Person with echo pb ln leaf blowerThe Echo pb250ln is a reliable handheld gas blower manufactured in Japan and compliant with U.S. EPA regulations.

This review gives you all the details and specs on this yard and garden clean-up tool to make an informed buying decision.

We also tell you our professional opinion on who can benefit from buying one of these gas-powered leaf blowers and how it performs in real-life situations.

Leaf blowers make yard clean-up fast and easy, but you want the right equipment for your situation, so read on to determine if this is the best blower for your home or business.

Pros and Cons of this Echo Handheld Blower

Echo pb250ln Key Criteria
# of Functions
Air Flow
# of Air Flow Settings
Variable speed throttle
Lower than average noise level
Weighs only 8.8 lbs.
Reduced gyro effect design
Does not vacuum or shred
No side handle
Stiff starter cord

Product Highlights

This model of Echo gas blower gets a high rating from a majority of buyers.

Many people consider it one of the most reliable machines for grab-and-go leaf blowing for the following reasons:

  • Low noise level of 65 dB
  • Rotational control reduces the gyro effect in the tube
  • Excellent performance with 165 mph air speed and 391 cfm air flow
  • Professional grade 25.4 cc 2-stroke engine
  • Weighs only 8.8 pounds

Echo pb250ln Review

This model of Echo leaf blower is in a class by itself, making it suitable for residential use in medium and large-sized yards and for occasional use in commercial businesses.

If you operate a landscape business and need a leaf blower for continual daily use, this model is probably not the best option.

However, suppose you are a contractor, business owner, or work in agriculture and need a reliable, grab-and-go leaf blower for sporadic clean-up jobs. In that case, this Echo gas blower has the power and versatility you need.

Two of the most outstanding features of this machine are the lower than average noise level rating of 65 dB and the rotational control, “anti-gyro”tube design.

Low noise levels are a big plus in any setting for a leaf blower. Most other leaf blower brands have noise levels ten or more dB higher than this Echo leaf blower. The Echo brand has a well-established reputation for reliable, easy-to-use, low-noise level equipment. Your neighbors will be grateful for you buying an Echo rather than one of the other noisier brands.

The anti-gyro feature on leaf blowers is something you’ll find on other top-of-the-line machines. This feature makes it easier to hold and control the tube without undue stress in the operator’s hand and wrist caused by the tube rotating due to the force from the impellers.

While this handheld gas blower has an exceptionally low air flow to air speed ratio, it still outperforms most other gas-powered blowers with a similar size engine.

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The Echo pb-250ln comes with a 5-year warranty for residential use and 2-years for commercial, industrial, agricultural, and other for-profit businesses and institutions.

Echo Handheld Blower Main Features

1. Low Noise Level

The Echo pb-250ln has a noise level of 65 dB. For comparison, this is similar to the sound level in a busy restaurant and a bit less than the noise created by a vacuum cleaner.

If your neighbors complain about noise when you blow leaves or have children napping when you clean the yard, you’ll probably be quite pleased with this Echo model’s lower than average noise level rating.

All gas-powered equipment, such as leaf blowers, weed trimmers, and chainsaws, are noisy due to the gasoline-driven engines nature. Therefore, noise control can be a significant problem for the person using the machine and the people nearby.

A primary reason buyers choose this model of Echo leaf blower is the low levels of noise it creates. Some people don’t even bother with earplugs, but we recommend you still use some form of ear protection.

However, we have reports of people using this machine with a set of headphone-style ear protectors over their earbuds, so they can listen to their favorite podcast while working. If you do a lot of leaf blowing, enjoying entertainment while you work can help the day go by even faster.

2. Reduced Gyro Effect Tube

Another exceptional feature of this leaf blower is the rotational control which reduces the gyro effect on the tube. The gyro effect is caused by the air speed impellers rotating at high velocity, causing the tube to move off-center continually. On most other leaf blowers, the operator must exert force in the opposite direction to counteract this effect.

Higher-quality leaf blowers like this Echo model use a curved tube design that counteracts the gyro effect, making it much easier to control the tube and keep the air focused where you want it. The tube and nozzle attach with a snap-in-place Posi-loc™ device.

Anyone who uses a powerful gas blower like this one will appreciate the fatigue-reducing rotational control feature on this model.

3. Air Speed and Air Flow

The air speed rating for this Echo blower is 165 mph, and the air flow is 391 cfm.
Air speed is easy to understand, and the 165 mph air speeds generated by this blower are above a class 5 hurricane: plenty for blowing most yard debris into a tidy pile.

Air flow is how many cubic feet of air passes through the tube’s end every minute. This rating is crucial for determining the power of a leaf blower as the mph of air speed.

This Echo leaf blower has an air flow rating of 391 cfm. While these ratings are somewhat lower than many other leaf blowers, the blower still outperforms many other blowers with higher air speed and air flow ratings due to its unique design.

4. Professional Grade Engine

This machine is equipped with a professional-grade two-stroke gasoline engine with a displacement of 25.4 ccs.

Professional grade engines are designed for extended use compared to homeowner models. If you only use a leaf blower a couple of times a year, getting one with a professional-grade engine is not essential.

However, if you use your leaf blower regularly, or if you want a machine that will last an exceptionally long time with intermittent use, a pro-grade engine is the way to go.

With proper maintenance, a professional-grade leaf blower like this one will run for about 1,000 hours before needing engine repair. For average residential use, that translates into approximately 10 years, and for a commercial user, about two years.

Proper maintenance involves using the correct type of gasoline in the right mixture with a manufacturer-recommended two-stroke engine oil. Echo recommends 90 octane gas mixed 50:1 with their brand of two-stroke oil.

Other essential points for achieving long-life with this leaf blower are regularly cleaning and replacing the air filter and spark plug and draining gas from the tank and carburetor when storing the tool for more than one month.

While this machine is notable for its general ease of use, some buyers complain that it is hard to start due to the stiffness of the pull cord. This complaint might arise because starting up any gas-powered tool is always harder than starting a corded or battery-powered tool.

In our experience, the best way to start up a leaf blower easily is to place it on flat ground, pull the cord slightly until you feel it engage, and then give it a rapid and solid yank upward. We found this Echo started up on the first or second pull whenever we started it in this manner.

This Echo handheld blower has a translucent 16.9-ounce fuel tank and variable-speed throttle control for fine-tuning the air flow depending on the type of work at hand. The speed control is easy to reach using the same hand holding the machine.

The engine on this blower is powerful enough for blowing wet leaves, branches, and large pine cones with ease. Anyone with a big yard full of trees and lots of clean-up will benefit from owning one of these.

5. Weight and Dimensions

This Echo gas blower weighs 8.8 lbs. without gas in the tank. When the tank is full, it weighs about 10 lbs. This weight is lighter than many other handheld blowers with a similar size engine. For example, the Redmax HB281 weighs 11.8 lbs. The Husqvarna 125B weighs 9.4 lbs. Both of these machines have identical air volume and speed ratings as this model of Echo.

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Buyers who don’t want the fatigue of holding a heavy leaf blower will like the lower weight of this machine.


Person using echo pb ln gas leaf blowerIf you have a large or medium-size yard with multiple trees dropping their leaves, a blower like this Echo model has the power and control you need along with low noise levels and ease of use.

In this Echo pb250ln review, this tool is perfect for anyone who regularly needs a reliable, grab-and-go gas-powered blower for their home, business, or institution.

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