The Echo PB 8010H is a force to be reckoned with in the leaf-blower industry and has earned itself its well-deserved nickname, “the beast”. The nickname is in part due to its robust 79.9cc engine but primarily for its powerful airflow capacity, making it one of the leading commercial backpack blowers on the market.

Echo PB 8010H Review

If you are looking to increase your productivity and are still not sure this product is the right fit for your blowing needs, this article will help make your decision easy as we’ll be doing a thorough review of the features of this product.

Pros Cons
Lightweight due to its carbon frame Expensive
Powerful engine It produces a loud noise
High CFM

Echo PB 8010H Highlights

The Echo 8010H is one of those blowers you can rely on for heavy-duty cleanups. This unit will save you time and effort and won’t leave you exhausted after working because it is lightweight and has a cruise control throttle with an anti-vibration system.

It includes a fan intake function in order to help the machine in the cooling process as the user has placed it on their back while working. Everything about this product is fashioned to provide users with maximum comfort.

  • 1071 Cubic Feet per Minute Air volume and 211 Meters Per Hour Max Air Speed
  • Two-cycle 79.9 cc engine
  • 44 N blowing force
  • Carbon fiber frame and fan case for lightweight
  • Large transparent fuel tank
  • Fan intake that circulates air to cool the user’s back
  • Cruise control hip throttle
  • Heavy-duty odor-resistant backpack straps and padded backrest for comfort
  • Patented tube wear ring reduces wear
  • Top-Mounted tool-less filter access for easy cleaning
  • Five-year consumer warranty 
  • Two-year commercial warranty

Echo PB 8010H Review

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Echo PB 8010H Key Criteria
Number of Functions
Number of Airflow Functions
Lightweight due to its carbon frame
Powerful engine
High CFM
It produces a loud noise

The Echo PB-8010H parts combine to give it an edge over other leaf blowers. But combining all those parts into one device is sure to give it some load. As you would invest and use this machine, the result is different as it is a prominent device that weighs a whopping 26 pounds, making it a heavy device to log around while clearing, especially for older and smaller people.

However, to remedy this, the machine is built with a carbon fiber frame that eases up the effect of the weight.

This device lives up to its name as it packs an impressive airflow capacity of 1071 CFM air volume and 211 MPH air speed allowing users to blow leaves and other debris fast and far, which would be very impressive whether you have a big area to cover, or a smaller one.

As it has some extra power built into it, this feature is one that shows how users get to save time and energy while enjoying the cooling effect provided by the fan intake when working on a hot summer day.

With such a strong airflow capacity comes the need to be able to manage it properly during cleanup. Moreover, this machine is also built with a cruise control throttle that allows users to easily control the airspeed for steady airflow without having to hold the throttle constantly. Users can reduce fatigue due to this feature.

This device has a few extra features the manufacturers included in its design to ensure maximum comfort for the user while working. One such feature is the anti-vibration technology that utilizes five anti-vibration springs, and this would help in order to minimize vibrations which can quickly lead to fatigue or other long-term injuries to the user. 

Furthermore, the blower is also designed with heavy-duty odor-resistant backpack straps to support the weight on the user’s shoulder and prevent any foul smell caused by sweat and a padded backrest that contours the user’s back for comfort. When you are using it on a longer run, remember that it will help you and make your tiresome load feel less of a burden. 

How the Echo PB 8010H Has Evolved?

Echo PB 8010H has evolved by being heavier than the Echo PB 603BP. However, the new model has a blowing force of 1100 cfm, and 190 mph, but this one has 1071 cfm and 221 mph, meaning the 8010H has a faster speed but in shorter distance and lower volume. 

The Echo PB 8010H is fitted with some of the best technologies for user satisfaction that you can’t find in other leaf blowers on the market. It has one of the most powerful air volumes and speeds and a unique anti-vibration technology that protects the user from the effects of the vibration during and after working.

It also has one of the most powerful engines you can find and is built with a carbon fiber frame for lightweight, a feature you will rarely fit among other equally powerful blowers. Finally, you should remember that though this model has all the ECHO PB-8010t specs, it is built with a cruise control hip throttle rather than a tube throttle, which is a significant difference.


ECHO PB 8010H Features Breakdown

– Blowing Force

The Echo PB 8010H is a machine that bursts with so much power with its 1071 cfm air volume and 211 mph air speed that blows at a force of 44 Newtons. These features make clearing leaves or debris easier and faster with just a few emissions from the 3.6-diameter blower tube equipped for maximum airflow. 

Blowing Force of Echo Pb 8010HThe 1071 CFM, 211 mph and 44 N blowing force also allow users to move larger and heavier debris, such as pebbles, tree branches, or mulch, without quickly getting fatigued.

Note that the 1071 CFM is the one that will reduce the noisiness from its previous models as well, as it will even enhance the job, and give you a significant comfort by being less of frustrating and hectic.

– Carbon Fiber Frame

Most blowers are made of plastic, but the Echo PB 8010H is made of an innovative carbon fiber frame that is produced by introducing epoxy resin into woven strands of carbon fiber.

The result is a material that is light but stiff and strong but flexible. The carbon frame is durable, UV-resistant, and can withstand significant force. If you, in case, forget it underneath the sun, the machine will not be harmed. 

So you won’t have to worry about fatigue due to a heavy load on your back all day with this lightweight design.

– Fan Intake for Air Circulation

The fan intake works by drawing in cool, fresh air for circulation in the blower. This helps prevent the blower from heating up and supplies the user’s back with cool air for days when the sun is scorching.

Fan Intake for Air Circulation

This function can also be regulated or turned off during the colder seasons.

– Two-Cycle 79.9CC Engine

The Echo PB 8010H is fitted with a high-quality two-cycle 79.9cc engine that can execute the toughest clearing jobs effortlessly. The engine is easy to start and produces twice the amount of power.

However, as it is a two-cycle engine require fuel that is mixed with engine oil for it to run correctly. Hence, the fuel and oil should be mixed with a 50:1 ratio. The PB 8010h engine is undoubtedly very strong, but sometimes, you might not want to work with such substantial force.

Which would show you how the Echo designed this blower with a cruise control hip throttle on the left side of the device that you can use to manage the power output without having to hold the throttle manually. 

Overall, you should remember that it has a practicality through how you can easily reduce the power when you are clearing debris from gravel and increase it just as easily when you need full power to blow away piles of leaves from your lawn quickly.

– Ergonomic Features

Heavy-duty odor-resistant backpack straps help distribute the blower’s heavy load evenly around your body while reducing or eliminating pain in the shoulders and arms. This feature is one that would also help you reduce fatigue significantly for ease of operation and has a soft shoulder pad design to protect the shoulders. 

Ergonomic Features of Echo Leaf BlowerThese straps can be adjusted to your preferred length and are highly durable, so you can work with the confidence that they won’t easily break. Which means it is saving you from the stress and the worry of repairing and getting it fixed every once in a while.

The backpack is also equipped with a padded backrest that is especially beneficial to users who require back support, such as tall or older people. This additional feature also provides maximum comfort while working as it distributes the weight evenly, allowing you to work for longer without getting tired.

– Transparent Fuel Tank

This blower has a fuel capacity of 2.56 liters which is a decent amount of fuel for such a powerful machine. The company has thought it through, because if it is more than 2.5 liters being filled and lifted would be a further challenge to the end user.

In addition, the fuel tank is transparent, a feature we’re sure you will appreciate since you won’t always have to remove the cap of the tank every time you want to see how much fuel you have left.



Whether you’re a professional or commercial operator searching for a more robust blower for your work or a simple homeowner looking for something a bit more powerful for your large yard, the Echo PB 8010H is an exceptional choice with combined features that gets the job done faster and with less stress.

This device is also packed with user-friendly features that everyone, not only professionals, will find easy to navigate, although the Echo PB-8010 price is a bit high, but at the end, know that it is worth it.

If you aren’t too worried about the price of this machine, you can get the Echo PB-8010 for sale at your local store or online, and you can also check out the ECHO PB 9010t if you are interested in the upgraded version of this model.

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