Ego LB7654 is the tool you need if you are on the lookout for supplies that help you create a beautiful home that earns you compliments from everyone who visits and becomes an example for all the others in the neighborhood. Not only is it an effective blower for you, but it is also great for minimal and in-depth cleaning.

Right Leaf Blower Ego LB7654 Review

If you are interested to know even more about this blower, keep reading because you have landed at the right place, as today we inform you all about this blower from its features to its advantages and disadvantages. To learn more about this blower and its various unique specs, read on!

Pros  Cons
This blower is lightweight, making it easy to carry around while using it Vibrations may be annoying and result in discomfort
A cordless blower gives you unrestricted cleaning Recharging during long work hours could be irritating 
Weather-resistant construction keeps it looking brand new for a long time

Ego LB7654 Highlights

The new LB7654 handheld blower brings you a variety of specs and features that ensure that it stands out from all the others in the market. Its combination of Ego power and comfort makes it a top-tier choice for domestic users and even for those who are looking for a more professional device.

Some of these features are:

    • 765 cfm cordless air flow capacity
    • Ego LB7654 weight: 15.58 lbs lightweight body
  • Cordless leaf blower
    • 5.0 Ah Battery 
    • Charger Included
    • 56 V Lithium-ion battery
    • 35.7 x 7.3 x 10.2 inches dimensions
    • 200 mph speed
  • Turbo button 
  • Variable-speed control dial 
  • 260 to 580 CFM leaf blower
  • 90 minutes average run time
  • High-efficiency brushless motor
  • Weather-resistant construction
  • Includes the tapered nozzle and spread nozzle
  • Ergonomic design 
  • 5-year tool warranty
  • 3-year battery warranty (all EGO batteries are compatible with all EGO tools)

Ego LB7654 Review

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Ego LB7654 Key Criteria
Number of Functions
Air Flow
Number of Airflow Settings
This blower is lightweight, making it easy to carry around while using it
A cordless blower gives you unrestricted cleaning
Weather-resistant construction keeps it looking brand new for a long time
Vibrations may be annoying and result in discomfort
Recharging during long work hours could be irritating

When looking for any electrical device, be it a high-end TV, a simple toaster, or even an electric blower for your yard, most of us first scour through the products available in the market by looking at the brand and then checking their customer reviews. If these reviews prove that the device and the company are the best options, only then we can justify our purchase.

Ego is a reputable and well-loved brand that you hear about a lot in the yard care and lawn care community! It has many trusted reviews and customers who vouch for this brand and all its products. Their customers always come back to them no matter what because their reliable and quality products give them everything that they desire.

The most important factor that any of us search for is the power of the blower. No matter what product you are getting or how impressive the brand is, if the strength and effectiveness of that blower do not deliver the way they should, that will bring the worth of that blower down by a lot.

Having a powerful handheld blower, like the LB7654, is the kind of convenience we all need in our lives, as now you have a cleaner yard in a shorter time. The power gives the confidence to start working at even the odd times and yet still end with a yard that is an example for the rest. 

Moreover, the charger for the battery comes along with the blower, so you would not have to make any additional purchases. This blower has a 5.0 Ah, 56 V Lithium-ion battery and a high-efficiency brushless motor that is the most effective and efficient to cater to lawn work. 

Furthermore, being scared of the fumes for you and your plants is now in the past, as with the LB7654’s lithium-ion battery, you would not have to be concerned about that. You no longer have to be haunted by the lurching guilt of harming the planet or potentially harming your plants!

How Has the Ego LB7654 Evolved?

The Ego LB7654 has evolved on the comfort, efficient time-saving clean-up, and adequate Ego power of previous leaf blowers, including the Ego LB7650E, and is a source of good competition in the market. This product is something that any professional and household user would turn towards.

If you are on the hunt for a device that comes with a long list of features that give the result of a pristine yard, then this is the perfect blower for you. A lot of people have commended the upgrades that were done to this model compared to previous models of blowers.

If we compare this blower to the Ego LB6504, we notice that both have similar construction and design with the same black body with a green contrast. However, the LB6504 is lighter with a 12.9 lbs body compared to the 15.78 lbs of the LB Ego blower 7654. It even is a lower air speed (180 mph) and a lower air volume cfm blower.

The LB7650 is the same as the blower we are discussing except it does not include a battery and charger or the tapered nozzles. When choosing between the two, it would be more convenient to go with the LB7654.


Features Breakdown

Performance with Ego Blowers

– Warranty

No matter what brand you are opting for, the warranty they offer for their products says a lot about how much they trust and recommend their products. 

Ego makes sure that all its customers are aware that they trust its products fully and rightfully and have enough confidence in them to give a five-year tool warranty and even a three-year warranty on the battery. This is not something you hear every day, right?

This is one of the best deals in the market, proving that their quality and feature range is unmatched and that they trust their products to perform well enough for their users who would not be needing a replacement anytime soon.

– Variable Speed

Another impressive feature of the blower is its variable speed cruise control that many users may be unaware of at times. This feature allows the operator to maintain the desired engine speed when they want to clean their yard, giving you complete control over the blower.

Eco Friendly Solution to Your Lawn Maintenance

So, if you are someone who is always on a run but still wants their yard to be clean in the shortest period possible, or if you prefer to go slow and precise, you can now choose your preferred speed. This is a great feature as it ensures that you opt for the right speed that lets you finish your work within the required and optimal time and with the desired accuracy.

– Lightweight Ergonomic Design

A machine that is made to deliver use for a diverse range of users is the perfect device we all want to own, so yard work is not just one person’s responsibility. Being accessible to all ages, strength ranges, and genders is highly important when it comes to leaf blowers. 

Effortlessly Clear Debris with Ego Blowers

The almost 16 lbs body makes it easy to hold the blower. Since it is water resistant, it keeps the leaf blower protected from even the harshest of weather, making sure that the beautiful black exterior does not get damaged. 

Additionally, it also comes with a tapered nozzle and a spread nozzle that are a great support to the cfm blower when cleaning all the tiny nooks and crannies. Now you can clean all around your yard decorations with a newly found peace of mind!



This review shows you why the LB7654 blower is a great choice to add to your yard care blower kit. It has various features ranging from power to comfort that make it famous and a favorite amongst fans!

To get the best deals on the Ego LB7654 for sale, or to look for the best Ego LB7654 tool only price, just do a simple search using your internet browser. Who knows, you might even stumble upon some deals for free shipping! You can also check out the Ego LB6151 model and compare its features.

If you are looking for comfort with an Ego power-packed battery and motor all packed up in one blower, then this is the one for you. Its soft grip, convenient handle, lightweight body, and strong motor are the sources of endless feasibility and ease while cleaning your yard. You will never be disappointed or unsatisfied, that is one thing that we can guarantee!

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