Farmhouse landscaping ideas are a must for you if you want to achieve this dream and wish of many, as everyone desires a place where they can not only efficiently work but also relax and enjoy themselves with their family and friends.

Farmhouse Landscape SceneSuppose you want to turn your farmhouse from something ordinary to a spectacular homey environment and set your farmhouse apart from all others.

Keep reading as you are at the right place, we will guide you about what route to take for your farmhouse by sharing our short-listed landscape designs with you.

List of the Best Farmhouse Landscaping Ideas

Here are the list of the best farmhouse ideas you can try for landscaping:

– Classic Farmhouse Style

1. Classic Farmhouse

As it’s been said, classics have their charm! The classic style has been opted by several farmhouse owners over the years. It’s simple to do, doesn’t require too much effort, and is affordable. Moreover, you can easily find inspiration for your desired look from any website and begin styling your farmhouse.

However, you can easily add creativity to your design by introducing a bold color to your color scheme. The palette for this design usually remains on the more brown and grey side, but by adding a new color, you can give the design and theme a new dimension. Some colors that would look good are dark red or maroon, turquoise, rust, deep orange, etc.

You can add some wooden pieces too because they highlight the classic style and add more texture to the landscape. Keep in mind that adding furniture like wooden lounge chairs can also help make the landscape designs more homely.

– Fairytale Gazebo Style

2. Fairytale Gazebo Style

If you want a farmhouse that looks like it came out of a Jane Austin book, this one might be the option for you. Not only will it provide a great photographic opportunity, but it will also serve as a beautiful spot to relax and get inspiration.

You can either pick the color of the gazebo according to the rest of your farmhouse landscape or keep it a simple light brown or white that will go with all themes. Adding a couch or a set of stools inside the gazebo around a small table will create the desired dream-like atmosphere, that will be heightened with the addition of fresh flowers in a dainty vase.

The more flowers and plants you add around the gazebo, the merrier. You can go for white and pink roses in a large flower pot, daisies, or even sunflowers if that’s the look you want. Cover the circumference outside the gazebo with small flower bushes or plants in unique vintage pots for that extra magical touch to your backyard landscaping ideas.

– Cottage Core 

3. Cottage Core

The cottage-core aesthetic amazed the world with its hype, as some people even take it as a theme for their whole house. With light pinks and greens mixed in with the warmer brown tones, it truly is a mesmerizing theme that can make anyone wish to have their houses styled the same way. Not only is it a very beautiful route to take, but it’s also very cozy and comfortable.

You might have seen houses in this theme but have you ever seen a farmhouse garden? This landscape design will require a clear sense of the desired outcome but not too much work. The key is to keep it simple but not let your landscape plan veer off from the general plan. 

You can begin by adding arches to your garden, twining battery-running fairy lights around them, and then connecting each arch with the other using the same fairy lights, creating a little cover. Then, add some stone slabs as steps underneath the arches to add a little more detail and put a chair underneath with fluffy pillows and a cozy blanket. 

The signature detail that you should add to the look is some pink and white flowers, that will make your cottage-core dream farmhouse landscaping to life!

– Modern Farmhouse

4. Modern Farmhouse

Tired of all the old farmhouse landscaping ideas? If you want a more simple design with less detail, you should opt for modern farmhouse landscape ideas. It is one of the best white farmhouse landscaping ideas because so many people want to stick to a single color for their farmhouse to make it easier to match the exterior and interior design of their farmhouse. 

This is one of the more simple farmhouse landscaping ideas, that is all about the clean look, sharp edges, and modern furnishing. It is best to use a black and white color palette with a little grey tone here and there. 

If your farmhouse has glass windows, then it is destined to be modern because the glass windows, especially when tinted black, give the right amount of light reflection and detail to your landscape.

Plant-wise, opting for simple grass and some bushes is the best, as it won’t take attention away from the rest of the theme. Also, adding marble slabs as stepping stones can also be a detailed touch that’ll improve the overall look of your farmhouse.


– Soft and Cozy

Soft, comfy, and cozy are the perfect pair of words, that when used to describe a house, can mean a haven for many. After coming from a hectic day at work, or working at home on a new project, you want your home to be as comfortable as it requires to keep you satisfied and happy. You can achieve this by going for this idea for your farmhouse. 

You can add a fluffy entry mat to the front yard and add lounge chairs in your garden or under the shade next to your door. Adding dreamcatchers and cute potted plants will make the landscape more open and welcoming. 

In the backyard, you can put a fluffy couch with some more lounge chairs and place huge pillows on them. Draping a cozy blanket on one slide of the couch will get you closer to your desired look.

– Flower Garden

5. Flower Garden landscape

If you’re looking for some farmhouse garden ideas, then look no more. A garden can be the cutest and most adorable addition to your farmhouse’s backyard landscape. It adds color to the landscape and makes even the dullest farmhouses more lively.

So, don’t worry if your farmhouse landscape looks dull and dark, you can make a garden full of flowers to take all the gloom away.

The trick is to make a small brick perimeter for the mini garden and then add the brightest flowers you can find to it. Red, yellow, orange, pink, anything works as long as it makes you happy and gives you a new and fresh landscape. Flowers don’t require too much time, just the necessary amount of water and fertilizer will do the trick.

– Rustic European Style

Are you looking for rustic farmhouse landscaping ideas but can’t find any that go well with the natural elements present in your farmhouse? Well, then don’t worry because we are here to tell you all about it.

It not only accommodates all the plant life of your farmhouse but also adds a very elegant and attractive touch that you’ll rarely find in any other style. You want to start by taking any bare ground and placing bricks around it in a shapely manner and then filling it with little pebbles. 

Add a vintage stone settee to the center of it. You can even add a stone table. You can further add some vintage pots and even plant some smaller plants in teacups and then place them on your windowsill. With this style, you will have countless opportunities to set your farmhouse landscaping apart from all the others.

– Fairytale Staircase 

6. Fairytale Staircase

If your farmhouse has a staircase in it, then what are you waiting for? Turning it into a flowery staircase will make a very beautiful addition to your farmhouse. This very Disney’s Tangled-inspired idea will surely make the child in your heart ecstatic.

You can align your staircases with flowers ranging from daisies to baby breath plants to roses. Whatever goes well with the rest of your design should work. You can also add large flower pots or some statues or even bells to the staircase. If it has a railing, you can twine fairy lights around them as a final touch to your fairytale staircase. 

– Backyard Pond

7. Backyard Pond

All the sea life lovers, listen up cause this is the pick for you! Do you want a part of the ocean right next to you in your house? Or are you tired of seeing your fish babies in a small tank? Well then, this will be a very helpful idea for you.

You can get a pond artificially built in your backyard with pebbles lining the circumference to ensure safety. You can plant tall grass in it and also start your mini habitat for your fish. 

Adding stepping stones around the pond will be a helpful touch because it will keep your clothes and shoes from getting dirty on rainy days. You can also plant a flower bed right next to the pond for a pop of color and add some lights and patio furniture.

– Fountain

8. Fountain

If you are looking for some farmhouse landscaping front yard ideas, then installing a fountain is a great option. They come in all shapes and sizes, and you can easily match them to the rest of the theme present in the landscape. 

The variety of fountains can help you maintain your modern or vintage farmhouse. You can use an angel fountain or bird fountain for a more vintage look or use a newer and more improved fountain if you want a modern look.

Lining the circumference of the fountain with pebbles and flower beds to create a garden path will add more personality to the landscape. A few comfy chairs and a table will additionally make the yard more relaxing and an easy place to rest and lounge.  

– Country Farmhouse

9. Country Farmhouse

A country farmhouse is what probably comes to your mind when you imagine a farmhouse in your head because that is the depiction of farmhouses seen in movies and TV shows. If you have a farmhouse in the country and want to improve the landscaping, you can use all of the other ideas mentioned before.

However, at times one might want something simple to start with when beginning a renovation on such a huge scale. Something you can start with is organizing the plants in a manner that they are beautiful to behold. 

You can add fencing around the plants in square shapes to separate them from each other, as this will both be pleasing to the eyes and convenient to you. Adding lounge chairs and experimenting with some ideas can also help improve the landscape and comfort factor of the farmhouse.

old farmhouse

Table With the Farmhouse Landscape Ideas and Features

Farmhouse Landscaping Ideas Main Features
Classic Farmhouse Style Browns and greys with a bold pop of color, with some wooden statement pieces
Fairytale Gazebo Style A gazebo with a seating area, surrounded by your favorite flowers
Cottage Core  Several arches surrounded by fairy lights, stone slabs and pink and white flowers
Modern Farmhouse Clean look, sharp edges and modern furnishing, with a black and white color palette and plain grass
Soft and Cozy Fluffy rugs, cozy couch throws, oversized pillows, dreamcatchers and cute plants
Flower Garden Bright flowers enclosed in a small brick perimeter
Rustic European Style Vintage stone settee and table, vintage pots and planters and a lot of pebbles
Fairytale Staircase Flowers along the staircase with fairy lights and bells on the railing
Backyard Pond Artificial pond, filled with tall grass, and rocks and stepping stones along its circumference
Fountain A fountain according to the theme of your farmhouse, with pebbles and flowers along its sides
Country Farmhouse Lounge chairs and organized plants with fencing around them


Having a farmhouse can be a lot of work, from the landscape design plans to the actual implementation of those plans. But when you look at your farmhouse at the end in all its glory, you will feel that all the hard work and late nights you put into were completely worth it.

  • The outcome of your landscape design depends on preference and personality, the more heart you put into designing your farmhouse, the more you’ll see yourself reflected in it. 
  • For statement styles, try going with Fountain, Backyard Pond, Fairytale Staircase, or the Gazebo style.
  • The conventional idea of a farmhouse, the best options are Classic, Cottage Core, Soft and Cozy, and Country Farmhouse.

We hope you found these ideas to be just as great and helpful as we did! 

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