effectively blasts snow and debris off of cars and windows. As you control the airflow out of the tube, the throttle-mounted trigger is practical and eases the strain on your right hand.

Also, it is important for you to remember how you can engage or even disengage the cruise control, which maintains the airspeed at its current setting, by flipping a switch. It’s easy to track how much gas is still in the tank because it is transparent. 

How Has The Product Evolved?

Echo PB 755SH has evolved by having a much smaller capacity of the fuel tank, which is how it is much lighter than the other model. This makes it get the job done faster, and would even help you in being less heavy, and more speedy.

Evolved by Having a Much Smaller Capacity

This blower’s high power, durability, and reliability are advantages for commercial landscape contractors and individuals with expansive residential properties containing many trees. The blower’s combination of air speed, air volume, and fuel efficiency makes it easy to clear large areas quickly.

The blower’s lightweight design and ergonomic handle make it easier to use than heavier models, reducing fatigue. Thanks to its variable speed option and ease of use, it is a great option for small to medium-sized yards.


Features Breakdown

– Engine

The two-stroke gas engine requires a fuel-oil mixture that is precisely mixed in the correct ratio for optimal performance. A mix of 89 or higher octane gas with two-stroke engine oil in the ratio of 2.6 ounces of oil to one gallon of gas, or 50:1. 

Two Stroke Gas Engine Requires a Fuel Oil Mixture

Remember that in this case, the given ration is what ensures that the engine is supplied with enough oil to keep it lubricated. The oil, being heavier than the gas, is suspended in the fuel and enters the engine’s combustion chamber when burned. 

As the fuel is burned, the oil coats the cylinder wall and piston rings, providing a thin film of lubricant to reduce friction and prevent wear on moving parts. At the same time, the placed lubricant is what helps keep the combustion chamber clean and reduces deposits of carbon or other contaminants.

– Air Flow and Volume

The echo PB 755 sh product features a backpack blower that has top air speeds of up to 233 mph and a maximum air volume of 651 cfm. Using the tremendous blast of air from the tube, you can direct massive amounts of leaves, sticks, acorns, large pine cones, and even small rocks and gravel with a wave of your arm.

Flexible tubing at the top of the blower tube gives you more control over the air direction in hot and cold weather. The PB 755 backpack blower is designed for serious outdoor jobs, and its power and reliability make it the perfect tool for clearing large areas quickly. 

Note that whether you are a professional landscaper, a weekend warrior, or just someone looking to maintain their outdoor area, the echo PB T backpack blower is the perfect tool for tackling any task. It will surely get the job done well and in a neat manner, it will also save you time, because of the blow force that it has which is fast.

– Ergonomic Build

The heavy plastic frame acts as a form of insulation for the engine vibrations, effectively decreasing their impact on the operator and resulting in a much more comfortable riding experience. Vertical ribbed panels provide airflow over your back, a welcome feature for working in hot weather. 

Vertical Ribbed Panels Provide Airflow Over Your Back

Remember that the location and simplicity of the controls make it less work to point the blast of air and keep the flow going with minimal effort. Unfortunately, there is no hip belt for transferring some of the load to the hips.

It has a strap for your back and your shoulders, and this would make it more comfortable for the carrying process while you work. Nevertheless, the ergonomics are designed well, providing a more natural position for the operator.

– Warranty

This blower has a five-year consumer and two-year commercial warranty. As a result, it offers one of the longest warranties in the market for leaf-blowing equipment. Anyone who wants worry-free support if something goes wrong with the tool’s operation will benefit from a lengthy warranty like this. 

The lengthy warranty period provided by Echo as a part of their buying process demonstrates the manufacturer’s confidence in their product, and customers can request info which gives consumers added peace of mind when they make a purchase.



This echo PB-755sh/st review outlines the blower’s most important characteristics, technical details, benefits, and drawbacks. It does demand energy from your side as well. However, it makes up for it as low-maintenance in current promotions, easy-to-use, and durable. The Echo PB-265LN leaf blower is also one option that should take into consideration.

When you have the echo PB 755 vs 770 and echo PB-755st manual, you have all the help you need to put it together in ten minutes or less. You will be working at your utmost comfort, in addition to getting the job done in a very neat way.

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