Echo PB 8010T backpack leaf blower has the best blowing performance in the industry to handle even the most demanding situations. It is made for professional landscapers that want the best blowing performance for thorough and heavy cleanup of sizable open spaces.

Echo PB 8010T Backpack Blower Features

This review article analyzes in detail the Echo PB-8010T specs, pros and cons, and features breakdown and ends with a conclusion as to why this blower is worth investing in.

Pros Cons
High-quality air vent Back support made of plastic
Large-capacity gas tank A bit pricier than previous models 
Strong grip hose  
Lightweight carbon fiber frame    

Echo PB 8010T Highlight

If you are wondering what is the fastest blowing leaf blower? remember that this blower is called a ‘beast’ amongst many and for good reason. Let us look at some of the prominent features of the PB 8010T and see if they are worth the hype when we talk about them in detail later on:

  • Engine displacement (cm³): 79.9
  • Output (ps): 5.7
  • Dry weight (lbs): 26.3
  • Fuel tank capacity (l): 5.26
  • Air volume (m³/h): 1819
  • Max air speed (m/sec): 94.5
  • Nozzle type: round and flat
  • Sound pressure level (dB(A)): 107.3
  • Sound power level (dB(A)): 114.2
  • Consumer warranty: five years
  • Commercial warranty: two years

Echo PB 8010T Review

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  • Number of functions: 8.7/10
  • Air flow: 9.4/10
  • Weight: 8.5/10
  • Number of airflow settings: 9/10

The PB 8010T blower comes with the most powerful two-stroke engine with a 79.9 cc displacement. When tackling the toughest yard detritus, you would not have to give up control or comfort thanks to a lightweight, cutting-edge fiber frame.

Named amongst the most powerful lawn blowers in the world, the PB 8010T would not disappoint you. The reason for the latter is that this impressive machine is built with durable material and aims to provide users with the utmost comfort and the best performance.

All the features of the blower combine to give you the most productive and efficient result, resulting in methodical time management. The PB 8010T is perfect for those who are all about finishing a task and moving to the next without wasting any time. And who can say no to a powerful machine which makes your work efficient and enjoyable?

The power of this Echo blower is its defining feature, on this token, the PB 8010T produces 1071 cfm at 211 mph. This is because of its bespoke 79.9 cc engine which is praised by every lawn enthusiast who has come across the blower.

Echo optimizes its resources to provide comfort and satisfaction to its customers in every way possible. The lightweight carbon fiber frame makes the backpack leaf blower relatively lighter than those in the market, but it still gives the same powerful results.

Furthermore, it has an adjusted cruise-control throttle provides additional convenience to the user as they can adjust the settings to their comfort and customize it without any complication.

Ventilated backpack pad improves airflow and hence reduces sweating. Which means that now you can work even in the heat carefree and comfortably. The three-way mesh ventilation system allows you to work for hours without any concerns about uncomfortable perspiration.

Moreover, the PB 8010T sports a five-spring anti-vibration system, which means that this feature is a favorite of many as it reduces vibration shocks and makes cleaning your yard effortlessly enjoyable.

A very underrated feature is the type of straps this backpack leaf blower uses. The PB 8010T has heavy-duty straps, which is a feature that boosts your comfort while working.

Operator fatigue is reduced during operation because of the carbon-fiber structure and fan case. The high modulus and specific tensile strength of carbon fiber, which are determined by the superiority of the graphite crystallizes, are among its key characteristics. 

Carbon fibers replace traditional materials and reduce product weight based on these properties. This is why the PB 8010T is comparatively lightweight despite being a heavy-duty blower.

However, among the common Echo PB-8010 problems you can potentially encounter is that your PB-8010 T blower starts properly, but as soon as it gets a working temperature, remains at full throttle, or it might even lose a substantial amount of power and refuses to shut off. 

This occurs because of a clogged spark arrestor, or a concern in the exhaust or muffler. It is important to keep the health of your blower in check and keep it in top-notch condition. You can replace the exhaust to ensure consistent performance. 

How Has the Echo PB 8010T Evolved?

Echo PB 8010T has evolved by the reduction of the noise, and the enhancement of the speed. It has even evolved through the reduction of the vibration, from the previous model, and it has become lighter in its yielded weight.

Buyers are always conflicted between investing in Echo 8010 vs 9010. So let us compare both of the popular machines and see which one should be preferred over the other.

Echo Pb 8010 T Fastest Blowing Leaf Blower

If you are looking for a power hound beast, your sight should zero in on the PB 8010T. While the PB 9010T has an air volume of 1110, the PB 8010T offers 1819 m³/h. Moreover, there is no significant difference in the airspeed. The maximum air speed that the Echo PB 9010 has is 220 mph, while the PB 8010T sports 211 mph airspeed. 

The PB 9010T also has a lesser sound pressure at 80 dB(A). However, the lesser sound pressure means that you will not get the same monster air velocity as the PB 8010T.

The dry weight of the PB 8010T is 11.9 kg while the PB 9010T weighs around 12.1 kg. This means that alongside having superior airspeed, the PB 8010T is lighter. With a mediocre difference in price, it is advised to go for the PB 8010T for the benefit of its incredible air power, which cannot be met by the PB 9010T.


Feature Breakdown

– Noise Reduction

Wouldn’t it be a relief to be able to take part in lawn care without it being a headache? Seems like a dream, right? What if we tell you it could be a reality for you?

Smooth and Quiet Experience of Echo PB 8010 T

When compared to noisy gas-powered machines, the PB 8010T’s electric component offers the user a smooth and quiet experience that is well appreciated. Therefore, you no longer need to be concerned about upsetting your neighbors with your activity.

This would give you the motivation to work with this machine, and to consider the chore more like a fun task with the hand held device that you are going to be working with. The latter would cause you to work happily and without any headache or feeling exhausted. Check out the best 5 gas-powered (and quiet!) leaf blowers on the market.

– Beastly Speed

With the nickname of ‘the beast’ the PB 8010T is the most potent blower made by Echo. It is a best-in-class device with a 79.9 cc two-stroke engine that generates 1818 m³/h of air, 94.5 m/sec of airspeed, and 44 N of blowing force

The PB 8010T has an outstanding power-to-weight ratio, weighing only 11.9 kg and producing 4.2 kW in power. So now your entire yard will be clear in practically no time and you would not even feel you have been working for so long. Furthermore, it will be way easier to get things done in an efficient manner which would help you save time and energy simultaneously, all through the excessive speed that it has. 

– Anti-vibration System

Echo’s anti-vibration technology helps reduce vibrations and unnecessary discomfort which takes out the enjoyment of lawn maintenance. OEM Anti-Vibration Cushion is a remarkable technology that helps absorb the vibration and provide optimum comfort to the users. 

This reduces the strain on the user’s limbs, especially the arms and hands. As a result of this reduced strain, the user does not end up feeling exhausted after an extensive yard cleanup. This would help you feel more relaxed after the job is done, and not feel exhausted as your muscles would feel sore.

– Purge Pump Primer

The purge pump primer is designed to prevent flooding of the device by the user continually priming the carburetor. After the engine starts, flooding the engine is still a possibility if the choke is not released. Using the purge pump priming system, the operator can additionally prime the carburetor with fuel to facilitate starting.

Purge Pump Primer is Designed to Prevent Flooding

However, it is important to know what type of oil does a Echo backpack blower take? If you are wondering does an Echo backpack blower take regular gas? The answer is a 50:1 gas and oil mixture is used, which is basically with 50 parts gasoline, one part of oil is added. 

In case of replacement or repair, the Echo PB-8010T parts are easily available at retail prices, and to never miss the sales out, you should go check their website.

– X Series Engine

The Echo lineup of blowers excels because of the X-Series engine, which provides a ground-breaking combination that allows work to be done quickly and with less effort. What else do you want from a blower?

The X-Series refers to Echo’s top-tier products. More performance, less weight, and power significantly boost your output. Now you can do the same work in lesser time and with more efficiency, while also not being tired at the end. The PB 8010T is undoubtedly for the professionals that expect the best.

– Five-Year Warranty

When you purchase this blower, it comes with a two-year commercial warranty and a five-year consumer warranty. The reason why this important when purchasing, is that this warranty is a trust insurance between the consumer and the producer.


It shows that the company is not just giving you this machine, but they put their trust into it, knowing that it will be perfectly well throughout these years of proper usage. 


Professional lawn care providers are aware of the importance of having the right equipment, and there is no doubt that this powerful backpack blower offers everything that a blower can while also offering additional capabilities that other brands of blowers may not have. 

After going through all its features, it is reasonable to state that this backpack leaf blower is among the best Echo has to offer. It is trustworthy due to its ease of use and comprehensive Echo PB 8010 series guidebook.

If you are looking for an Echo PB-8010 blower for sale, do check out Echo PB-8010 Home Depot for the best Echo PB-8010T price

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