Fastest zero-turn mower is the one that you would search to see what is in the market these days. This state-of-the-art mower is faster at 12 miles per hour than any other mower or lawn tractor, but which one is it?Fastest Zero Turn Mower

In this article, as you keep reading, you will find out more about some of these fastest mowers that are zero-turn by nature. This needs to be your go-to article before going out and checking one for your lawn.

What Is The Fastest Zero Turn Mower?

Husqvarna Z500 is the fastest zero-turn mower. Its maximum forward speed is 12 miles per hour, more than other Z-turn mowers. This mower has precision and efficiency when it is getting the lawn mowed, and with this speed, it would cover the task in a shorter time than average.

– Features

Husqvarna Z500 is not only the fastest commercial zero turn mower but also the most efficient one. It has a wide cutting edge measuring 72 inches long that is made of steel. In addition to this, the blade can cut, mulch, and bag grass clippings as you go around lawn mowing. With this mower, you can mow approximately seven acres of grass in under an hour, and this is how its key feature is maintained.

With a fuel capacity of more than your standard Z-turn mowers, this one finishes the job without needing constant refueling. Some other mentionable specs include a convenient rubber discharge chute, adjustable seating, a heavy-duty cutting deck, and a manual clutch system.

The manufacturers have installed the best possible FX series engine with an air cooling mechanism in this mower. To reach maximum speeds, use premium-quality fuel that is high-octane and free of lead and ethanol. Husqvarna Z500 boosts itself on being low maintenance, but slight regular care will still be needed.

What Are Other Fast Zero Turn Mowers?

Other fast zero-turn mowers in the market are cub cadet Ultima, scag titan, Ryobi 54 inches, beast zero turns, and john deere Z530R. Among these, the Ryobi 54 inches is particularly impressive considering it is an electric mower, while the beast one is sought-after for its affordability.

– Scag TITAN

This mower is another top contender for being one of the fastest zero-turn mowers. It can easily reach forward and reverse speeds of almost 10 to 12 miles per hour. You cut six to seven acres of land in one hour tops, and it also has a large fuel tank that holds fifteen gallons of fuel; it has the ability to enable this mower to easily cover six to seven acres without stopping.Features of Scag TITAN Mower

In addition, it also has Honda powers TITAN’s engine, which is a force of nature with the right fuel. The cutting edge is also wide, measuring 52 inches and mowing a wide grass area in one go. Fortunately, it is a strong but small-sized engine that does not make too much noise, which is a relief one would have.

The speed of this mower tends to slow down on slopes and hills. Still, a low center of gravity and large front tires make maneuvering it for lawn care so convenient.

– Ryobi 54-Inch Electric Riding Mower

This zero turn lawn mower can reach maximum speeds of up to seven miles per hour. This is amazing, considering it is a battery-operated machine. The engine installed in this mower is so strong that it can cover three to four acres of grass on a single charge. Being eco-friendly and quiet are other major plus points that come along with this bad boy.

Besides the engine, the width of the cutting edge, which is 54 inches, is also responsible for its speed. Another unique feature is the ability to reverse the mower and go back to a spot that was accidentally missed the first time. The headlights added are LED in nature and allow working in dim and foggy conditions.

– Cub Cadet Ultima ZT1

This Z-turn riding mower can go as fast as seven to eight miles per hour. It can maintain these speeds not only on flat lands but also on steep hills and slopes. This is because of the powerful engine that is 23 horsepower and runs on low fuel that this riding mower has.Cub Cadet Ultima ZT1 Mower

This mower is popular for having anti-powerful anti turfing tires with amazing traction; the front tires measure about 11 inches while the back tire measures 20 inches. These tires allow ZT1 drivers to experience a smooth and bump-free ride while cutting grass. It also comes with a vibration-dampening floor mat, so you don’t feel anything while driving, and this is its significance.

It costs around a thousand bucks and has great value for money. You get an adjustable lap bar for maneuvering, dual LED headlights, and a proper car seat for maximum comfort. The manufacturers have even added cupholders at a hand’s distance, so riders can sip beverages while caring for the lawn.

– John Deere Z530R

This zero-turn mower can speed up to nine miles per hour and come with a powerful engine that can handle very tough conditions. It comes with a Kawasaki v-twin engine with 24 horsepower that can cut very tall grass in a reasonable amount of time. The tank has been designed to hold 5.5 gallons of clean, high-octane fuel.

Two varieties of this riding lawn mower are up for sale, depending on the cutting width of the deck. Also, you should consider how it has the key option which is a 60-inch high-capacity deck, and the other is a regular 48-inch deck. For mowing large acres of land as fast as possible, the 60-inch deck is your best bet.

The manufacturers have added several cool specs to the design, including a cupholder, storage on the side and under the seat, LED lights, and a display case. Also, it comes with a four-year warranty that will secure and cover the machine’s needs.

– Ariens Edge Mower

This mower can go six miles fast in the frontward direction and three miles per hour in reverse. It is a fair choice for small and medium-sized lawns with no need for speeds up to 12 miles per hour. The size of the deck is impressive, being 52 inches wide.Ariens Edge Mower Details

This mower is fast thanks to its strong 21.5 horsepower engine and large front tires. The engine is strong enough to tackle four to five acres during a single run. In short, the Ariens Edge is a cost-effective yet fast option for lawn mowing.

– Beast Zero-Turn

If you are looking for a fast zero-turn riding machine that is less pricey, then you should look no further than the beast machine, which has a ground speed of around 10 miles per hour on flat ground. With a horsepower of 22, its engine is also reasonably strong and does not consume too much fuel.

The deck might be smaller than some of the other options in this list. It is only 28 inches wide, compensated by how lightweight this mower is. The low price tag means that besides the strong engine and the fast speed, you do not get any other mentionable specs. There is, however, a cupholder and an adjustable deck, providing a deck lift of up to two inches to give you comfort while you work through the lawn.

How Fast Can Zero-Turn Mowers Go?

Zero turns can go as fast as 12 miles per hour, but their average speed is around six to seven miles per hour. The speed varies from mower to mower and depends on different factors, such as the terrain, the engine type, and the deck size.

A zero-turn mower can cut grass at an average speed of at least six to seven miles per hour, given it is well-kept, and the land is flat. The mower’s speed naturally decreases as you go up slopes and when the grass to be cut is too long and coarse. The type of the mower and the engine’s condition also contributes to the speed.

– Design of the Mower

These mowers are faster than other riding mowers and lawn tractors because they are sterling less and can turn 360 degrees on the spot. The manufacturer and the design of the mower matter a lot. The smaller and lighter it is, the faster it will go. Even the fastest mower in the market will slow down if too much weight is placed on it.

– Terrain

The terrain also increases or decreases the speed at which a mower operates. A flat and even grassland allows good mowers to reach their maximum speeds possible. Mowing uphill and on steep slopes will naturally make them slower. As a word of caution, these mowers should never be used to mow the grass while going downhill because that is extremely dangerous.

– Deck Size

Another factor that makes Zzero turn fast mowers is the large sizes of their decks. These can range from the usual 42 inches wide to as much as 72 inches in width. The greater the deck, the larger area you cover while mowing and the faster your job gets done.Deck Size of Zero Turn Mowers


– Can The Speed of Zero-turn Riding Lawn Mowers Be Increased?

Yes, regular machine maintenance can increase the speed of zero-turn type mowers. The air filter must be cleaned periodically every six to 12 months to keep the engine running as fast as possible. Go for a pricey, premium-quality oil and change it every six months on cue.


Zero turns are the fastest mowers for mowing acres of land while saving time, so let us recap everything we have discussed these mowers so far.

  • The fastest zero-turn mower is the Husqvarna Z500, which can cut grass at 12 miles per hour on average.
  • The scag TITAN mower is also a close contender for the title of the fastest commercial lawn mower as it reaches the speed of 11 miles per hour.
  • For those who want a sustainable and eco-friendly option, the Ryobi 54-inch electric mower is as fast as its conventional counterparts.

After going through this comprehensive article, you will know better how these mowers work and which suits your lawn the most.

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