Fence mural ideas are numerous, but finding the one to serve a specific purpose could be difficult. It sometimes takes a lot of creativity to get it done because the mural is meant to represent an idea that a mere viewer can easily read.

Ultimate Design Guide of Fence Murals

The fence mural ideas we collected have been tested and have been getting credits and good reviews regarding what they represent.

The properties that make them outstanding are discussed in the list below.

 A List of Fence Mural Ideas

1. Jane Cabrera Murals

A wall art showing a water bed vegetation with overflowing branches of different flowers is one of the most beautiful views you can add to your wall mural if you are willing to start aquatic vegetation. The Jane Cabrera Murals have a collection of mural ideas you can use on your garden wall.

Jane Cabrera Murals on Wall

These painted colors are also very durable and don’t wear out quickly due to the shiny surface and quality of the fence paint.

Acrylic paint is the best for this design because it dries quickly and does not wash out easily. Some other tools needed to create this mural are sandpaper, sponge, rollers, and brush.

Each tool is used in about nine to ten stages to create this mural. Getting an outdoor fence mural is also quite expensive because the process is complex and time-consuming.

2. Elizabeth Ave Station Mural

The beauty in the Elizabeth Ave Station Mural is the perfect alignment of all the objects, and the ratio of the mural border to the upper part of the fence has no discontinuities. From this, you can quickly tell how perfect yet complex the art is. 

Elizabeth Ave Station Mural

People who visit stations and parking lots would like this kind of background to take nice pictures that can tell where they took it. 

The design is simple in terms of fence painting and vivid color selections; you can just decide to use brighter colors that complement the plain part of the mural. The beauty here is that you can also have the design of your choice pasted instead of painting the whole wall, as mural ideas are readily printed like this and available for everyone.

These designs are usually a beautiful representation of things you can easily see in any station you visit.

Still, they are mostly nature representations, which is the beauty we all appreciate about murals. These designs are not just peculiar to the outdoor wall; you can also have them indoors and still have the same view of nature.

3. Fish Mural

Another astonishing and simple fence mural design is the fish Mural, which is a perfect painting of the fishes and their fingerlings. Imagine having a wall mural of fishes around your pond where the drawing shows a path where fishes swim in multitude.

Fish Mural on Garden Wall

This design is not only beautiful but also speaks especially to children who decide to visit your pond or your aquarium. You can be sure of having a lot of guests wanting to check the wall all the time because some want to know the difference between the mural and the moving fishes.

A mural of nature has its own benefits, one of which is for us to appreciate nature because it is beautiful. For a perfect outcome like this, the artist can decide to represent the aquatic world on the fence, which is a guide to better understanding what the underwater world looks like.

A fish mural is not as simple as it seems because you need to understand how fishes live and move inside the water to represent a wall mural of fishes.

4. Beastman Mural

This is usually a neatly patterned design of vintage and new ideas that tells a story of an old, happening, or future event. You can easily be taken on that adventure mood by just your view from the pattern of the painting.

Beastman Mural Design

The idea behind the beastman fence mural is to depict monstrous and weird images symmetrically. Every touch of this design is calculated and taken to order. 

The beastman designer may decide to even imagine these monstrous and weird ideas just to explain or pass a message influenced by nature’s repetitive geometric patterns. Beastman’s tightly detailed works depict fantastical parallel worlds inhabited by beast-like characters.

Beastman’s large public mural aerosol works can be found all over Australia and in London, Berlin, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Tel Aviv, and New York. 

Beastman has also been featured in publications in many parts of the globe, such as Oyster, Empty and Amateur.

5. A Tropical Stay Mural

These wall murals are all about creating a space where the wild, aggressive and free can have a sense of calmness and knowledge of self in their own elementary and natural way. The whole purpose is to set a vibe for those who heal, balance, and reconnect to their deepest self and nature.

Tropical Stay Mural

This is inspired by the location of this mural idea’s origin, which is a tropical stay in paradise in Siargao Islands in the Philippines. Its relaxing view compliments the beach on the Island and is a very nice center for recreation with friends and family.

Each of these painting ideas depicts any image that you may have had about the tropical region. When you visit the Philippines Island, you see them on the walls of their entrance and around the place.

A thing to note about every mural is that there is a story behind that they all are trying to portray, or a story exists already, and you are just being reminded of the event. A Tropical Stay mural is a typical example of one painting type that tells you the Tropical story of the Philippines.

6. Mosaic Mural

Some parts of the fence are cut out to be filled with some other filling materials that could form an intended design of an object or a person.

Mural on Mosaic Floor

The most common type of mosaic mural widely done is the glass mosaic mural. However, there are several other mosaic murals like ceramics and wood.

It is also a complex type of fence mural as it takes accuracy in measurement to fit the images on the wall. The beauty here is that you can also replace a damaged part of the wall murals with a similar design patch.

Technical insight is the key to both the creation and the appreciation of mosaics, and the technical aspects of the art require special emphasis. You may need to employ the service of a specialist on this type of wall mural design to get the best of it.

7. Garden graffiti mural

In terms of artistic and complex wall murals, garden graffiti is a prominent part of them. The garden graffiti mural is well appreciated even among artists with different wall murals.

Amazing Garden Graffiti Mural

Graffiti is a prevalent form of wall decoration that is used in many places all around the world. It’s a great way to give a wall that catchy urban look which beauty is in the style of drawing out the idea.

You can bring this great look to your garden by adding graffiti mural ideas to your fence art. You do not need to hire a famous graffiti artist for this; any budding graffiti artist can do the job.

8. Stencilled Pattern Mural

This design is drawn out with the help of a template that gives room to bring out the shape and form you want from it.

Vibrant Stencilled Pattern Mural

A stenciled pattern makes it easy to repeat a design pattern that may be complex when done with a free hand.

The stenciling process allows passing ink or paints through holes or patterns cut on cardboard or any other surface to mark a design region. The distant ranges are drawn first, while the near ones are taken care of after the distant ranges.

9. Striped Slat Mural

This is a very economical variant, and it’s still appealing to view with colors striped on the fence to create an identity that is unique and original.

Striped Slat Mural in Garden Wall

A striped slat mural is unique as it is arranged in an array where the colors complement each other alternately.

The striped slat mural is suitable for anyone who likes a fence mural of simple design. Using complementing colors is the best for the striped slat mural, even as simple as the striped Slat mural could be.

10. Flower Wall Mural

Flowers paintings of alternating heights with a matching background radiate with the environment. The beauty of this fence mural is that it looks simple and lightens the environment.

Beautiful Flower Wall Mural

Some wallpapers could be pasted all around the fence with flowery diagrams. You may also decide to use spray paint to bring out the best flower wall mural design you want.

11. Flanders Fields Mural

The wall is laced with roses or some other flowers. It is also matched with tailings like roots to keep the design flowing and alternating

Vintage Flanders Fields Mural

Some also make use of wallpapers with flowers painted on them. The idea is to represent the field with the same image on the wall and make sure they blend.

12. Line Art Mural 

Not everyone finds painted fence murals that are also bright and authentic. So go for the line art fence mural if you’re more into simple but sophisticated and catchy designs.

Creative Line Art Mural

A line art mural is an effortless way of expressing an idea on the fence as a mural. The drawings are simply done with a pencil, sometimes ink, and require little or no complexity to the design.

The line art mural is mostly used in a small garden to represent a basic idea and to give the wall a better outlook.

It requires little or no expertise to carry out the line art mural on garden walls.

13. Custom Mural

The custom mural is easy to recreate and does not require a lot of colors. This is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a simple wall mural for your garden fence.

Painting Custom Mural

It can be done by simply creating a design and making use of a pattern or template over the entire length of your backyard fence. 

Simple colors that represent nature come into play in this type of fence mural; just the primary colors are appreciated.

Geometric patterns appear bold and on your face. Therefore, you may want to use neutral tone furniture in the space. By doing this, the patterns are allowed to be the main focus which is exactly what you want when you use a geometric pattern.

14. Colorful Circles Mural 

 This has to be the simplest mural idea for your fence. It’s great for large fences and adds a burst of colors to your exterior, moving it from a regular boring fence to a beautiful decor for your garden.

Colorful Circles Mural on Wall

It is a scheme of color in circles painted on the fence and lights up the environment. You can use pattern makers to get the best out of this type of fence mural.

The colorful circles mural is also a simple wall mural type, and it only requires specifications in dimensions of the radius and distances among the circles.


You have to know what you want out of a fence mural in order to add the utmost beauty that is eye-catching and compelling to people’s views about it. One of the key ideas to note is to make your wall art a catchy one and apply waterproof outdoor murals only to ensure a lasting wall mural.

You can use the points listed above to guide you on the outstanding fence mural ideas that are generally appreciated. 

Many points have been recommended above, so you may get inspiration from one of them or just combine and try them all according to what you want to get.

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