Ego LB6504 is a powerful and efficient cordless blower perfect for various tasks around the yard. It has a 600 CFM of air volume that provides longer run time, more power, and less noise than traditional brush motors, plus a variable speed turbine fan that delivers a maximum air speed of 180 mph.

Ego LB6504 Review

It’s an advanced and powerful leaf blower that’s sure to make your outdoor clean-up a breeze. Read this review as we discuss about the features, benefits, and pros and cons of this product, including how it compares to other leaf-blowers on the market.

Pros Cons
A powerful 650-watt motor that can move air at up to 180 mph No built-in LED work light
Lightweight  Heavy battery
2-in-1 design with a handheld cordless Mainly good for small works
High-capacity bag for collecting leaves
Cordless electric leaf with low noise levels

Ego LB6504 Highlights

Do you know that the ego power turbo button feature gets you to a staggering 650 CFM? Like Ego LB6500 and Ego blower 765, this is a powerful, cordless tool designed to make yard work quick and easy.

It’s a great choice if you’re looking for a reliable and fast leaf blower for your yard work needs.

  • Lightweight
  • Ergonomic design for user comfort 
  • Variable-speed control dial delivering 225-500 CFM
  • More than 90 minutes of run time
  • A flat and tapered nozzle attachment 
  • A turbo button with 650 CFM
  • 5.0Ah battery and 56-Volt charger Included

Ego LB6504 Review

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Ego LB6504 Key Criteria
Number of functions
Number of air flow settings
A powerful 650-watt motor that can move air at up to 180 mph
2-in-1 design with a handheld cordless
High-capacity bag for collecting leaves
Cordless electric leaf with low noise levels
No built-in LED work light
Heavy battery
Mainly good for small works

This tool is the ultimate cordless leaf blower for any yard. Its powerful 650 CFM and throttle make it the ideal tool for clearing debris from decks, driveways and sidewalks.

With its lightweight and ergonomic design, you can easily maneuver it around your yard and do the job efficiently. At ‎12.9 pounds, the product is lightweight and maneuverable, working with it is facile and quick.

The blower also has cruise control for consistent and continuous air flows. In addition to the latter, there’s a high-efficiency air filter that helps protect the motor from debris and a soft-grip handle for increased comfort and control.

Overall, we give this handheld leaf an eight for its ease of function, airspeed control, less noise, and drying power. We can add that this ego power product stands out from other electric leaf-blowers in the market because it’s powered by a volt lithium-ion battery while providing longer run time and higher power than other electric leaf-blowers.

Another amazing aspect that this ego blower would feature is how there’s a lock on the variable speed controller. This saves you a lot of finger and thumb fatigue compared to other models where you will need to continuously keep force and adjust the speeds, in addition, it is also a safe guard, that no child will come and turn it on and leave a hazardous situation.

In a nutshell, its turbo boost function increases the air speed up to 180 mph, making it more powerful than many other electric leaf blowers. 

Also, the battery is heavy, it will make your leaf blowing tedious, which means that the battery runtime is short. On the other hand, for a larger yard, you will need to stop after 40 minutes and recharge. To address this, consider getting a second battery or having the battery backpack to finish your full yard. 

How Has The Product Evolved?

This powerful ego leaf tool has evolved to include more advanced features and technology. The current model features a high-efficiency brushless motor, variable speed control, and Turbo Boost mode for maximum airflow. Even though its battery capacity hasn’t changed, but the performance has been better due to the power.

Like the Ego LB7654, it has a 5.0Ah battery with an increased capacity, a large-capacity air intake, and a lightweight, ergonomic design. Basically, to put it into shorter terms, this industry’s powerful ego power blower is designed for homeowners who want to clean up yards quickly and easily.

Although this version has become heavier than its other model the Ego LB5302, when in the comparison of the Ego LB6504 vs LB5302 debate. The Ib6504, weighing 9.7 lbs, outweighs the Ib5302 7.5 lbs. Which means that even though it has gotten heavier, but the work is efficient.


Ego lb6504 Feature Breakdown

– Brushless Motor

This leaf blower is equipped with a powerful and efficient brushless motor that provides you with a longer runtime, more power, and less noise than traditional brush motors. Being a brushless motor, it will be able to supply more energy and work in a quiet pace, where the machine will be less noisy and more steady in the work.

Brushless Motor

It’s more efficient at converting energy into mechanical power, generating higher output power with less input power. In short, it provides higher airflow with less energy consumption and more power and torque than standard motors.

– Variable Speed Control

There’s the variable speed control feature that allows you to easily adjust the airflow to suit your needs and the specific task at hand. With an air speed of 180 mph, this blower can move rocks, wet leaves, mud and snow. 

On top of this, it comes with a new lock-on speed control dial, you can easily adjust your speed from 250 and 500 CFM. And when you want to move or remove the heavy debris, just hit the turbo button for 650 cfm, which is located on the device handle.

– Turbo Boost

The turbo boost mode is another significant feature of this handheld leaf blower. It’s designed for maximum power and performance, allowing you to easily clear large areas of debris.

Turbo Boost

This feature also allows you to instantly increase the blower’s speed and power for more efficient and effective cleaning. In other words, will be the feature to help you save so much time when you are working, because it gives you the power to handle the grip well, and to perform this task.

The turbo boost is activated by pressing and holding the turbo button located on the handle of the blower, and you will see and control how some places need this powerful supply of energy more in the work and when they don’t.

– Soft Grip Handle

This cfm blower features an ergonomically designed soft grip handle for comfortable operation. The grip is made from a durable rubber material that’s ergonomically designed to reduce fatigue, especially when using the blower for extended periods. Your muscles won’t be cramped like they would if it didn’t have this, because this feature is a special one that helps you to ease off.

– Turbine Fan Technology

There’s also advanced turbine fan technology for increased performance and efficiency. Turbine fan engineering, influenced by advanced aeronautics technology, operates and performs better than many premium gas-powered types or models.

Turbine Fan Technology

You can use this technology to produce a high-velocity stream of air, which is powerful enough to move debris such as leaves, dirt and other debris. The motor is designed with an impeller that’s made up of several small blades, which spin around to create a powerful airflow.

In other words, the turbine fan technology is ideal for leaf blowers because it produces a strong and consistent airflow that you can use to quickly and effectively move debris.

– Lightweight Design

How about the Ego LB6504 weight? This cfm cordless is lightweight and easy to maneuver, making it ideal for clearing leaves and debris from even hard-to-reach places. This lightweight, quiet and compact blower helps you do your yard or office outlook job quicker and even quieter than if it works with gas.

– Flat and Tapered Nozzles

The product also comes with flat and tapered nozzles that make clearing debris in any condition easy. You can use the flat nozzle to blow leaves and debris from hard surfaces. On the other hand, use the tapered nozzle to blow leaves and debris from softer surfaces such as grass.

Flat and Tapered Nozzles

Which means that, overall, both these can be used for different situations, you are not limited to one kind of nozzle to get the job done, as both would add more value and effective cleaning. 

– Folding Handle

This feature allows for easy storage and transport. It’s ergonomically designed to provide you with an easy and comfortable way to transport your tool. The sturdy steel handle has an adjustable height to customize the handle’s height to your comfort level. The handle also features an adjustable locking mechanism, enabling you to securely lock the handle in place for added stability. 



This tool, which has a return policy and qualifies for free shipping, is a great choice for anyone looking for a powerful, portable and easy-to-use leaf blower. However, it has its concerns.

Since it’s a high-powered blower, you can do most work at lower speeds; therefore, you need something to maintain this without holding down the button continuously. You might also be interested in the Ego LB6151 model since it is considered a very powerful one!

Aside from its battery run-cycle, the Ego LB6504 sale is growing and becoming more popular among homeowners because it can easily match a gas-powered model.

Generally, its customer reviews have been good as it’s a great and easy-to-use leaf blower. With its 650 CFM air volume, variable speed settings and ergonomic design, it can easily tackle any job around the yard.

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