The Ego lm2102sp might be just the lawnmower you need to keep your yard trim and tidy.

This review can help you decide because we will tell you all about this mower’s features, benefits, and drawbacks so that you can make the best decision.

We’ll also share the most useful verified buyer feedback we found. This way, you can hear what other people are saying after using this lawnmower in their yards.

Ego lm2102sp Lawn Mower Specs:

Power Source Weight Dimensions Cutting Width
Re-chargeable battery 165 lbs. 40.2 x 23.5 x 20 inches 21-inches

Ego lm2102sp Review

Main Product Benefits:

  • Self-propelled feature
  • 60-minute run-time per charge
  • Battery compatible with other Ego products
  • 5-Year warranty

This lawnmower’s power comes from a heavy-duty, rechargeable 56 volt, 7.5Ah ARC lithium battery that delivers up to a full 60-minutes of cutting time for each re-charging.

It also has an optional self-propelled feature. You can push the mower with muscle-power, or engage the self-propel feature and get a boost of power from the battery to the wheels. Extra battery power also goes automatically to the wheels when the mowing gets tough.

Ego lm2102sp Self-Propelled Mower Battery and Motor

An electric motor powers this lawnmower in place of an extension cord or a gas engine. The motor gets its power from the rechargeable battery. It has a similar torque to a gas engine, minus the fumes and noise.

The Ego lm2102sp battery life provides up to 60 minutes of mowing before needing a recharge in typical mowing situations. For most small to medium-sized lawns, this means you can get the yard mowed with only a single charge.

You can also purchase Ego’s optional Power + Rapid super-charger that can recharge the battery in as little as 20-minutes.

The motor can power the machine at variable speeds between .9 and 3.1 MPH, so you can choose how fast you want to walk as you mow. Slower speeds help with going up hills, over taller patches of grass and weeds, and navigating through rough terrain. However, the machine does not mow in reverse.

The top speed of over 3 MPH requires walking at a rapid pace, and it’s great for covering larger areas of flat lawn in a short time. The highest speed on this machine might be a bit too fast for some operators and safe mowing in anything but flat and even ground conditions.

The battery in this mower is a state-of-the-art lithium battery with considerably more power than previous Ego lawnmower batteries. The manufacture labels this battery type under the proprietary trademark ‘Power Beyond Belief™.’

The battery is also interchangeable with numerous other Ego yard care products like string trimmers, snowblowers, and chainsaws. If you have one of these pieces of yard equipment and a battery for it, you can keep mowing for hours by charging one battery while you work and swapping out batteries when the first one runs low.

The battery has a button you can push to see how much charge remains to prevent running out of power in an inconvenient location. The charger that comes with the mower recharges the battery in about 50-minutes.

Suppose there is a charge in the battery. In that case, you can engage the self-propelled feature without turning on the motor and blades, making it easy to move the machine around when it’s turned off.

Once you have a charged battery installed in the mower, all you do to start up the motor is push a button, and off you go. A hand-grip bar engages the self-propel and blades.

Ego lm2102sp Lawn Mower Cutting Deck

The 21-inch wide cutting deck on this Ego lithium ion lawn mower is convenient for mowing in tight yard spaces and small lawns. The deck easily adjusts in height from 1.5 to 4-inches in seven cutting height settings.

The deck adjustment lever sits on the left-hand side of the motor above the cutting deck. The lever has a wide handgrip for fast, single-handed operation.

This lawnmower is a 3-in-1 design capable of bagging, mulching, or side-discharging the clippings. A roomy 2-bushel bagging unit comes with the machine, and many sellers include a mulching kit. If one doesn’t come with the mower, you can purchase it separately from the manufacturer.

The bagging unit sits at the machine’s back, directly in front of the operator. The mulch kit is an accessory you can install. That is if you don’t want to collect the grass clippings and instead leave them distributed on the lawn to return nutrients to the soil.

A single steel cutting blade spins under the deck and engages when you start up the mower and depress the bar at the top of the handlebars.

There is no hose hook-up on the deck, so to clean out grass and dirt, you need to turn the machine on its side and remove the debris using a stiff broom or a jet of water from a hose.

The mower and cutting blade uses an automatic throttle to give more power to the blades when the cutting gets tough. This extra power helps to get through tough clumps of grass and tall weeds, but it does take more energy out of the battery and decreases the run-time per charge when it kicks in.

Wheels, Body, and Frame

All four wheels adjust with the same lever on this model, so you can save time changing blade height while mowing. Many other mowers require separate adjustments of each wheel.

Power from the battery is delivered only to the rear wheels in this model. If you have a significant amount of ups and downs in your landscape or a yard with tough weeds or uneven ground, a 4-wheel-drive mower might be a better choice. However, 2-wheel-drive power is generally adequate for most residential mowing situations.

The front wheels are fixed in one position and don’t pivot as they do on some lawnmowers. The drive does not have a differential for making the wheels rotate at different speeds when making a turn. These design features make it somewhat hard to execute a tight 180-degree turn with this mower.

The wheel tread is not very deep, making the wheels more likely to spin and lose traction on wet or cut grass.

Features and Accessories

This electric mower has several notable features that come standard at purchase.

  • LED headlights
  • Bagging unit and mulching kit
  • Weather-resistant body and frame
  • Foldable handles and small size for storage
  • 5-Year warranty

Ego also offers many optional yard care accessories for this mower, including:

  • 21-inch standard replacement blades
  • 21-inch high-lift mower blades for bagging
  • A durable, black mower cover with Ego logo
  • 5-Amp hour and 7.5-amp hour replacement batteries
  • Ego Power + Rapid charger for 20-minute recharging

LED headlights are a safety feature, not all mowers offer. Because this mower is quiet, having lights to make it more visible to cars, pedestrians, and pets is a valuable addition. The headlights also come in handy for mowing in low-light conditions like on a late summer evening.

The weather-resistant body and frame mean you don’t have to worry if blustery conditions arise while you are mowing. However, it’s best not to leave this machine outside in freezing conditions and to cover it with a water-proof cover when storing it outside.

The machine’s small footprint, folding handlebars, and electric power system make it possible to store this mower inside the house, as well as in a garage or shed.

The handles telescope inward and then fold for maximum compactness. You can also stand the mower up on its rear wheels for storage, and it has a bracket for hanging the unit on a wall if you want.

The 5-year warranty is significantly more extended than on many similar lawnmowers and is a definite advantage on this machine. Given some of the problems buyers have experienced makes the extended warranty an even more important feature.

Buyer Feedback:

Many buyers are incredibly pleased with this lawnmower’s automatic throttle speed adjustment capacity. They love how it revs up by itself when mowing into tall and tough grass and then resets to a lower speed when the cutting gets easier again. They don’t have to do anything to make this happen.

Buyers note that the self-propel feature is beneficial when going up hills and over rough terrain. Still, the maximum slope this machine can handle is about 15 degrees.

Users also say that the battery’s interchangeability with their other Ego products like snow blowers, weed-trimmers, and leaf blowers is a big plus. They like having back-up batteries to reduce downtime for recharging when they mow.

Other features that get high ratings are the easiness of cleaning the cutting deck, the general ease of operation, and the machine’s low weight.

One buyer – who researched and bought several self-propel electric mowers since they came on the market a few years ago – says the early models he owned did not have good battery life. However, the new 7.5 Ah that comes with this mower has considerably better run-time, in his experience.

Some of the issues buyers had with this lawnmower include the complaint that the battery charge light only shows green/yellow/or red to indicate the battery charge level.

Buyers think this is not accurate enough to decide when to recharge, especially when using accessories that require extra power and run down the battery faster.

Another problem echoed by several buyers was the Ego lm2102sp battery life. Several buyers said the battery died only one year after purchase. They were having issues getting a replacement from the seller or manufacturer under warranty.

Proper storage and charging of lithium batteries extend their lifespan. It’s also possible these buyers didn’t maintain the battery correctly.

It’s crucial to read and follow the owner’s manual for battery care information to get the most out of this or any other electric yard equipment battery.

Other buyers said they had problems with the self-propel feature breaking after a season or two of use and that getting warranty repairs took a long time. These buyers were not pleased with this mower. However, it’s not clear to us if any improper use might have contributed to the reported problems.


This model of Ego self-propelled, electric lawnmower has the attractive features of on-demand self-propel drive, automatic throttle increase under load, LED headlights, and compact storage size, and upright storage capability.

It appears to be a suitable lawnmower for smaller yards and less heavy-duty mowing conditions that could over-work the self-propel feature. There could also be design or manufacturing issues with this model contributing to the drive system’s reported problems.

The lack of engine noise, exhaust fumes, gas, and oil on this electric, battery-powered mower make this an especially suitable piece of yard care equipment for people mowing small to medium-sized lawns close to neighbors in urban and suburban areas.


This Ego lawnmower is among the new models of electric, self-propel lawnmower products now available. Many buyers say it has performed well for them. Still, some people have experienced problems with the self-propel feature and battery life after a season or two of use.

It’s not completely clear if the mower has a defect in its design or if some buyers are not using, storing, or maintaining the mower properly.

The product comes with an extensive warranty, so if problems come up, buyers have recourse. However, potential buyers might want to keep these drawbacks in mind and contact the manufacture for more information before deciding to buy this mower.

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