Fence topper ideas along your property line or around a specific area of concern create a sense of seclusion, sanctuary, and serenity. A home should be where you feel most relaxed, but it won’t happen if you have no fence keeping your home protected.

22 Fence Topper Ideas

Luckily, many options for privacy fence ideas will ensure your home is secluded. Here in this article, we placed the top best designs to use.

List of Fence Topper Ideas

1. Wood Fence Topper

This is the most commonly used option for many homeowners. It is also the most common option in the market with loads of designs and different decorations.

Wood Fence Topper For A House Outdoor Guard

The installation process is easy as it involves screwing the topper to an existing fence. And in this case, it works only with walls made from wood. You can do this by yourself or, better yet, hire an expert.

This addition is quite affordable and comes with a wide range of wood. It is important to note that you cannot use this design in areas with strong wind.

2. Pallet Fence Topper

Pallet wood is the most accessible recycled wood you can f