Echo PB 770T comes with some extraordinary features that make it an excellent choice for several tasks. This backpack blower has the perfect air volume and pressure balance that you need for optimum working.

The Backpack Blower Echo PB 770T

Which means, if you want to have a comfortable experience while using your blower, you can count on this one. Keep on reading to learn all the details and features about the features!

Pros and Cons Table

Pros  Cons 
Powerful air pressure and volume (756 cfm) Quite heavy as it weighs 24.5 lbs
Large capacity fuel tank (68.3 oz) Overheating
Reliable performance   

Product Highlights

The PB 770T comes with some extra special features that make this machine powerful.

Here’s a list of them that can help you decide whether to buy this blower or look for another one:

  • Type: pack blower
  • The engine displacement of 63.3 ccs
  • Rotatory valve diaphragm
  • Standard starting system
  • Fuel capacity of 68.3 oz (2.02 liters)
  • See-through fuel tank
  • Helper handle
  • The air volume of 756 cfm
  • Maximum air speed of 234 mph
  • The sound pressure rating of 74 dB (A)
  • Echo PB-770T weight is 24.5 lbs
  • Consumer warranty of five years
  • Commercial warranty of two years
  • Rental warranty of 90 days

– Echo PB 770T Review

Echo PB 770T Key Criteria
# of Functions
Air Flow
# of Air Flow Settings
Powerful air pressure and volume (756 cfm)
Large capacity fuel tank (68.3 oz)
Reliable performance
Quite heavy as it weighs 24.5 lbs

The Echo PB 770T is a 63.3 ccs professional-grade blower with a 2-stroke engine for outstanding and powerful performance. Along with the other notable features, it provides 756 cfm of air volume and 234 mph of maximum airspeed. 

Echo PB 770T Review

Not only does it come with a powerful engine, but Echo has also ensured to take all the necessary steps to guarantee user comfort while working with it.

The padded backrest and shoulder straps are the ones that give the user a pleasant experience, when it comes to comfort. Moreover, for the hot weather, an exclusive vented back pad is present, so the user can work without feeling discomfort despite the heat.

The PB 770T is believed to deliver exceptionally reliable performance. The two-stage air filters mounted at the side prove to extend the engine’s life. The 50:1 gas-to-oil mix ratio helps to remove dirt, leaves, and debris without any extra effort, which is the secret that makes the ultra-powerful clean-up successful. 

Moving on to the next notable feature is the presence of a flexible tube which makes the task easy for the user. The tube throttle attached to it promotes mobility along with convenient storage.

The pipes attached to the PB 770T makes sure that a secure connection for ease of use. All of these things help facilitate the customer’s experience, which is why this product is looked upon.

All of these key features that the blower has, as it is combined, are a testament to the fact that it is a reliable blower with exceptional performance, making it a good purchase for someone who is looking for a backpack blower

Also, the maintenance of the blower is relatively easy, as the Echo PB-770T parts include a backpack, a carburetor, an engine, an exhaust, a fan cover, a fuel system, and an ignition system. It also has a positioning lock, a tube-mounted throttle, and a starter. 

If you ever find yourself confused while figuring out all these parts, you can always consult the Echo PB-770T manual, which offers you all the guidance you need! To get your hands on this blower, simply type ‘Echo PB-770T for sale’ or ‘Echo PB-770T Home Depot’ in your browser, and you will be met with a variety of options and choices!

– How Has the Product Evolved?

When we compare the PB 770T with some other blowers, like the Stihl BR 600, to take into consideration, we notice that there are some worth mentioning features of the former. 

These features include low noise levels and thick and comfortable strap padding which makes a huge difference if you are working on cleaning a large property or area.

Also, PB 770T comes with an easily adjustable throttle and easy-to-use knobs, making it easy to operate without any difficulty. These features are the ones that make the 700t a special one, because the user has been provided with the best already.


Product Feature Breakdown

Some of the noteworthy features of the PB 770T are discussed in detail below:

– Powerful Engine

The 2-cycle engine installed in PB 770T has a recoil starting system, which makes starting the blower easy as a breeze. The two side-mounted air filters help to extend the life of the machine by preventing dust from entering the blower. 

Product Feature Breakdown of Echo PB 770T

By increasing its life, it ensures that you get your money’s worth. Also, it has a 0.53 gallons fuel tank size, and the fuel mix used to run the machine is made by using a mix of gas and oil prepared in a ratio of 50:1. 

– See-through Fuel Tank

Another remarkable feature of the Echo PB 770T is that it has a see-through fuel tank, which means that you can always keep an eye on the fuel level while working. This would make it simpler and even easier for the user to have knowledge about how much fuel is left and when the refill is required.

– Flexible Tube

The Echo PB 770T backpack blower comes with a flexible tube that makes it a user-friendly tool. A flexible tube makes it easy for the user to clean the dirt, dust, and leaves from every possible corner that needs a clean-up. Especially when you have any furniture or decorations placed in your garden, it also makes it easy for the user to clean things up.

– Adjustable Harness

The adjustable harness on this blower makes the job easy for the user by providing support to the person carrying the blower. It also has padded straps that make the experience comfortable and are a testament to Echo’s care and thoughtfulness for its customers, which is evident in its customer reviews present all over the internet!

– Air Filter

The air filter present in the Echo PB 770T prevents dirt from entering the carburetor’s throat, which results in increasing the life of the blower. If no filter was present, the dirt, by entering the blower, could result in damaging the tool.

Air Filter of Backpack Blower

For cleaning the foam filter, use water and detergent, followed by rinsing using clean water. Make sure to allow the filter to dry before using it again. Also, the air filter used in the blower can be cleaned by brushing the filter to remove dirt and debris away and can be replaced if damaged or deformed. 

– Cooling System

A cooling system is installed in the PB 770T that helps the machine to maintain its temperature while being used. To maintain the temperature properly, the air passes through the cylinder fin area properly. The air flowing through this area carries the combustion heat away from the machine thereby maintaining the temperature of the blower. 

Engine seizures and overheating Echo PB-770 problems are common when air is not allowed to flow properly or is blocked completely, preventing the cooling air to reach the machine. It can also occur because of the grass, dirt, and debris that builds on the outside of the cylinder and can result in insulating the machine engine while blocking the heat without letting it go. 

– Warranty

This leaf blower has a five year consumer warranty that the company assures you that their product won’t see any faults and will be safe in the hands of the user. In addition, it even has a two year commercial warranty which has to do with the costly defects that the one who bought it would be eligible to contact and to talk it through.



The PB 770T is a semi-grade, 2-cycle gas-style leaf blower, which can be used for a variety of purposes over a large area of even up to one acre.

This machine is developed in a way that the user gets an extraordinary experience while cleaning up dirt, debris, grass, or leaves in just a few minutes through its exceptional and powerful performance.

The ultra-powerful clean-up technology along with increased comfort is what makes it worth the investment and the money that you would spend to buy it.

Features such as a flexible blower tube, powerful 2-cycle engine capacity, low noise system, cooling capacity, and affordable Echo PB-770T lowest price are what make this blower stand out from all the options available in the market.

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