Fence line backyard landscaping ideas along fence can make a beautiful backyard even more beautiful. In this post, we have included 21 unique fence ideas to make it easier for you to discover the design that you are looking for. 

21 Fence Line Backyard Landscaping Ideas Along Fence

You are welcome to go through this post in order to investigate both the pricey and frugal suggestions that we have provided.

List of Fence Line Backyard Landscaping Ideas Along Fence

1. Modern Corner Firepit

You may easily and swiftly improve the aesthetic value of your backyard fencing by installing a fire pit at the fence’s intersection with one of its corners. It is a highly original concept, and implementing it in your garden will result in a very appealing texture.

Modern Corner Firepit Original Fire Concept

Even if you just have a plain corrugated metal fence in your backyard, the addition of a firepit will almost certainly improve the way it looks. In addition, if you place some seats all around the fire pit, you can transform it into a comfortable lounging area that is ideal for use during the winter or on cold evenings.

2. Wood Pallet Roofing

Putting a wooden roof next to a section of your backyard fence is a fantastic concept that you should definitely implement if you wish to have an elevated look for your landscape. 

Wood Pallet Roofing Easy Builder Concept

The reason to invest in this is that the wood pallet roofing will unquestionably make the structure more attractive. In addition, it will provide you with a lovely place in which you can set up a seating area for conversations in the afternoon or similar activities.

Along the top of the fence, you could grow climbing plants that would eventually reach the top of the roof. And as a final touch, you could install lights on the roof that are easy on the eyes and warm, making it a more inviting place to relax even after dark.

3. Lattice Fence and Bamboo Drapes

Lattice fencing is an option to consider if you want to construct a privacy fence in the backyard of your home.

Lattice Fence and Bamboo Drapes Wooden Yard Protector

If you combine this fence with bamboo drapes, you will be able to create an incredible landscape that everyone who sees it will fall in love with immediately. In addition, it would also be great for the sunlight to pass through the lattice shape and hit the grass everyday.

You may enhance the area’s natural attractiveness by installing an artificial fountain in that particular spot. In addition, you may make seats out of bamboo and decorate the area with a few potted plants to make it seem more attractive.

4. Wrought-iron Fence Landscaping

If you have the money available, a wrought-iron fence is a nice option for a garden enclosure. If the openings in the fence are tiny, they will be an effective barrier to prevent wild animals from entering your property.

Wrought Iron Fence Landscaping for Suburban Houses

In addition, fences constructed of wrought iron often include one-of-a-kind motifs that have been carved on them.

Therefore, there is no need to bind anything further to the inside of the fence in order to make it seem more lovely. 

On the other hand, to further enhance the elegance of the wrought-iron fence panels, you may always attach climbing roses or other tiny flowering plants too, if you wish. You may even add some big bushes on the inside, which will give you more privacy. 

5. Built-In Planters

Investing in a fence made of wood that already includes planters as part of its design is yet another excellent strategy for adorning a fence attractively without spending an excessive amount of money on the project. These kinds of fences are available in a wide range of heights, widths, and colors.

Built In Planters Outdoor Indoor Home and Plants

In addition, the planters are available in a wide variety of sizes and styles to suit your needs. It is possible to cultivate lovely little flower plants or herbs inside the planters, and once they have reached their full size, they will look fantastic. It would keep the inside very cozy, and its a nice barrier with the outside.

6. English Cottage Feel

Your backyard garden plan can have the feel of an English cottage if you install a wood fence that has an irregular shape or is cut in a naturally occurring pattern. In order to accomplish this, you must refrain from staining the fence made of wood in any way, or it can be wood but with different shapes.

English Cottage Feel Green Fance Flowers Concept

Maintain the natural and real color of the wood, but adorn the inside of the fence with daffodils and other small plants that grow quickly. This will enhance the beauty of the fence while preserving its authentic appearance. The more you add plants, the more it will give a cottage look.

7. Cozy Decks

If you have a wooden deck in your backyard that is surrounded by a fence and you want to make the space seem even warmer and more inviting, you may put comfortable furniture out on the deck. Additionally, you have the option of installing privacy hedges behind the wooden fence.

Cozy Decks Contemporary Yard Interior Outdoor Furniture

If the hedge is allowed to reach the proper height, an enclosed and more personal space will be produced as a result. In order to make this area seem cozier, you can consider installing some string lights and planting some coordinating plants. You could even make this space a hand-out area.

8. Concrete Fencing

One of the most effective types of privacy fences is a fence made of concrete. If you have concrete fences in your garden and there are gaps in the fences, you can make the holes in your fencing effective by adding thickets of closely packed flowers in between the holes of the concrete fences.

Concrete Fencing Around Home

In this area, you are not only completing the task of filling in the gaps, but you are also constructing a concrete fence that is more private and setting yourself away from the noise even. If the fences do not have any openings, you may add hanging plants to grow over the top of the fence, which will unquestionably make your garden more attractive.

9. Trellis Style Fences

Concrete fences will provide more privacy than trellis fences would. The latter means that if you follow the idea of having a trellis-style fence you have to be considerate about your privacy. 

Trellis Style Fences Wooden Protective Guard Outdoor Yard

Trellis fences, on the other hand, provide an air of sophistication to the garden in your backyard owing to their one-of-a-kind architectural construction.

On top of that, you may add plants or bushes that grow over and around the fence to make it seem even more beautiful. You may also construct a gate for the backyard into one section of the fence.

10. Japanese Contemporary Walkway

There is usually a sense of Zen emanating from Japanese architecture. This concept calls for semi-private concrete garden fences to be paired with modern walkways that are inspired by Japanese architecture.

Japanese Contemporary Walkway Modern House Yard Patio

You may extend the pathway from the entrance leading into the backyard to any part of the garden, as well as along the fence line.

You have the option of placing landscaping plants around the perimeter of the concrete walkway and the fence. You need to take care of these plants to give the garden an overall modern and harmonious appearance.

11. Stone Border

You may give your fence a more angular appearance by constructing a bed out of stones and placing them along the fence line. The bed can also serve as a barrier for the fence. You could grow a wide variety of flowering plants in the stone bed if you want.

Stone Border Backyard Idea

You may also add layers of different shrubs and plants to your garden in order to create a complementary color scheme regarding the space. Remember that stones tend to be on the more costly side. Therefore, you will need to have a substantial amount of money available to you.

12. Vine Covers

If you have a simple backyard fence that is constructed of wood or metal, you would then follow this suggestion to make it seem more beautiful. This would definitely draw greater attention to a particular area of the backyard by erecting a trellis covered with vines in a position that is next to the fence.

Vine Covers for Garden Landscaping

In addition to that, this will make that area more private. It is possible to construct a modest deck there, which, when surrounded by blooming plants, may serve as a private enclosure.

13. Entrance Arbor

You can always add an arbor to your fence to make it seem more beautiful, regardless of the material it is built of. To provide an air of whimsy to the entrance of your house, you may create a fanciful look by supporting a wooden arbor with stone pillars, growing vines on its top, and decorating it with plants.

Landscape Ideas Entrance Arbor

This appearance may be made more endearing by carefully designing and arranging the plants on both ends of the enclosure.

This is only a concept that we are putting out for the arbor that runs along the fence. You are free to adorn your arbor with whichever design you prefer, on the longer ends of your fence, you could install a wooden simple fence as it meets the arbor.

14. Boxwood Hedging

If you like to be surrounded by greenery rather than stones and rocks, you might use this idea. This one would give your fence and your house a luxurious look.

Backyard Decor Boxwood Hedging

To begin navigating this area, you will need to construct a narrow boardwalk around the perimeter of the fence. After that, you need to install some little hedges along the edge of the path.

The creation of a box of hedges will proceed in this manner. You have the option of planting lovely native flower plants within the box beside the simple green grass that will be there by default. If you like, you may even install a swing there, and if you want to rest there in the afternoon, you can put up a table with some seats.

15. Placement Landscaping

Landscaping concentrated on one specific location looks far more attractive than extensive landscaping that runs down the whole line of the fence. 

Placement Landscaping in a Backyard

Not only does it save you a good amount of money on the designing process, but, it would also draws the attention of the visitors that are there, as the landscaping has been placed similarly but in different places.

In order to put this idea into action, the first thing you will need to do is choose a specific location in your backyard along the fence line. Then you may construct that sport with any features such as plants, fountains, sculptures, little ponds, or anything else you feel like including in it.

16. Stacked Stone

Adding stone pillars that are piled on top of one another in the spaces between your fences is one of the most fantastic ideas for improving the aesthetic appeal of your fencing.

Stacked Stone Fence in a Garden

Adding a stone pillar to your fence is doable in every situation, regardless of the material it is constructed of different materials such as wood, metal, or vinyl fence, for example. 

In addition, if you embellish the fence with lovely climbing flowers and plants the entire appearance of the fencing will be nothing short of magnificent. You may even raise the fence if you want more privacy.

17. Desert Fence Landscaping

You can give your fence landscape a mid-western look by using this fencing idea. You may create a wonderful design by combining xeriscape features with a stucco fence. The result will look great. The landscaping around this fence is pretty simple and condensed.

Desert Fence Landscaping for Outdoors

On this section of the fence line, you have the option of using cactus plants of varying heights. In addition to that, you may dot the ground with a few containers filled with pebbles and little cactus plants.

18. Weathered Coastal Look

If you want your backyard to have a coastal appearance, you may install a pea gravel surface and construct a concrete fence with a tropical pattern.

Weathered Coastal Look in Home Garden

You could even construct the flooring out of wood if you want. You could choose to plant lines of palm trees or high-growing shrubs down the fence line. This would make the surrounding a little retro but still simple.

19. Large Fiberglass Planters 

The use of fiberglass planters, which come in a lot of variety of shapes, sizes, materials, and colors is the perfect solution if you are searching for a fast approach to emphasize your fence in an attractive manner. 

Large Fiberglass Planters for Backyard Planting

For instance, you may plant whatever sort of plant you want, from trees to shrubs and vines, in rectangular fiberglass planters that have a design that is simple yet efficient. Additionally, fiberglass planters may be installed anywhere, although they look particularly nice at the edge of a fence.

20. Living Fence

You can live in harmony by cultivating plants to make a natural fence instead of cutting down trees for the wood they provide to build fences. The addition of plants around a fence creates an attractive focal point for your garden. If you want extra seclusion, you may do that by planting evergreen climbers, shrubs, or green-leafed tall plants.

Living Fence Backyard Landscaping Ideas

The majority of people like growing long-blooming perennials, which means that the flowers they use to beautify their fence line return year after year

It should ot come as a surprise that your climate does not favor the growth of every plant. For example, if you want your desert landscaping to be successful, you’ll need an entirely different collection of plants.

21. Raised Flower Beds

Raised garden beds may offer extremely decorative components that improve the look and feel of your backyard. This method of plant cultivation is both creative and healthful. You may simply modify the growth conditions for your wonderful plants by keeping the soil in a closed container.

Raised Flower Beds Backyard Landscaping

By doing this, you can guarantee a nutrient-rich, well-draining substrate for the establishment of healthy roots and plants. As a result, your plants’ growth environment will be better. 

You may create a tiered aesthetic effect by growing plants in raised beds. Raised beds may also be designed in any form. Beds with curves are a terrific way to add style. The fence, however, is perfectly lined with a straight bed.


Overall, now you now know about all of the fence line backyard landscaping ideas along fence that we got for you. As you see, there is a big number of choices available to you, and you can even combine some of them.

Why not consider creating an attractive fence line by combining a wrought iron fence with stone-stacked pillars and surrounding it with lovely plants? Please leave a comment if you have any more queries regarding this topic.

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