In this Echo pb 755st review, we’re going to take a deep dive into the capabilities of this Echo backpack blower and tell you what we found out about its reliability, advantages, and drawbacks and who can benefit most from buying one of these tools.

Powerful Blower Echo pb 755st Review

The Echo pb 755t backpack blower is a powerful tool for clearing away massive amounts of leaves and other yard debris efficiently and with minimal stress for the operator due to its comfortable backpack and tube-mounted, variable-speed throttle.

We’re going to look into each aspect of this machine’s size, engine, airflow, and more, describing how it functions to help you make a more informed decision on whether this is the right blower for you.

Echo pb 755t Backpack Blower Pros and Cons

Echo pb 755st Key Criteria
# of Functions
Air Flow
# of Air Flow Settings
Powerful air speeds and volume
Heavy-duty insulation against vibration
Large fuel tank
Flexible blower tube

Echo pb755st Specs and Product Highlights

If you’ve been struggling to clean up your large yard, woodlot, or orchard with an underpowered blower, the Echo pb 755t backpack blower might be just what you need to jump to the next level in leaf-blowing efficiency.

This commercial-grade blower is equipped with a powerful engine and a massive fuel tank, making it possible for the operator to work for hours without stopping for refueling.

  • Professional-grade, 2-stroke 63.3 cc engine
  • Variable-speed, tube-mounted throttle control, and cruise control
  • Top air speed is 233 mph
  • Maximum air volume is 651 cfm
  • Dry weight 24.7 pounds
  • Large fuel tank capacity of 67.6 ounces

– Echo pb-755st Review

This Echo backpack blower is the most potent blower Echo manufactures . The massive air volume of 625 cfm and top air speed of 233 mph give this blower the power needed for the most challenging leaf-blowing jobs. Other blowers have higher air volume and air speed ratings. However, many also have significantly smaller engines than this blower, leading to more problems with operation over time if the tool is used regularly.

The extra-large capacity engine in this Echo pb 755t backpack blower is designed for extended use and low maintenance.

For example, if you have a dense and mature woodlot of about an acre, and you need to move a season’s worth of leaves to one side of the lot to compost or carry away, this blower can help you accomplish the job in record time, perhaps as little as three to four hours.

This tool does weigh a lot, and many people will not feel comfortable carrying over 25 pounds on their back while working for extended periods. The power offered by this tool is most beneficial for people in good physical condition because carrying this equipment can be a workout.

That being said, for many people, the weight of this machine is manageable, and a good trade-off for the power and long runtime. This is especially so given that the backpack is well-designed for comfort, and the tube-mounted throttle, cruise control, and flexible section at the top of the tube take stress off your working hand.

The 2-stroke gas engine requires a mix of 89 or higher octane gas with 2-stroke engine oil in the ratio of 2.6 ounces of oil to one gallon of gas, or 50:1. Using fresh gas less than a month old and draining the fuel tank when the tool is not in use for more than a month protects the engine and reduces downtime for maintenance.

Buying premixed fuel is an option worth considering. It costs more than purchasing fuel and oil separately and mixing it yourself, but the premixed fuels are ethanol-free, and ethanol-free gas can be hard to find at the pump. Ethanol-free fuel is best for the engine’s lifespan and keeping maintenance requirements and repairs to a minimum. Premixed fuels are also convenient and safe to store and transport.

Another beneficial feature of this tool is the wide range of air speed generated by the variable-speed throttle. Top throttle speeds are great for moving big piles of soggy leaves and branches up to an inch in diameter. But low air speeds are best for cleaning garden planting areas with flowers, vegetables, or shrubs, especially if there is mulch or compost that you want to stay in place. The range of air speeds from idle to full-blast covers all the bases.

Between the engine and the backpack and shoulder straps, there is a rugged, plastic frame for absorbing stress-inducing vibration and minimizing transfer to the operator. High vibration transfer levels can lead to fatigue and numbness or tingling in the arms and hands when stopping work.

A built-in handle at the top of the plastic frame makes it easy to lift the machine and carry it around when it’s not in use. This handle is an advantage if you need to raise the tool in and out of a truck bed or car trunk and to place the machine into storage.

Assembly out of the box is straightforward, and the only tool you need is a Phillips screwdriver to tighten the pipe clamps that hold the two blower tube sections together. Top off the fuel tank with a fresh fuel/oil mix, and you’re ready to get to work.

The startup is also straightforward: Set the on/off switch to ‘on’ and the throttle at mid-point using the controls on the handle. Next, pump the air purge bulb about three times, located under the choke lever, set the choke, and pull the recoil start cord. The blower reliably fires up on the first couple of pulls. Once the engine is humming, close the choke, let the engine warm up for about a minute, and you’re ready to blow leaves.

When starting a warm engine, there is usually no need for using the choke or priming the bulb.

This blower’s high power, durability, and reliability are advantages for commercial landscape contractors, groundskeepers at institutional sites, and individuals with expansive residential properties containing large number of trees.

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Echo pb755st Review of Product Features

– Engine

The 63.3cc engine in this model is robust and top-of-the-line among leaf blowers. It is designed to handle the most strenuous leaf-blowing jobs with ease and efficiency. Blast away piles of wet leaves, big branches up to an inch in diameter, and carpets of pine needles, or clear the snow away from your porch, sidewalk, and driveway or blow it off your vehicles.

The air filter system is also top of the line with a pleated automotive-type filter keeping the carburetor clean and running smoothly.  Good air filtration in the engine is a critical factor in keeping a gas-powered tool running for as many years as possible. The filter is easy to access by unscrewing a large knob on the side of the filter housing and lifting the filter out. Replace the filter when it gets dirty.

Echo Pb755st Review of Product Features

The throttle-mounted trigger is convenient and reduces stress and strain on your right hand as you direct the airflow out of the tube. With the flip of a switch, you can activate or disengage the cruise control that holds the air speed at the current setting. All of the controls are simple and intuitive, although the handgrip is not padded, and you might want to wear heavy work gloves.

The translucent 67.3-ounce fuel tank sits at the back of the machine, and it’s easy to see at a glance how much gas is left without opening the cap. However, you can’t see the tank when you have the blower on your back. The fuel tank capacity is massive compared to many other blowers, with tanks holding under 30-ounces of gas. The engine’s high fuel capacity and fuel efficiency make it possible to work for up to several hours without needing to refuel.

The engine and fuel tank size on this blower are distinct advantages for commercial users who have hours of work to do year-round and anyone with a sizable property to maintain.

– Air Speed and Air Volume

The air speed and air volume on this machine are likely to blow you away! On full throttle, get ready for massive blasts of air and debris flying away in front of you. In many situations, full throttle is too high if you’re blowing leaves from a walkway or cleaning a garden bed. On idle, this blower has precisely the right amount of wind force for these gentler tasks.

Ready for Massive Blasts of Air and Debris

Astounding top air speeds up to 233 mph coupled with a maximum air volume of 651 cfm is like having a small hurricane under your control. With a wave of your arm, you can direct massive amounts of leaves, sticks, acorns, large pine cones, and even small rocks and gravel using the tremendous blast of air coming out of the tube.

A helpful innovation on this Echo pb 755t backpack blower is the length of flexible tubing at the top of the blower tube. This flexibility in the tube gives you more control over the air direction in hot and cold weather, and it reduces how much muscle power it takes to do this. In addition, the tip of the blower tube is wide, giving it a broad sweep of air wherever you direct it.

– Ergonomic Features

The backrest is cushioned with two separate pieces of padding, one for your lower back and another vertically ribbed panel above it for the middle back. The ribs provide airflow over your back, a welcome feature for working in hot weather. The cushioning in the shoulder straps is of average comfort for a leaf blower. Unfortunately, given the blower’s weight, there is no hip belt for transferring some of the load to the hips.

Heavy Plastic Frame that Insulates Vibrations

One of the best ergonomic features of this device is the heavy plastic frame that insulates vibrations from the engine, reducing their transfer to the operator. In addition, the top of this frame has a hole in it to use as a handle for lifting the machine into the back of a truck or onto a shelf for storage.

The location and simplicity of the controls, and the flexibility in the tube, also count as part of the ergonomics of this Echo blower by making it less work to point the blast of air and keep the flow going with minimal effort.

– Weight, Dimensions, and Noise Level

The dimensions are 21 inches wide, 22 inches long, and 16 inches high, not including the relatively long tube. The machine weighs 24.7 pounds without gas and approximately four pounds more when the fuel tank is full. The weight of this blower puts it at the high end of the weight spectrum for leaf blowers.

The noise level of over 100 dB at the operator’s ears makes it imperative to wear high-quality ear protection when using this tool. Wearing goggles or a face shield is also a good idea because this machine can kick up a storm of dust and hazardous particles. In addition, the noise level at 50 feet is reported as 74dB, making it excessively loud for many locations, such as dense residential neighborhoods.

Overall, this blower’s weight and noise levels make it most suitable for users working where noise is not an issue and who have good protective gear.

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The warranty period for this leaf blower is five years for consumers and two years for commercial users. Thus, Echo’s warranty is one of the longest available among leaf blowing equipment. A lengthy warranty like this is a benefit to anyone who wants worry-free support if something goes amiss in the tool’s operation.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does the Echo PB 755ST come with a backpack harness?

Yes, the Echo PB 755ST comes with a backpack harness for comfortable and convenient operation during use.

2. Can the Echo PB 755ST be used for blowing leaves in tight spaces?

Absolutely, the Echo PB 755ST is suitable for blowing leaves in tight spaces with its powerful and efficient airflow and nozzle design.

3. How do I clean the air filter on the Echo PB 755ST?

To clean the air filter on the Echo PB 755ST, simply remove the cover and use compressed air or wash with warm, soapy water and let dry completely before reinstallation.


This Echo pb755st review talked about the power and overall high-quality manufacture of this blower and how it’s a popular and dependable choice for many people in commercial landscaping businesses. It also offers high value to people with expansive yards, woodlots, orchards, or other areas needing deep cleanup of fallen leaves, branches, pine needles, pine cones, and other yard debris.

We recommend this device for residential, commercial, and institutional users who need a reliable, powerful, and low-maintenance leaf blower for regular use in low-noise sensitive locations.

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